How to Transport A Scooter with A Car

How to Transport A Scooter with A Car [4 Easy Process!]

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to transport something huge in your car but don’t know how to go about it? Something as huge as a scooter? If you have, then that’s precisely why you need to know how to transport a scooter with a car.

When moving, it won’t be easy for you to ride your knee scooter to your new destination, more so if you are using movers or have your car. But you might wonder, how do I travel with my scooter without riding it?

If that’s the question on your mind, you are at the right place. It is entirely possible to transports a scooter in a car and not just with a rollator transport chair. While the car might seem not to have enough room for that, there is still a way you can comfortably fit in a scooter.

Read on to find out how to do it effortlessly.

How to Transport A Scooter with A Car? – Ways To Transport Your Scooter

If it were up to most of us, we would ride our scooter to whatever place we are moving to. It, however, isn’t a perfect world as your scooter might have problems that stop you from riding it to a place.

That is why you need to find ways to transport your scooter. A car might work, but even the most optimistic people would wonder if a scooter would fit inside a car. Wouldn’t it sustain damage?

Not if you know what you are doing.

Step#1: Get Help

Moving a scooter will be an arduous task, and you will need all the help you can get. Have some of your friends come over to help you move the scooter into the car you are using.

We don’t have to mention that such friends should be quite strong!

Step#2: Prepare All You Will Need.

There are several things you will need to transport your scooter in a car successfully. Firstly, you’ll need a ramp to get the scooter into the car. It might depend on the height of your car or whether you have help or not. A wide scooter ramp is a good option for this sort of exercise.

Straps to hold the scooter in place once you have it inside the car will also come in handy. Slight movement from the car should have the scooter shaking too much, which is why you need straps to strap it down.

You will also need a tape measure to determine the scooter’s height and the car’s interior. You don’t want to borrow a car to transport your scooter to find that the scooter can’t go through the car’s boot.

Another thing you should get, if you can, is a scooter wheelchair or lift. The lift makes it easier for you to load and travel with your scooter. They, however, are an expensive option.

Step#3: Determine If The Scooter Will Fit In The Car.

The first and most important step is to know how much space you have to work with. That means you have to measure the dimensions of the scooter then the dimensions of the cargo area in the car. A larger scooter will need a larger car and vice versa.

A tape measure comes in handy. The scooter needs to be of the ideal dimensions to fit in the car. You will have to test the height, length, and width of the scooter, then measure the car’s height length and width as well.

When measuring the car, consider both the interior and the opening through which you hope to pass your scooter. If the scooter can’t get through the opening, there isn’t much hope for transporting the scooter in the car.

You will have to consider when measuring the car’s interior is whether some modifications could help create more space in the car—modifications such as foldable seats can create extra space.

If the scooter fits, you will be ready to start the moving process.

Step#4: Load The Scooter Into The Car

This step is why we told you to call your strongest friends to help. If the car is too high, put a ramp on the entrance. Then have your friends help you push or carry the scooter into the car.

Folding the back seats will create extra space for the scooter. You will also have to decide whether to have it lie flat in the car or stand upright. Either way, you will need to use the straps to secure it.

If you travel with the scooter unsecured, it could sustain damage from the upheaval that might occur as the cost moves over bumps or potholed roads. While strapping it strapping from the handlebars should make it quite safe.

You can also use the latches and or the seat to secure it so that there are zero chances of it moving and being a hazard.

Be Safe!

Be Safe

While doing this, you will have to ensure everyone is safe. That means you are placing the ramp at a secure angle such that it won’t fall and hurt anyone. That’s why you need to get the strongest possible ramp you can get.

Before loading the scooter into the car, one other thing to do is remove any oil or fuel in the scooter. The car will be moving at high speed and might lead to the scooter spilling oil or fuel in the car. That could be a recipe for disaster you wouldn’t want to come your way.

To protect the car, you will need a long and wide ramp. The ramp shouldn’t rest on the car’s bumper because that could lead to damage to the car or you and your friends sustaining an injury. The bumper isn’t too strong to support a scooter that could be over 200 pounds.

Mobility Scooter Transport

Mobility Scooter Transport

Transporting a mobility scooter with a car isn’t as complicated as with a normal scooter. That’s because you can get a hitch and attach it behind your car and use to transport your mobility scooter.

The hitch allows you to attach a scooter carrier to the back of your car and carry it with ease. This way of transporting a scooter doesn’t need you to have too many things or friends to help you. You can do it by yourself.

All you need to do is get a scooter carrier from a store near you and attach it to the car’s hitch. If the car doesn’t have a hitch, you can also buy one and have them install it for you.

How to Tie a Scooter onto a Hitch Carrier

How to Tie a Scooter onto a Hitch Carrier

  • Use a scooter ramp and get the scooter onto the carrier. Now place the scooter on the carrier with the wheel’s center in the middle of the carrier on the wheel chock. That will ensure proper balance to prevent the scooter from tilting side to side while the car is moving.
  • Once the scooter is on the carrier, tie it down with straps. Pass the straps through the handlebars, then attach them to the hitch carrier. Please do the same for any other scooter parts and ensure it is as secure as possible.
  • Check to see whether the straps are tight and the scooter is secure. Tighten any straps that seem loose.

Checking the manufacturers’ recommendations on how to strap the scooter will help make it easier for you to tie it onto the hitch carrier. Also, remember to read the manual of the hitch carrier to help you know how to tie the scooter securely.

How to Stack Lime Scooters

How to Stack Lime Scooters

Lime scooters are quite easy to transport. There is a catch, though. You need to know how to stack them. It isn’t that hard, though.

All you have to do to property stack lime scooters is have the first row of the scooters in the pickup’s bed, then place the second row on the backend of the other scooters. This will help protect the scooter’s sensitive parts from damage when the vehicle is moving.

Add another row but be careful to ensure none of them are hanging on the vehicle’s door. After that, you can secure them with straps to ensure they are tightly held in place.

General Reminders on Transporting Scooters

General Reminders on Transporting Scooters

  • When tying down the scooter, tighten the straps as much as possible. If you feel more comfortable with extra straps, you can add them and have the scooter safely in place.
  • A scooter is a heavy machine, therefore do not transport it with a weak car. It might create problematic situations for you.
  • If you aren’t sure about transporting a scooter, leave it to the professionals. The wrong loading could lead to an accident that you could have easily avoided. Professional movers will have a way to load the scooter into your car securely. Get them to help if possible.
  • If your car is too small, hire or borrow a van. Please don’t force the scooter to fit into the car since it could damage the car. A scooter isn’t something you can cram into a closed space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Can I Lay The Scooter On Its Side? /Can You Transport A Scooter On Its Side?

Yes, it is possible to lay a scooter on its side. You will, however, need to get rid of any oil in the scooter or to ensure you have it in a position that there won’t be any oil leaks. Carefully strap it to ensure it doesn’t bump around as the care moves.

How Do You Transport A Scooter On A Car?

Transporting a scooter on a car isn't that hard. All you have to do is use a ramp to get the scooter inside the car with the help of a ramp, then secure it with straps. We have outlined the full steps on how to transport a scooter with a car.

Will A Scooter Fit In An SUV?

That will depend on the size of the SUV. If it is a large one, then most probably a scooter will fit in. Please use a tape measure to determine the size of the scooter and the SUV before you load it.

Can I Transport A Lime Scooter/Moped In My Car?

Yes, it is possible to transport a lime scooter in a car. That, however, depends on the size of the car you have. A small car will have issues transporting a moped.

How Do You Strap Down A Scooter?

Strapping down a scooter isn’t that hard. Ensure the straps pass through each handlebar then through the latch. That will hold the scooter in place. Remember to make it as tight as possible.

How Do You Secure A Scooter Van?

A scooter van will only need you to cover it or keep it somewhere safe to secure it. Your garage is a good option here.

Can You Transport A Motorcycle On Its Side?

Yes, you can. Motorcycles like scooters will also require you to be wary of the oil leaking. Even as you lay it on its side, ensure the oil doesn’t leak.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Moped?

On average, it will cost you 0.51$ for a mile if you are transporting within a distance of 1000 miles. If over 1000 miles, then it will cost you about 2.30$ for every mile.

Final Thoughts

We hope you now understand how to transport a scooter with a car. If it was giving you trouble, now you know the ideal way to get around the problem. Remember to be safe while doing it since a heavy scooter falling on your feet could have disastrous consequences.

Straps are important as well since they will enable you to secure the scoter in the car. Strap it as carefully and as tight as possible to have it safe in the car. If you don’t strap it tightly, then it could keep bouncing up and down as the car moves. You wouldn’t want that.

All the best.

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