How To Reset A Power Chair

How To Reset A Power Chair? 2 Easy Ways To Try

Among all the modern transporting wonders that never cease to amaze us, the power chair is one of the best inventions. But, since this chair runs on electric or power devices, it is normal to face certain troubles from time to time. In today’s article, I will explain how to reset a power chair and fix some other issues.

How Do You Reset A Power Chair?

You can learn how to reset a power chair in the following two ways:

  • Pressing The Reset Button: Circuit breaker often trips to prevent electronic or motor damages. If that happens, the entire power system goes off, and the reset button pops out.
    That’s why, to reset the power chair, you need to let the electronics and motor cool for about a minute. And then, you can press the ‘reset’ button.
  • Using The Freewheel Mode: To use this option, put the power chair in Freewheel mode first. You can do it by pushing the manual freewheel lever forward. It will deactivate the drive and brake systems.
    After that, pull back the manual freewheel lever to reactivate the systems. And finally, turn off the freewheel mode.

How To Unlock A Power Wheelchair?

Never lock your power chair unless you know how to unlock it. But, in case the problem appears, you can unlock the power chair with the magic wand: the joystick!

How To Unlock A Power Wheelchair

Make sure the joystick power is on and follow the process:

  • Move the joystick forward and hold it until you hear a beep.
  • Then move it in reverse and hold it until you hear a beep.
  • Release the joystick, and you will hear another loud and long beep.
  • The flashing light will indicate that the power chair is unlocked.

Electric Wheelchair Troubleshooting

If you are running for service repair every time your electric wheelchair acts up, stop doing that. You can fix some usual troubleshooting by yourself.

Electric Wheelchair Troubleshooting

Wheelchair Won’t Run

In that case,

  • Make sure the wheelchair is fully charged.
  • If not, charge the scooter until the charging meter reads full.

Fully Charged Wheelchair Won’t Run

You are probably facing this trouble because-

  • Key is not inserted in the scooter
  • Key is not inserted correctly in the scooter
  • The circuit breaker needs resetting
  • Power-saving mode is on
  • Manual freewheeling lever or switch is on

Power Chair Won’t Keep Charge

  • Check if the battery is placed correctly
  • Make sure that you are using the charger that is specifically designed for your electric wheelchair
  • Charge it overnight while not in use
  • If none of this helps, the batteries need replacement

Joystick Light Flashes

Did you know that joystick codes are designed in a way so that it flashes when there is a problem with the joystick? The number of flashes actually indicates the type of trouble.

It can either be a low battery or something serious. You can find more details about this in your user’s manual.

Electric Wheelchair Light Flashing

Electric wheelchair light flashes to indicate mild to severe issues.

Electric Wheelchair Light Flashing

They can mean-

  • Low battery
  • Motors disconnected
  • Motors wiring trip
  • Charger connected
  • Joystick trip
  • Control issues
  • High voltage

Depending on the type of troubleshooting, the number of flashing will be different. The user’s manual will give you a detailed explanation.

How To Unlock A Jazzy Power Chair?

Unlocking a Jazzy power chair is very simple.

How To Unlock A Jazzy Power Chair

  • Start with the ‘power off’ button.
  • Press the power button and then press the horn button.
  • The horn button needs to be pressed twice within ten seconds to unlock the chair.

How To Reset My Jazzy Power Chair

Reset your Jazzy Power Chair in two small steps:

  • Locate the circuit breaker on the battery pack under the chair
  • Press the ‘reset’ button to restore power setting

Jazzy Power Chair Problems

Jazzy Power Chairs are popular because of their durability and user-friendly features. But that doesn’t mean these chairs don’t go through problems.


The batteries go low on power at some points. The chair will run slower than usual.

However, it can also happen because of the power button or speed dial settings. So make sure to check on those before you are sure of the battery problem.


Wheel issues do not happen often. Like any other vehicle or rides, power chair wheels also wear out after riding for a long time. And that long time depends on how long you are riding the chair and whether you ride outdoor and uneven paths.

Arms And Headrest:

To use the power chair, you have to sit on it, and if you are sitting on it, you are using the arms and headrests too. If you start feeling uncomfortable while using them, that means it’s time to replace them.


The joystick is the most frequently used part of the chair. Without it, you cannot use a power chair. If you notice any of these signs, you need to seek service to fix the joystick immediately.

  • Trouble moving the joystick
  • The slow movement of the joystick
  • Delay in chair movement after turning the joystick
  • The chair moving slowly
  • The chair moving in one direction
  • The chair not moving at all

Jazzy Reset Button:

In case you ever end up in a situation where you need to reset your Jazzy power chair, can you find it? If you don’t, try the following:

  • First, locate the circuit breaker. You can locate it on the battery pack of the chair.
  • The ‘reset’ button is in the battery pack area. You can press the button if the Jazzy power chair needs to be reset.

Jazzy Power Chair Blinking Lights:

As mentioned several times, the blinking are basically codes for trouble. But what kind of trouble? Let me explain!

  • One red light: Low battery charge
  • Two red lights: Left motor open
  • Three red lights: Left motor wiring fault
  • Three red and one yellow light: Right motor open
  • Three red and two yellow lights: Right motor wiring fault
  • Three red and three yellow lights: Activated Inhibit
  • Three red and four yellow lights: Joystick error
  • Three red, four yellow, and one green light: Controller error
  • Three red, four yellow, and two green lights: Brake fault

How To Reset A Dalton Power Chair

If the power breaker trips, you can reset a Dalton Power Chair in the following way:

  • Wait for a minute
  • Reach the circuit breaker and press the ‘reset’ button
  • Turn on the controller power to start again

Dalton Prime Chair Owners Manual

When you purchase the Dalton Prime Chair, you will receive a user’s manual with a long list. But for your convenience, I’ll sum up the table of content here.

Dalton Prime Chair Owners Manual

  • Preface And Introduction
  • Safety Instructions
  • Identification Of Parts
  • Operation
  • Battery Charging And Care
  • Inspection And Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting And Specifications
  • Limited Warranty

How To Reset A Power Recliner?

The power recliner may require resetting if you cannot find the cause of the problems. Sometimes, due to the faulty connection of electric parts, the recliner stops working while open. The other times, because of wiring issues, the recliner stops working in the middle.

How To Reset A Power Recliner

But if you have no idea what happened or how to fix it, you can simply reset to solve the problem. And this is how you do it:

  • Find the ‘reset’ button between the ‘open’ and ‘close’ buttons.
  • Put a paperclip in the hole to press the ‘reset’ button.
  • If you face trouble accessing the ‘reset’ button, try unplugging the recliner for two minutes before plugging it in.

Lift Chair Repair Service

There are so many lift chair repair services in every state and every town. That’s why it won’t be difficult for you to find one near you. You can find plenty of websites that recommend repair services near your location.

Invacare Tdx Sp Reset Button

An Invacare Tdx Sp power chair has an LCD to help you navigate with ease. So, to restore the factory settings of this power chair, you can do it by going to the menu and selecting the reset option. You can also reset the settings by connecting your power chair to a PC or smartphone and discarding the settings.

Hoveround MPV5 Flashing Lights

If the Hoveround MPV 5 is flashing lights, that can indicate several things. Know what the number of flashes means to fix it properly.

  • One Flash: Battery needs charging
  • Two Flashes: Left motor has a bad connection
  • Three Flashes: Left motor has a short circuit
  • Four Flashes: Right motor has a bad connection
  • Five Flashes: Right motor has a short circuit
  • Seven Flashes: Joystick fault found
  • Eight Flashes: Controller fault found
  • Nine Flashes: Brake circuit problem
  • Ten Flashes: Excessive voltage / poor battery condition

Merits Power Chair Flash Codes

Merits power chair flash codes mean the following:

  • One Flash: User fault
  • Two Flashes: Battery fault
  • Three Flashes: Right motor fault
  • Four Flashes: Left motor fault
  • Five Flashes: Right park brake fault
  • Six Flashes: Left park brake fault
  • Seven Flashes: Shark control unit fault
  • Eight Flashes: Shark power module default
  • Nine Flashes: Shark communication fault
  • Ten Flashes: Unknown fault
  • Eleven Flashes: Incompatible control unit

Electric Wheelchair Problems

The typical electric wheelchair problems are-

  • Battery problem
  • Charging issues
  • Joystick navigation issue
  • Wheelchair moving slowly or not moving
  • Flashing lights
  • Wheels wearing out

Merits Power Chair Troubleshooting

The usual troubleshooting with Merit Power Chair are:

  • Controller
  • Switches
  • Flashes
  • Freewheel lever
  • Battery
  • Charging etc.

Will Medicare Pay For Power Chair?

If you are prescribed a power chair, and Medicare approves of it, you will receive an 80% coverage of the power chair cost. But you have to attend a face-to-face consultation to get the benefit.

Will Medicare Pay For Power Lift Chair?

Medicare will cover the cost of a power lift chair for people with medical conditions. But there are some rules and eligibility to receive the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where Is The Reset Button On A Mobility Scooter?

The reset button on a mobility scooter is not difficult to find. You can locate it on the left side of the battery box.

Why Won't My Jazzy Chair Won't Charge?

Your Jazzy chair won't charge if you are using a charger that isn't made for your power chair. You have to use the correct charger and make sure that the Jazzy chair power is turned off while charging.

How To Unlock Invacare Electric Wheelchair?

I believe unlocking an Invacare Electric Wheelchair is the easiest. You quickly press the 'horn' button twice, and the wheelchair will be unlocked.

How To Unlock Hoveround MPV5 Controller?

Unlock the Hoveround Mpv5 controller like this:

  • Turn on the controller using the on/off button
  • Press the joystick forward until it beeps
  • Reverse the joystick until it beeps again
  • Release the joystick, and the controller will unlock after a long beep

How To Fix Hoveround MPV5 Controller Fault?

You will know which issue with the controller you need to fix based on the number of flashes. Make sure the batteries are placed correctly and the brakes are in the proper position. However, if you cannot detect any fault or do not know how to fix it, the best thing to do is to get it fixed by professionals.

How Do You Move A Motorized Wheelchair?

The easiest way to move a motorized wheelchair is to use a vehicle-lift. There are plenty of vehicles that accommodate conveyors like motorized wheelchairs to move from one place to another.

How To Reset Control Of Quantum Power Wheelchair?

When the Quantum Power Wheelchair's batteries and motor get heavily stained, the circuit breaker trips to prevent damage. If that happens, let the breaker rest for a minute, and it will reset automatically.

Final Words

Power chairs or electric wheelchairs have become a reliable conveyance for older people, people with disabilities, or limited movements. So, when any issue happens, it can be troublesome for the person who depends on it. That’s why knowing how to reset a power chair comes in handy.

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