Best Electric Wheelchair Carrier For Car, Vans, SUVs & Trucks

Electric wheelchairs have always been making things easier for people with disabilities or limited movements. But, what about the times when that person needs to travel long or short distances? That’s why it is better to have an electric wheelchair carrier for car, Vans, SUVs & Trucks to make things easier for all.

The carriers are usually foldable, portable, and can be lightweight or heavy, depending on materials. Some may look exceptional yet may not go with your vehicle.

So, if you plan on getting an electric wheelchair carrier for car, make sure to buy the suitable one. And as I am discussing electric wheelchair carriers today, I believe you will find this article helpful.

Electric Wheelchair Carrier for Car, Vans, SUVs & Trucks

Every single type of electric wheelchair carrier for car, Vans, SUVs & Trucks has its advantages and disadvantages. Basically, there are four types of wheelchair carriers:

  • Automatic Car-Top Carrier
  • Pick-Up Truck Carrier
  • Bumper Mounted Carrier
  • Hitch Mounted Carrier

But which one is right for you? That depends entirely on your choice. Moreover, you need to choose the carrier carefully because the one you pick to pick your wheelchair should go with your expectations and needs. So let me explain them in detail.

Automatic Car-Top Carrier

Automatic car-top carrier is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want the car space to be taken or does not have enough space. You get to mount the wheelchair on the top of your car using this type of carrier.

A switch controls automatic car-top carriers. That means you don’t have to lift the wheelchair on your own.

But the downside of this type of carrier is that they are not for heavy wheelchairs. Besides, whether or not you can mount it on your car depends on your car size too.

Pick-Up Truck Carrier

This type of carrier is made for pick-up trucks. These carriers are more accessible and easier to control. Pick-up truck carriers can be both manual and automatic. But the automatic ones are more popular as the wheelchair needs to be hoisted. It is operated by an electric motor and a handheld device to lift the wheelchair on the pick-up bed.

On the downside, you will have to fold the wheelchair to place it on the carrier. The folding requires physical work, and the user will need an assistant to do this.

Bumper Mounted Carrier

Bumper mounted carrier is best for manual wheelchairs. Instead of a roof, you can install the carrier at the bumper of your car using drills. But the wheelchair needs to be folded and lifted manually. And even if the carrier is attached to the bumper, one can still easily access the car trunk.

Installing a bumper-mounted carrier can be tricky. You will have to drill holes in the bumper to mount the carrier. You can plug them in later. As for the drills, they are removable if needed. In case you no longer want to use a bumper-mounted carrier or want to sell your car, you can plug in the drilled areas.

Hitch-Mounted Carrier

Hitch mounted carriers are cost-effective, have an easy control system and easier to install as they can be mounted on any drawbar. This type of carrier also fits most cars.

Hitch mounted carriers come as both manual and automatic. Depending on your car’s hitch rating, you can attach carriers with good capacity to your car. So, you can pick depending on what suits your requirements.

How To Choose The Best Electric Wheelchair Carrier?

The type of electric wheelchair carrier for car is entirely different from the features you need to pay attention to. Because the type you may like may not have the same feature or quality you are looking for. So here is a list of features you need to keep in mind.


  • The User:
    Can the user operate a manual wheelchair carrier, or does it have to be automatic? The answer to this question will help you understand what the user needs. The manual carriers are cheap. But if the user isn’t comfortable with that, purchasing an automatic wheelchair carrier is a better option.
  • Weight Capacity
    You have to consider the weight of both the wheelchair and the wheelchair carrier. If the wheelchair is too heavy for the carrier to lift, it is of no use. So make sure that you know the weight of the wheelchair. And it is always advisable to purchase carriers that can take more weight than your wheelchair.
  • Haul Capacity
    Haul capacity is the weight capacity that your car can carry for a certain amount of time. Your car will have to bear the weight of both wheelchair and the carrier. So knowing your car’s haul limit is equally essential.
  • Material
    The material speaks a lot about the capacity of an electric wheelchair carrier for car. You can consider buying a carrier with steel alloy frames as they are durable and robust. On the other hand, aluminum metal carriers are corrosion-resistant and very lightweight.

Choices In Power Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are the best way to lift and put the wheelchair in a wheelchair-accessible van. The best part? You lift the wheelchair along with the user into the van.


But before you hurry up to grab one, let me explain which things should be on your priority list. Because choosing a power wheelchair lift needs careful considerations.

  • Passenger Door Or Rare Cargo

    This is an important thing to consider. You need to decide whether you will use it through the side passenger door or the rear cargo door. Not many wheelchair lifts will fit through both.

  • One-Arm Or Double-Arm Lift

    One-arm lifts take less interior space as they leave the passenger entry open. However, this type of lift has lesser weight capacity and is not suitable for heavy people.

    On the other hand, double-arm lifts take up extra space. But, they have more stability and tend to have up to 600-800 pounds weight capacity.

  • Internal Lift Or External Lift

    Internal lifts are installed inside the vehicle. It is usually installed in the cargo area, and the user can quickly get access to the vehicle along with the wheelchair. To be honest, I believe this is a safer option.

    And then there is the outer or external lift. You attach the wheelchair outside the vehicle using the lift. But it is not a good choice during bad weather days.

Some power chair lifts and carriers are as follows:

  • Tar-300 Power Chair Carrier
  • Tilt-A-Rack Full-Size Carrier
  • Harmar Universal Outside Carrier
  • Mighty Light Scooter Carrier

Manual Wheelchair Carrier For Car

Manual wheelchair carriers are basically trailers. Without any automated system, you manually push the wheelchair in the carrier to secure it in its place.

Some manual carriers are internal too. But they tend to have a ramp to transport the wheelchair. Using those carriers, you push the wheelchair into the vehicle.

Some of the best manual or hand operated lifts and carriers are:

Scooter Lift For Van

If you own a van, it means there is a good space on the back. This also means you no longer need to worry about adjusting the wheelchair carrier on your vehicle’s exterior side or back. You can use a scooter lift to do the job smoothly.

Scooter lifts for vans often require drilling to install lifts. But that will be hardly noticeable.

Scooter Lift For Truck

Scooter lifts for trucks work more like cranes. You mount the lift on the trunk of the van. With the automatic system, the lift will pull the wheelchair or scooter up and put it in place. This type of lift is foldable and will not take up much space.

Scooter Lift For SUV

Lifts for SUVs are available as both exterior and interior lifts. If you want to attach the scooter outside your SUV, bumper or hitch-mounted carriers can be a suitable choice. And if you would rather have the scooter inside your SUV, you need a lift that will hoist the scooter in.

Portable Scooter Lift

Scooter lifts make transportation of an elderly or disable person a lot more comfortable. Here are some of the scooter lifts that may play the role well.


  • Harmar Mobility AL100 Universal Scooter Lift: For outside scooter lifting, this scooter lift is very popular. It is waterproof and has a 350lbs weight capacity.
  • ECOTRIC Carrier With Ramp: This carrier is among the most affordable scooter and wheelchair carriers. It has a maximum 500lbs weight capacity.
  • The Trifold Advantage Series Ramp: It is a 3-way foldable scooter lift with a ramp and can carry up to 800lbs weight.

Best Mobility Scooter Carrier

Best mobility scooter carriers are those that provide easy access, control, have a good weight capacity, and ensure rider’s safety. But as there are so many to choose from, I’m going to give you my top picks.


  • Titan Ramps Wheelchair Carrier With Ramp: I know it’s an awfully long name to remember, but it happens to be one of the best carriers. It is built with aluminum, and it is also foldable.
    This carrier has a built-in ramp that makes mounting and unmounting the wheelchair or scooter easier. It is compatible with most SUVs and trucks and has a 500lbs weight capacity.
  • 7BLACKSMITHS Mobility Carrier With Rack: This wheelchair carrier is foldable in three ways: closed flat, open L-shaped, open flat. It has up to 500lbs weight capacity, and the steel material makes the carrier solid and durable. And the open ramp makes it more accessible for the wheelchair or scooter user.
  • Economy Mobility Scooter Carrier Rack with Ramp: With lightweight aluminum construction, this mobility carrier is suitable for most vehicles. The large carrier basket has a maximum 500lbs weight capacity, and it is easily foldable. The anti-rattle device prevents any disturbance during loading and unloading.

Mobility Lifts And Carriers For Vehicles

Mobility lifts and carriers work as a different kind of transport for a disabled or limited-movement person. These lifts and carriers have variety as well.


  • External Mobility Carrier: These carriers carry all types of wheelchair and mobility scooters. Installing them outside your car, you save a good amount of internal car space.
  • Internal Mobility Lift: This type of carrier looks more like cranes, to be honest. And they lift your wheelchair or scooter into your car.
  • Power Chair: They are more compatible with electric wheelchairs than manual ones.
  • Mobility Scooter: Rather than power wheelchairs, this type of lift and carrier fit mobility scooters.
  • Hand-Operated: Instead of using any automatic power or motor system, you lift wheelchairs in this carrier by installing the carrier at the hitch of your car.
  • Trailers: The trailer makes everything simpler. However, they are mostly larger and difficult to move with.

Mobility Scooter Lifts And Carriers

In case you are still confused, lifts and carriers are not the same. Lifts hoist the scooter up automatically, while the carrier often requires manual work.

Either way, both lift and carriers have made transportation better and easier for those who need it. Users prefer the following lifts and carriers for mobility scooters:

  • Harmar AL055 Lift
  • Harmar AL215 Lift
  • Outlander DE Standard
  • Outlander XL
  • Backpacker Plus

Mobility Scooter Lifters

Mobility scooter lifters are the ones that allow you to lift the scooter for transportation. The lifters can either be manually operated or automatic.

External Mobility Carriers

So, what’s the plan? Don’t you want your internal car space to be taken, or doesn’t it have enough space? No matter which issue you have, having an external mobility scooter can solve your problem.

Since this carrier is compatible with almost all kinds of vehicles, installing it won’t be a problem. You attach this carrier at the hitch of your car. However, the weight capacity depends on your car’s hitch rating. So, it is recommended to make sure you know the rating and how much weight it can carry.

Used Mobility Scooter Carrier

Let’s be honest; mobility scooter carriers aren’t exactly cheap. Some of them cost a lot more than others, and not everyone who needs them can afford them. That’s why sometimes the best option is to go for used mobility scooter carriers.

Whether online or walk-in-stores, you will find plenty of stores that sell used carriers. But will they be best? Well, only if you can choose the best one.

Even if they are used, sometimes you are likely to end up getting a well-maintained carrier. Keep a keen eye on the material, compare the features and quality with available options. I believe it will not be a tough job for you after everything you have learned from this article.

Types Of Wheelchair Carriers

Different types of wheelchair carriers meet different expectations. So, it is you who has to determine your most suitable electric wheelchair carrier for car.

  • Electric Carrier: Electric carriers are equipped with a motor that picks up and lifts the car automatically.
  • Foldable Carrier: Foldable carriers are best for their foldable design and ramp. The ramp makes it easy for wheelchair users to ascend and descend the carrier on their own.
  • Manual Carrier: Manual carriers don’t really require much energy. You only have to tilt the carrier to load and unload the wheelchair to the back of the car.
  • Tilt-A-Rack: This type of carrier loads the wheelchair along with the user. They are most durable and robust.
  • Truck Bed-Mounted: This carrier is a perfect choice to lift your wheelchair or scooter on the bed of your truck. As this carrier has an automatic design, you don’t have to sweat over lifting anything.

Wheelchair Lifts For Vehicles

Like I’ve been saying, there are always so many options. But what type of carrier or lift is suitable for which vehicle?

  • For Truck: Harmar AL600, Harmar AL435, Bruno Curb-Sider, Zeus Auto Lift, etc.
  • For Car: Harmar AL160 Lift, Harmar AL010 Lift, Outlander XL, Outlander Full Platform, etc.
  • For Vans: Harmar AL600, Harmar AL215 Lift, Backpacker Plus, etc.

Wheelchair Carriers For Back Of Car

In my opinion, wheelchair carriers work best at the back of your car. They are available both as manual and automatic carriers. Almost all the wheelchair carriers are usually attached at the back of cars unless it was meant to be a passenger-side external carrier or internal carrier.

Final Words

There is nothing fancy about a wheelchair carrier. Yet, it happens to be the most essential and reliable medium of mobility to the person who depends on it. It gives you enough reason to make sure everything goes well when buying an electric wheelchair carrier for car, vans, SUVs & trucks.

Make sure that you understand the type of carrier you or the user needs. Also, be sure to check the weight capacity of the carrier. And finally, you must know how to attach and detach or operate the carrier.

Once you know all these, there’s nothing that can possibly go wrong. Take proper care of the wheelchair carrier, and it will last a long time.

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