Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Heavy Rain

Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Rain [The Fun Fact]

If you ask should you ride an e-scooter in the rain, the answer is pretty simple – no, you shouldn’t. But if you ask, can you ride an electric scooter in the rain, the answer will be a bit different – it depends.

If the scooter you are riding complies with the pre-requisite of getting wet and drenched, then you can easily take it out with you on rainy days and nights. But if it’s not pretty much resistant to water, you should probably put down the idea of piercing through the rain with your scooter.

Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Rain?

So here’s the deal. Today we will see some vital issues that determine whether or not you can ride with your e-scooter in the rain.  

Are Electric Scooters Waterproof? 

Are Electric Scooters Water Resistant

Here’s something that may come to you as a shocker, but the truth is, most electric/ kick scooters are not waterproof. But does that mean these vehicles are not resistant to water? Not at all! The fun fact is, some of the most common names in the e-scooter world, like the Unagi Model One or Boosted Rev, have some decent IP ratings of 54 to even 67!

Well, now you will be like, wait! What’s an IP rating, by the way?

What is an IP rating, and What IP ratings do Electric Scooters have?

What IP ratings do electric scooters have

Although this is a very technical term, I’ll try to simplify it for you. IP rating means Ingress Protection rating. It’s basically an international standard on measuring how much a device can resist dust and moisture.

For these two different foreign elements, the IP rating comes with two numbers. The first one refers to dust-resistance and the second one refers to water resistance.

So the first number can be 4, 5, or 6. These numbers increase with the level of protection against dust. And the second number can be 4 to 8, with gradual increment along with the protection level from water.

If you have a scooter with an IP rating with a number below 4, unpack your bag and stay home. Don’t even think about riding with it in the rain.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, some of the best electronic scooters do come with decent IP ratings, and you can use these scooters for your ride in the rain. But in the case it doesn’t have one or has below 4, then you can forget about a rainy ride, my friend.

Can You Ride An Electric Scooter In The Rain?

riding my electric scooter in the rain

Regardless of the IP rating that comes with the scooter, depending on how the scooter is constructed, you can see different reactions. Some of the low-grade e-scooter do take one splash or two but struggles to cope with heavy rain.

If the internal parts are not well-covered and protected, the machine will be subject to damage for sure. It will be a definite gamble if you choose to sail with such a scooter during heavy rain.

Another thing to keep in mind is the way you will ride the scooter. Just like a two-wheeler bike, you need to be extra careful about moving the scooter forward. Unless the wheel tires are extra gripping, you will slip if you’re not controlling your speed.

Is It Safe To Ride Electric Scooters In The Rain?

is Safe To Ride Electric Scooters In The Rain

As discussed before, no matter what the IP rating is, you should always call it a day when it’s raining in torrents. Although the IP rating gives you a hint that you can take the scooter out in the rain, it will struggle after it gets drenched in the rain and flooded the internal parts.

Unless the scooter comes with a waterproof enclosure, the risk of damaging the internal parts is always there. So, yes, if it is raining heavily, it’s not at all safe to ride in the rain.

When should I avoid riding my Electric Scooter in the rain?

Electric Scooter comes with a waterproof enclosure

Okay, so at times, you have urgencies that can’t be ruled out even if it is raining. But that doesn’t mean that you can set out with your e-scooter just like than in the heavy rain! Below are the times when you should be folding the scooter up and having a hot cup of coffee at home!

  • Heavy Rain

    It’s not impossible for the nearby lakes and reservoirs to overflow and flood the relevant areas and streets during heavy rain. This poses a threat for the wheels of the scooter to get fully submerged in water. Plus, you won’t even be able to move the wheels touching the floor as it may slip after a few seconds of sailing.  

  • Freezing Rain

    If it’s freezing cold and raining simultaneously, the scooter’s motor will be overworking to keep up. That will pose a huge danger to the longevity of the components – both internal and external. Plus, you won’t have enough grip on the street, either.

  • Low Visibility

    When it’s really raining in torrents, it’s possible that you won’t be able to see a thing in close proximity. This brings in a number of issues. First, you will hardly see anything in front of you due to the rush of rainfall. This will definitely increase the chance of an accident – be it against a vehicle or against a person passing by.

    Second, the heavy rain will make it impossible for you to pass through the shower pretty easily. This will affect your speed, your control, and the brake system of the scooter, as well.

    So, these are the three conditions when you should absolutely avoid faster riding your electric scooter when it is raining.

Final Words

is Electric Scooter capable of competing against the rain

By now, it should be clear as daylight can you ride an electric scooter in the rain or not. You must assess the capacity of your scooter at first and then measure the situation out there. Is your machine at all capable of competing against the heavy rain? If yes, is the IP rating enough to allow it to make it through? If yes, then you are most welcome for a ride! We have an article on electric scooter license, read it out to safe your journey from unexpected traffic situations.

If no, then as I said, have a cup of coffee at home!

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