Scooter Protective Gear [The Ultimate Guide to Park Protection]

Electric bikes are so safe that, at times, you will feel like you can ride them with your eyes closed. But trust me; you are not the Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen. So, yeah its might be a lot easier than riding a bull but don’t let that get you carried away. No matter how much safer it is to drive, you have to abide by some safety measures to avoid unexpected injuries. Riding the bike is not such a tough job, but the road’s pavement doesn’t really care about it. So, your safety is a big priority here. So, now the million-dollar question is what scooter protective gear you need. No worries, my friend! Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Scooter Protective Gear?

Protective gear is also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is a collection of equipment built to protect your body from any injuries. To improve your safety while riding your bike, you are advised to wear such PPE. This includes protective clothing, helmets, boots, and gloves.

Thousands of accidents are happening every day so, when you are out on the road, it would be wise to wear the protective gear mentioned above. Your safety should be your foremost priority.

Why Do You Need Protective Gear While Riding an Electric Scooter?

A bike accident is one of the worst accidents that can happen to someone. Some people say, “Buying a bike like bringing the devil into your drawing-room.”

Why Do You Need Protective Gear While Riding an Electric Scooter

We know that riding your bike with your buddies on some country road feels fantastic, but if you fail to follow some safety measures, you may find yourself in a terrible corner, and that’s where protective gear comes into play.

Having safety gear such as helmets, gloves, kneepads, protective footwear, elbow pads, and helmet lights will protect you on the road like a guardian angel. Among all of those, the most important one is the helmet. It can protect you from almost 70% of accidents, also ensuring a great survival rate during an accident.

Different Type of Scooter Protective Gear

Protective gear for your scooters come in various categories offering you to protect your body from the top to the bottom. We suggest the essential 9 scooter protective gear for preventing injure.

Let’s get into the details:

  • Helmet- To Protect Your Head
  • Kneepads- To Protect Your Knee
  • Elbow Pads- To keep Your Elbow Safe
  • Helmet Lights – Gives You an Extra Layer of Security
  • Gloves- To Keep Your Hands Safe
  • Safety Shoes- Keeping Your Legs Safe
  • The Right Cloth- Making You Visible in All Traffic Condition
  • Reflective Sash
  • Mouth Guard

1. Helmet- To Protect Your Head

  • When you are riding on the open road, you feel a great sense of freedom. You don’t have such structural protection in your bike as a car has to keep you safe from possible injuries.
    So, when you are riding on a scooter, you got to be extra careful.
  • Your head is the most important part of the body. Getting your hand or leg hurt may not lead you to death. But when it comes to the head, if you are unfortunate enough, even a minor hit on it may lead you to the end. So, protecting is like protecting your life, and that’s where the helmet comes into play.
  • During an accident, wearing a helmet can increase the chance of your survival significantly. When purchasing a helmet, pick the one that provides an extra layer of safety. Don’t just go for the style or cheaper one. Remember its sole purpose is your protection, not fashion.

2. Kneepads- To Protect Your Knee

  • With the advancement of modern technology, kneepads come with a light-weight, flexible and comfortable design. Especially, if you into stunt or mountain biking, then you must need a kneepad. But when riding in hot temperature for a long time, it may start to feel uncomfortable.
  • However, if you are new to riding, then you might want to wear kneepads. This will not only just protect your knees but also make you feel confident when riding. So, you will feel a lot of comfortable and safe when riding your scooter.

3. Elbow Pads- To keep Your Elbow Safe

  • This is also one of the most vital gear to keep you safe from injuries. It was designed to protect you from rashes and friction burns when you are performing bailing or gliding down from any obstacle.
  • Though it might not be necessary for riding a scooter, if you don’t feel that confident, then wearing one can make you feel a lot better.

4. Helmet Lights – Gives You an Extra Layer of Security

  • Wearing a front helmet light will give you a great depth of view of what’s ahead. It’s not really the most important gear you can have; however, having it is a great advantage.
  • You can also get rear light for a helmet. It will make it more visible in the traffic, so having one extra layer of security is one of those.

5. Gloves- To Keep Your Hands Safe

  • When you plan to go for a long ride, you should be wearing gloves on your hands. It will not only keep you safe from getting bruises and cuts but also during an accident. It will give you a good grip on your handle so that you can have a good advantage in avoiding it.
  • Having gloves on you will give you a stylish look also feel great comfort while driving your scooter. If you are riding in any cold area, then wearing gloves becomes a crying need; otherwise, your hands may freeze, making you lose control over your scooter.

6. Safety Shoes- Keeping Your Legs Safe

  • During any long ride, it becomes essential to keep your legs warm and dry. Especially if that area is muddy or snowy because if your feet become wet by the rain or by a splash of water from the road, it will make you feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • And the worst-case scenario is you might end up losing control over gears and leg brakes. And not having the right boot in the snowy area might freeze your leg.
  • When it comes to choosing footwear for your ride, choose the one that comes with a waterproof feature and feels comfortable to wear.

7. The Right Cloth- Making You Visible in All Traffic Condition

  • When you are riding in a crowded area, you become more prone to accidents. The reason is your brain finds it really overwhelming to process such a heavy load of information’s around you so you can get distracted easily.
  • Also, you will find it harder to maneuver your vehicle in such an area, so you might get hit by other vehicles if you are not wearing eye-catching clothes. We would recommend you wearing a high-visibility jacket and pants during a ride in a crowded area or a long drive on the highway.

8. Reflective Sash

  • When you are going to ride an electric scooter outside at night, you must wear a reflection sash—the Lightweight gadget made with a sash reflective element that people can notice at night.
  • This slight but bright feature could keep you safe while driving at night. If you did not wear a reflective sash, it makes a risk for winding of not being visible who are driving at night.

9. Mouth Guard

  • Injuring your teeth can be painful and injure your mouths. When you get your basics right and advanced to a new level, you won’t need it; Until then, however, continue it.
  • The mouth guard is one of the most neglected safety gear among scooter riders. However, if you are a novice rider, starting with an adult scooter, we highly recommend a mouth guard.

Most Common Injuries

Most Common Injuries of Scooter Riding

Riding an electric scooter is quite safer than riding a motorcycle as it doesn’t allow you to reach a dangerous speed limit. And you might know that a lot of accidents just occur because of over speeding.

After doing some solid research, we have been able to identify the most common injuries that usually happen when riding a scooter. And here are they:

  • Head Injuries

  • Bruises and Cuts

  • Joint Injuries

1. Head Injuries

One of the fatal injuries that can happen to a rider is a head injury. When it happens in most cases, the victim is required to be admitted to the hospital. He may also have to go through surgery or senselessness and, in some cases, even death.

This may usually happen when the scooter gets to confront an unexpected obstruction such as speed breakers, path holes, or hard objects on the road.

2. Bruises and Cuts

When riding your scooter, you may lose control and end up falling onto the hard surface on the road. Also, when making a turn or overtaking other vehicles, in most cases, your knee or elbow gets hurt by abrasion.

Encountering such an accident can cause severe or mild cuts and bruises on your body, which could be a painful experience. The Best Electric Scooter Armored Hoodie will protect you from getting all those scratches and bruises.

3. Joint Injuries

Your knee is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body to accidents when riding your scooter. When you are riding on a slippery road, you run at a greater risk of facing such injuries.

What to Look for When Choosing an Electric Scooter Helmet?

You already know that helmet is an essential gear among all the scooter protective gear. In this section, we will talk about how to find the right electric scooter helmet.

Let’s get on with it;

  • Safety Rating
    Before purchasing a helmet for you, the first thing you should be considering is its safety rating. If the helmet reaches the European EN 1078 helmet safety standard, then you are good to go. This type of helmet comes with excellent features such as shock absorption, a great field of vision, a chin strap to keep it tight on your head, and good retention system qualities.
  • Ventilation
    This is another essential quality of a decent helmet. During a long ride, the helmet must help you to avoid the extremely uncomfortable sweaty head issue. To do that, it needs to have a sound ventilation system. Buy the one that feels lighter and cooler on your head to not take it off frequently during the ride. A good helmet comes with a balanced design making sure your protection also comfortable.
  • Weight
    With a lightweight helmet, you will feel a great sense of comfort while riding your scooter. However, it may cost you some extra bucks but trust me, it’s worth the price. On the other hand, wearing a heavy helmet can make you feel extremely uncomfortable, also giving you fatigue in the shoulder after a long ride. So, yeah, go for the lightest one you can find.
  • Padding
    The padding of a helmet plays the most vital role in ensuring your comfort. Padding is usually removable, and few brands will offer you some extra padding in the box. So, you should be focused on finding something that provides enough padding to make you feel comfortable and protected along the ride.
  • Fit
    Whether it comes to buy your clothes, shoes, or wristwatches, you know, if it doesn’t fit that well, you are going to feel a heck of uncomfortable. The same goes for the helmet so, you got to find one that fits well over your head. When buying your helmet, if you can ensure all the conditions mentioned above then, no one can stop you from buying an excellent helmet. Here we have some of the Best Helmet for Electric Scooter.

Which Piece of Scooter Protective Gear Are You Looking Forward to Own?

So, what safety gear you think you should get first? Well, if you are into indecision, let us help you out. So, when it comes to choosing your first and most important safety gear without any hesitation, we can suggest you get the helmet first.

Because no matter whatever your purpose is when it comes to riding a scooter or bike, you already know how important role a helmet plays in ensuring your safety. Come on! No one would go for protecting their legs while leaving the head vulnerable to injury unless he’s an idiot or high on weed.

Safety Tips for Inline Skates, Scooters, Hoverboards And Skateboards

Here we have some safety tips for your scooters, skateboard, hoverboards and inline skates. Let’s have a look at them;

First and foremost, the thing is wearing enough safety gear before starting your ride.

  • Make sure you acknowledge all the traffic signs and signals.
  • Before getting really good at it, skate on the side of the road.
  • You should never wear a headphone while riding your scooter or skating as you won’t be able to hear other vehicles horns also lose focus on the road.
  • Ride only at daylight when you are a beginner.
  • Make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes while riding your scooter or going skateboarding.
  • Avoid heavy traffic when skateboarding.
  • If you follow these safety rules, you can avoid a lot of possible injuries while riding your scooters or skateboarding.

Final Words

Riding a scooter may quite an easy go, and, to be honest, it is but at the end of the day, you are a human being who learns and adapts through trial and error. So, when riding your scooter or bike, “Don’t forget whether you think of yourself as like some Ethan Hunt born he missions possible or some T-800 killing robot from the Terminator, well, in real life, you are just a human with some flesh, bones, blood, and a beating heart. So, focus on keeping all those intact and active while living by wearing the necessary scooter protective gear. Protective gear is also an important things for a traffic rules, here is an article on “do you need a license for an electric scooter“. You can check it out for your ultimate safest journey!

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