How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Cost? – [Price Breakdown]

A person in need of a wheelchair depends on that chair entirely. That’s why more and more upgraded models are being introduced to give the users a little bit of independence. And electric wheelchairs have made that possible. But how much does an electric wheelchair cost?

The price range of an electric wheelchair can start from $2,000, and it can go as high as $15,000, or sometimes even more. That’s because the price range depends on the brand, quality, capacity, and many more things.

How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Cost?

The cost of the wheelchair is not the only thing that should be your concern. There are a few more things that you should be aware of. But don’t worry because I’m here to help you find them out.

What Are Powered Wheelchairs?

A seated surface with wheels to navigate is a wheelchair. And if that wheelchair has motorized electric power, it is called a power wheelchair. A powered-wheelchair goes by different names such as power chair, electric wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, etc.

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This type of wheelchair enables people with limited movements to move any surface, even over all-terrain. The user no longer needs to depend entirely on someone else while using an electric wheelchair.

How We Chose The Best Electric Wheelchairs?

To make sure you have chosen the best electric wheelchair, you need to consider several factors. One may not possess all the best features, but knowing the elements will help you find the best one from your available options.

Rubicon DX06 Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs - Easy to Use - 500W Motor Power...


This is one of the most crucial parts when you are trying to get yourself the best of something. Yet, if you cannot go for the expensive electric wheelchair, you need to set a budget.

Considering the price and finding the best one among the available options is essential. It is not necessary to be expensive to be the best. You can find the most suitable one in your budget if you know how to pick them.

The size determines a lot of things like weight capacity, mobility, comfort, and battery range, etc. A full-size electric wheelchair tends to have extended features and qualities, but this type of wheelchair takes up lots of space and weighs more.

So if you live in a small apartment or home, moving around with a full-size electric wheelchair will be an issue. However, a large electric wheelchair ensures comfort for those who spend a great deal of time on the chair.

As I’ve mentioned just now, the size determines portability. Usually, the front-wheel-drive wheelchairs with folding features are great for portability. A heavier wheelchair is difficult to transport. But most modern electric wheelchairs come with portability options.

Weight Capacity
Now let’s stop worrying about whether the wheelchair will fit through the door. Instead, think about whether it will work for you.

Because electric wheelchairs of different sizes and features come with various weight capacities, while most of them have around 300lbs weight capacity, some of the best and expensive electric wheelchairs have up to 500lbs weight capacity.

If you want to ensure long rides with your electric wheelchair, it is mandatory to purchase a wheelchair extended battery range. The battery range will be different in different brands and models, but most of them tend to be between 10-20 miles per hour. Most of these wheelchair batteries last an entire day after charging overnight.

Without a good-quality controller, an electric wheelchair is entirely useless. Because that’s what allows the user to control speed and navigate. A joystick is the most common controller of an electric wheelchair. Some of them come with switches. Consider what you need based on the movement the user will make.

Can one fold the electric wheelchair, or is it easily foldable? Ask these questions and look for these features yourself. A foldable wheelchair is easy to move around, and sometimes it comes in handy for smaller space. Besides, if the wheelchair requires transportation, folding it will make the job easier.

5 Best Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs have changed the lives of their users in the most unimaginable way. From using ease to portability and speed, they are full of advantages. There was a time when an electric wheelchair meant lots of extra weight. But modern electric wheelchairs are changing that idea.

Most of these wheelchairs have excellent features, are user-friendly, and, most importantly, lightweight. And the lightweight electric wheelchairs are making it possible and easier to transport these wheelchairs anywhere.

I know we started to find the answer to “how much does an electric wheelchair cost?”. But I couldn’t help but go ahead a few steps to find the best lightweight wheelchairs.

  1. Folding Travel WheelchairSentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe
  2. Outdoor Electric WheelchairDrive Medical Phoenix HD 4 Wheel Scooter
  3. Electric Powered WheelchairVive Mobility Electric Wheelchair
  4. Lightweight Foldable Mobility ScooterVive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter
  5. Transportable Mobility ScootersPride Revo 2.0 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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1. Folding Travel Wheelchair- Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe

Most of the time, foldable wheelchairs are not comfortable to sit for a long time or make many movements. Maybe that’s because it’s not the Sentire Med Forza FCX foldable wheelchair. It is lightweight, has a comfortable sitting area, and quickly foldable.


  • Foldability: Fold your Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe wheelchair with a few simple, easy steps. Within a few seconds, you can tuck it in the trunk of your car or anywhere else for storing purposes.
  • Lightweight: Finding an electric wheelchair that weighs less than most might be a tough job. But thankfully, we have found this electric wheelchair. The Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe weighs 67lbs or 30kg which is considered lightweight for such a wheelchair.
  • Travel-Friendly: The good news is that you can travel with this wheelchair anywhere. This foldable wheelchair comes with a storage bag under the seat. The seat is also removable, making it more transportable.
  • Weight Capacity: I don’t think this wheelchair can’t handle weight just because it’s lightweight. It has a capacity of carrying up to 360lbs or 163kg. It is enough for a large person to sit in it without worrying about collapsing.
  • Customizing Options: If you want to customize a few things on the wheelchair, you can call customer service and tell them of your choice while purchasing. You can get it painted with your preferred color and have headrests attached.
  • Accommodation: As for accommodations, I would say this isn’t the right option for someone with limited movements. The chair doesn’t come with a suspension and headrest. However, the manufacturer did its best to give the users enough comfort.


  • Enough utilities worth your money
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Good weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Has two powerful motor


  • Less information in the manual
  • Leaves mark if used indoor

2. Outdoor Electric Wheelchair- Drive Medical Phoenix HD 4 Wheel Scooter

I would say it is pretty rare to find a suitable electric wheelchair. Fortunately, I came across the Drive Medical Four-Wheel Power Scooter.

Driving this four-wheel scooter is like driving a small car. It has a large and bulky design. Still, it weighs less than you think it does.


  • Easy To Assemble And Disassemble: It isn’t surprising to face difficulty assembling and disassembling a wheelchair, especially a big one. But that won’t be an issue with this scooter. You can disassemble and reassemble it with a few easy steps.
  • Weight Capacity: The Drive Medical Phoenix Scooter cannot carry much weight like the Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe wheelchair. But it can still carry up to 350lbs or 158kg weight. I would say this is no less impressive at all.
  • Price: When asked “how much does an electric wheelchair cost?” or a scooter, usually I would say $1,000-$10,000. However, this scooter is budget-friendly.
  • Comfort: While using a wheelchair or power scooter, the user’s convenience is one of the essential parts to ensure. The comfort lies in adjustability, easy maneuvering, smooth ride. Fortunately, this scooter is a perfect package of them all.
  • User-Friendly: Besides carrying a good amount of weight, the Drive Medical Scout scooter ensures riding comfort for its users. The Delta-tiller is ergonomic and makes it easier to make turns. Besides, the seat is flexible and adjustable. It has armrests and a fold-down backrest as well. The four wheels ensure smooth rides even on the bumpiest paths.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Four wheels ensure smooth riding
  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Flat-free, anti-tip tires
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The turning radius can be a bit troublesome
  • Not suitable for very tall people

3. Electric Powered Wheelchair- Vive Mobility Electric Wheelchair

The 4-wheel mobility scooters have always been a reliable ride for their users. While many of them cost a lot, some of them are budget-friendly. The Vive 4-Wheel Mobility Electric Scooter is one such kind.

It is pretty lightweight, has good motor speed, and most importantly, it is budget-friendly. The weight capacity is moderately well, and the pace is enough for daily short trips.


  • The Seat: If you’re worried about the comfort, let’s just say that the 17.25 inches seat is comfortable for flexible movement. As the seat has two flip armrests, larger users can flip them if they need to to get more comfortable.
  • Padded Arms And Backrest: Talking about armrests, they are cushioned not to get hurt while resting. You will even have a comfortable padded backrest to rest on.
  • Adjustability: No one is ever too tall or too short to ride this scooter. The seat is adjustable for anyone with different heights. You can also rotate it if necessary. As mentioned already, the armrests are easy to adjust and can be flipped during boarding and existing.
  • Affordable: This Vive 4-Wheel Mobility Electric Scooter costs less than the Drive Medical 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter. It is reasonable for most people. And if you have insurance, the cost will be even less.
  • Speed: The grip tires are durable and suitable for riding both indoor and outdoor. If fully charged, the scooter can cover 12.5 miles per charge with a 3.7mph speed rate.


  • Affordable price
  • 4 air-tight wheels for smooth riding
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Adjustable seat and armrests
  • Comfortable
  • Good weight capacity
  • Front and rear lights for safe riding


  • Comparatively heavy
  • Small for taller people

4. Lightweight Foldable Mobility Scooter- Vive 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

If you think the Vive 4-wheel mobility scooter is too wide for you or does not seem suitable for you, try the 3-wheel scooter from this brand. It is easy to maneuver, provides smooth riding, and comes on an affordable budget.


  • The Seat: The seat measures 16.9 inches which means it is wide enough to make sure you are comfortable enough. The rotation and the height of the seat are also adjustable.
  • Arms And Backrest: The wheelchair has two armrests and a backrest. All of them are cushioned, and the armrests can be flipped to board and get off the scooter.
  • Affordable: The Vive 3-Wheel wheelchair costs the same as the 4-wheel model. And the price is within reach of any customer.
  • Portability: Is this mobility scooter portable? Yes, it is! The whole scooter can be disassembled in four parts. That is suitable for transporting it without requiring lots of spaces.
  • Riding Comfort: With three wheels, riding this mobility scooter will be hassle-free. It is easy to maneuver and has a 3.7mph speed. You also get a carrying basket at the front of the scooter and LED lights for clear visibility in the dark.


  • Suitable for adult riders
  • Affordable price
  • Covers a long distance when fully charged
  • Great weight capacity
  • Can be disassembled
  • Flip armrests and adjustable seat


  • Slightly heavier than others
  • Disassembling can be a little difficult for some people

5. Transportable Mobility Scooters- Pride Revo 2.0 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Pride Revo 2.0 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is the cheapest one on our list. Yet, it can go head to head with the others.

Though this scooter is the heaviest among them, its features, quality, comfort, and adjustability level make up for that. The best part is that this 3-wheel mobility scooter at affordable cost.


  • Easy Maneuver: One of the advantages of having a 3-wheel mobility scooter is the maneuvering ease. This type of scooter is suitable for making smooth and sharp turns in tight spaces. You can ride around inside shopping malls or grocery stores with this scooter.
  • Weight Capacity: Customers often face issues with cheap wheelchairs or mobility scooters’ weight capacity. They often break down when carrying a little more than average weights. However, this Pride Revo 2.0 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter has a weight capacity of 400lbs or 181.4kg.
  • Using Comfort: The scooter’s seat is fully leathered, and the armrests are padded to ensure your comfort. On top of that, there is a cup holder next to the armrest. The lever under the seat allows you to adjust the seat height if needed.
  • Speed: I’m not disappointed by the speed range either. The maximum speed range is 4 surprisingly excellent mph.
  • Portability: You can transport the scooter by disassembling it in five separate parts. The heaviest piece weighs 48lbs which is not very lightweight yet can be hauled if needed.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent speed range
  • Suitable for making sharp turns
  • Portable
  • Has a cup-holder
  • Padded seat and armrest


  • Slightly heavier
  • An issue with battery release

What Is The Cost Of An Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair can be of various types. Each of them may come from different brands, have other models, features, qualities, and capacities. Based on these and many more factors, the price will always vary. But, how much does an electric wheelchair cost?

An electric wheelchair price ranges from $1,000-$20,000, or more. But an average and good-quality electric wheelchair price can be between $2,000-$10,000.

On the other hand, if you opt for a used electric wheelchair, you can buy it at a much lower price. Make sure the wheelchair quality meets your expectations.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Electric Wheelchair?

Renting an electric wheelchair is an excellent option for several reasons.

  • If you are going to use it temporarily
  • If it for a short time use
  • If you are unable to travel in your wheelchair
  • If you want to weigh your options before purchasing one

But, how much does it cost to rent an electric wheelchair? The answer would be between $20-$80, more or less, per day. The rent cost varies from location to location.

For example, if you rent an electric wheelchair in Las Vegas, the cost would be around $35 per day. On the other hand, in Washington D.C., the price can go up to $58-$60 per day. Some of the renting procedures come with package offers if you rent an electric wheelchair for more than one day.

The cost of renting changes based on what type of wheelchair you want to rent. Manual wheelchair rents are lower than electric ones. So, it is you who has to decide which wheelchair you would rent.

Best Power Wheelchair Brands

Every product or equipment has one or more popular brands. The same goes for power wheelchairs. And these are some of the best power wheelchair brands.

  • Pride Mobility
  • Drive Medical
  • Golden Technologies
  • Merits Health USA
  • Invacare
  • Shoprider

Small Electric Wheelchair For Indoors

For indoor spaces, these electric wheelchairs are more suitable:

  • Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD

  • Jimmie Power Wheelchair

  • Merits Health Products – Vision CF – Front Wheel Drive Power Chair Electric Wheelchair

No products found.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Electric Wheelchair At Disney World?

If you are planning an adventure to Disney World but are confused about whether you will get to rent a wheelchair, the answer would be yes. Disney World has its own in-park wheelchair and mobility scooter rental service.

You can also find wheelchair and mobility scooter rental services from outside vendors. But if you are trying to find out the in-park wheelchair renting cost, that would be $12-$35 a day. But you can get a discount if you are going to rent it for a few days.

You must note that the number of rental wheelchairs in Disney World is limited. Since there is no booking option, you can rent a good one if you arrive early.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Wheelchair?

You cannot use an electric wheelchair without needing to charge it. And you cannot charge it without using electricity. But don’t worry about your electricity bill going too high because charging an electric wheelchair doesn’t cost a fortune.

Usually, charging an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter cost about 23-25 cents. And the annual estimated cost can be between $40-$60. However, you can save some bucks if you charge it during off-peak hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship An Electric Wheelchair?

Now I have two questions for you: do you want to ship it outside your location? Or, would you like to send it outside the country? Because the shipping cost will be different depending on the location and the weight and size of the wheelchair.

If you want to ship the wheelchair inside, it will cost you less than shipping outside. Other than locations, the cost is determined by the size and weight of the wheelchair.

If it is smaller and foldable, it will be shipped in a package. On the other hand, if it is large and not foldable, it will be shipped in freight and cost more.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Electric Wheelchair?

The cost of buying an electric wheelchair depends on many factors.

  • Brand
  • Size
  • Features
  • Material
  • Quality
  • Power
  • Durability
  • Weight capacity
  • Used or new

These are the most important factors that make each electric wheelchair cost different. And based on all these, an electric wheelchair can cost from $2000-$12,000, sometimes more or less.

How Can You Minimize The Costs?

You may need an electric wheelchair even if you cannot afford it. So, what to do to minimize the cost? There are plenty of options for you to do that.

  • Fix A Budget: Fixing a budget will help you narrow down your options rather than going to endless wheelchairs. But having a budget does not necessarily mean that you will end up with a lousy wheelchair.
    There are plenty of reliable electric wheelchairs between $700-1,500. You will find quite a lot of standard features in them.
  • Look for Discount: Sometimes, stores and disability organizations offer low-price or discount sales. To avail of such opportunities, you have to be qualified enough according to their guidelines. If you do, there is a chance to purchase wheelchairs and save money at the same time.
  • Buy From Manufacturers: Online purchases are more expensive than buying from walk-in stores. Even the stores charge crazy prices for electric wheelchairs. The best option would be to buy directly from the manufacturers if possible. The manufacturers usually charge less than online and offline stores.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance covers your electric wheelchair price. But to receive that compensation, the wheelchair has to be approved by your physician. Medicare also provides 80% coverage for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

How Long Does An Electric Wheelchair Last?

Once you get used to riding an electric wheelchair, there is no turning back. Because an electric wheelchair is more comfortable to ride and control than manual wheelchairs and suitable for smooth and fast transportation, but how long will this newly loving friend of your last?

Power chairs or electric wheelchairs are meant to last for a long time as they are equipped with high-tech features. So, if you can maintain the wheelchair regularly, it can last up to five years without requiring any serious issue. And even if it does and if the problem is taken care of, the electric wheelchair will last even longer.

How Do I Get A Wheelchair?

If you are struggling to walk or disable and feel the need to have a wheelchair, you can get one in several ways.

  • Purchasing: If you would buy one directly, there are plenty of walk-in and online stores that sell wheelchairs of different types.
  • Borrowing: Some organizations like the Red Cross often lend wheelchairs for temporary use. You can contact such organizations around your location to borrow a wheelchair.
  • Prescribed: If a physician prescribes the wheelchair, you can get a wheelchair for less price with Medicare’s help.

Does Medicare Pay For A Motorized Wheelchair?

Yes, Medicare pays for a motorized wheelchair only if the patient or user meets their criteria. And they are:

  • If you have a health condition that makes it difficult for you to move around
  • If the condition is badly affecting your daily life
  • If you are going to use the wheelchair indoor
  • If you or your assistance can safely operate the wheelchair
  • If you have a written prescription from your doctor stating that you need an electric wheelchair

How Do I Get Medicare To Pay For Wheelchair Ramp?

Medicare covers or subsidizes the cost of DME (Durable Medical Equipment) only. A wheelchair ramp does not meet their cost-covering criteria. However, it can be an exceptional Medicare Advantage plan.

That’s because a ramp is also an essential part of the wheelchair-using life. If the user needs to be transported for medical attention, a ramp will help make transportation quicker. But sometimes, you can have your health insurance company cover the cost only if your physician prescribes one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q. How Much Does Medicare Pay For Wheelchairs?

Medicare covers 80 percent of the wheelchair's cost, but you have to pay 20 percent. But remember that Medicare will only pay for your wheelchair if your doctor has prescribed you one. And only if it is for use inside your home.

Q. What Is The Best Electric Wheelchair To Purchase?

Finding the best electric wheelchair isn't always that easy, I'll tell you that. Yet, you can pick a few from the available options. So here are some of my picks:

  • Drive Medical Cirrus Plus EC Power
  • Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy
  • EZ Lite Cruiser Foldable Wheelchair
  • Invacare TDX Series Power Wheelchair

Q. What Is The Cheapest Electric Wheelchair?

If someone cannot afford an average-price or expensive electric wheelchair, there are still options available among the cheapest electric wheelchairs. Even if the price is low, make sure the control is well-balanced, has seating area flexibility, good motor power, and has strong wheels.

Judging by the quality and price, here are some of the cheapest electric wheelchair:

  • Golden Technologies LiteRider PTC
  • Drive Medical 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter
  • Vive 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Q. Are Electric Wheelchairs Covered By Insurance?

If you have insurance that would cover your medical equipment, it may cover your wheelchair. However, this type of process takes a lot of time to get done.

And be prepared to go through a very long procedure that can take as long as seven to nine months. Also, you may get a limited choice on what type of wheelchair you can get through insurance.

Q. How Much Does A Motorized Wheelchair Cost?

A motorized wheelchair price can range from $3,000-$5,000 and can go as high as $15,000. The price depends on numerous factors, such as wheelchair type, features, materials, quality, portability, size, and brand. But if you are not up for expensive motorized wheelchairs, you can find used motorized wheelchairs on sale.

Q. How Far Can An Electric Wheelchair Go?

The answer depends on a few things, such as the weight capacity of the electric wheelchair, the weight of the user, the type of surface it's on, and the driving style. Usually, such wheelchairs can go around three to five miles per hour speed. And if the battery is fully charged, it can go up to twenty miles.

Q. Where To Buy Electric Wheelchairs?

You can find electric wheelchairs in any power chair or scooter stores almost everywhere. Since this type of wheelchairs is slightly heavier and requires a carrier or lift for mobility, it is better to choose a store closest to your location.

If you want to purchase online, there are plenty of them, including Amazon. You will find both new and used wheelchairs based on your choice.

Final Words

Power chairs or electric wheelchairs are investments for older people, people with disabilities, and limited movements. Depending on the type of disability or issue, the type of wheelchair will be different. And depending on the types, the price will vary. So, how much does an electric wheelchair cost? You know the answer already! But keep an eye on the essential features and mechanisms to ensure the best one for you.

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