How To Ride A Skateboard For The First Time

How To Ride A Skateboard For The First Time [Pro Tips]

Skateboarding is probably one of the most fun street sports played all around the world. If you are also thinking about giving it a go, then you must be curious about how to ride a skateboard for the first time. While skateboarding may look easy to learn, you have to apply many techniques and arts to master it.

But once you get used to it, you will find it more enjoyable and entertaining as hell! Just think about skateboarding with your friends or going solo whenever you want. It’s thrilling, right?

But before riding a skateboard, you have to prepare some things like getting the best skateboard for beginners, skateboarding laws, how a Serious Skate Rat Learned to Love Running, what not to do when skateboarding, etc. In this article, you’ll know everything regarding how to ride a skateboard for the first time.

What Type of Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

Which Types of Skateboard is Best for Beginners

Skateboards can be of different types depending on their building materials and features. However, as a beginner, you should choose a longboard or an electric skateboard for smooth performance. An electronic one will be a better choice for older people. Make sure to inspect the skateboard before purchasing, as cheaper ones tend to break pretty easily.

Besides, try to get a lightweight skateboard truck as you can easily manage to ride it. A skateboard cost is also an important detail as you shouldn’t spend a large amount of money on your first skateboard. Before going on the street, you have to practice skateboard riding a lot. Hence, it’s better to invest in a cheap one and start training with it.

For a rookie skateboarder, you shouldn’t spend more than $500 on your first purchase. You should also choose a flat and simple one to minimize the failing possibility.

How to Ride A Skateboard for the First Time?

As we have already mentioned earlier, you just can’t put your foot on a board and start riding your skateboard. Instead, it is more like an art that you have to master with time and lots of practice. If you want to know how to start skateboarding as a girl or how to ride a skateboard for kids, the basic rules are pretty much the same for everyone.

Here, you can follow these skateboarding tips and tricks for beginners for further assistance.

  • Quality Equipment

    Skateboarding is fun but can be dangerous at the same time. Even the most proficient skateboarders also have to maintain some safety measures. As you are balancing your body on a board and running with it, there is always a chance to fall or stumble midway. However, you can protect yourself from any harm by wearing a proper skateboarding suit.

    A proper suit typically includes running socks, shoe pairs, protective gear like knee pads and helmets, etc. Remember to buy comfortable ones as you need to feel at ease when you are on your skateboard.

  • Choose the Right Ground

    The first rule of skateboarding, find a suitable spot to ride your skateboard for the first time. A concrete platform or place without any cracks and bumps is generally the best spot area for skateboarding. But it increases the injury possibilities as well. Hence, practice on a light grassy field or carpet to get yourself used to it.

    This way, you can balance and control your body and the skateboard’s movement as well. Keep your right foot onward and the left one on backward to balance yourself. Once you feel comfortable, proceed to the next step.

  • Pushing

    Now, you have to push the board with easy moves as it will stop the board from slipping out of your feet. Step forward with the front foot and develop the pace of the skate. You can take a few large steps instead of small ones as well. It can give you control over the body’s balance and momentum together.

  • Use Your Back Foot

    In skateboarding, your back foot serves as the brake of your ride, which is also known as foot braking. You have to learn it by heart for a smoother ride. First, take your back foot away from the skateboard and drag it over the ground. It will slow down your speed and stop the board. Start with a moderate pace, and gradually increase it to obtain control on food braking.

  • Be Patient

    Skateboarding is a great way to show your creativity and different movements. But you have to learn it properly before anything else. You have to be confident about your braking, movements, and speed controlling before you start riding your board with some necessary back-and-forth steps.

    Keep in mind that there are always scopes of minor injuries on your initial skateboarding sessions. However, you have to be patient and have the motivation to master the skateboarding tricks. Once you are skillful enough for skateboarding, you can learn how to ride a skateboard on rough roads next.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Are Electric Skateboard Safe

Skateboarding, in general, is a risky sport regardless of what type of board you are riding. However, an electric skateboard provides a better and faster experience than the traditional one. You have to put less effort and energy to maneuver an e-skateboard. It also allows you to achieve a high speed whenever you want to.

However, you must wear protective gear to ensure safety, as higher speed means more risk. Even if you are an expert on riding traditional skateboards, the transition to e-skateboard ones requires practice nonetheless.

Examine Your Skateboard

Examine Your Skateboard

A good skateboard is the first requirement for a fruitful practice session. As a first-timer, you have to be extra careful because falling is an unavoidable part of your learning session. And you wouldn’t want to injure yourself badly, which can easily happen with a defective skateboard. Hence, look out for pointed edges, loose bolts, cracked kingpins, etc., to avoid such situations.

If you have bought a new beginner’s skateboard, the chances of problems are slim. However, checking it before you start skateboarding shall help save you from injuries. You can inspect the board every few days, if not regularly.

  • Check the board bearings as broken ones can halt your wheel movement.
  • Make sure the wheels are appropriately attached
  • Scan if the baseplates are unmovable (bolts on the deck top).
  • Pointy edges on the board deck can induce nasty cuts.
  • Poor-quality grip tape will reduce your grip strength.

Skateboarding Needs Confidence

Not only in skateboarding, every first-timer goes through the fear and embarrassment thinking what others would think. When you are going to stand on your skateboard for the first time, feeling insecure at that time is pretty standard. Hence, you shouldn’t be ashamed about it because every skateboarder has to learn it at some point in their life. And they had to fall and stand up repeatedly as well.

Hence, no one is going to laugh or make fun of you. Moreover, you can ask others to guide you and teach you the basics! Try to enjoy the process of learning a new skill and motivate yourself. For inspiration, you can also watch some skateboarding videos online. Just picture yourself performing those amazing tricks with you on the skateboard!

Avoid Skateboarding In The Rain

No matter how sturdy your skateboard is, you shall never take out your skateboard in the rain. The water doesn’t only damage the deck and the bearings but also increases the risk of fatal accidents. The wheels of the boat will lose grip, making you fall. You won’t be able to keep the stability, and the deck will ultimately slip.

Experts can attempt skateboarding if it’s not much-wet outside. But as a beginner, you have to refrain from skateboarding on a rainy day.

Take Proper Safety Measure While Skateboarding

Take Proper Safety Measure While Skateboarding

To be honest, skateboarding isn’t a risky sport. In fact, you can learn to ride a skateboard regardless of your age and health. However, accidents can happen, and you can’t always avoid injuries. And you are going to fall from your board as a part of the learning method.

Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry. As a beginner, you should always wear protective gear like a helmet, wrist guard, elbow pad, knee pad, etc., for a risk-free skateboarding experience. Once you get more comfortable, you can gradually skip wearing most of this stuff.

Final Words

Skateboarding is not only ideal as a fun sport but also an effective cardio exercise. An hour of skateboarding on sidewalks equals an intense exercise session. Riding your skateboard in your leisure time will keep your body and mind both fresh and healthy. However, you have to maintain safety measures to avoid all types of injuries. Once you get the knack of riding a skateboard, you wouldn’t want to waste a minute without it for sure! Jokes apart, learning how to ride a skateboard for the first time is pretty easy if you prepare yourself beforehand. Remember, there is nothing impossible if you fix your mind on it. So, grab a regular or electric skateboard or a hand truck and start practice right away!

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