Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners

10 Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners [Updated]

Are you thinking of the perfect commuting gift for your kid that will keep them both fit and happy? Or are you toying with the idea of reliving the fantastic moments of your childhood, only this time with minimal drama? Either way, cruising has never been among the sports that disappoint. With fewer tricks and drama to display, accident incidences are minimal compared to skating and longboard sports. More interestingly, it is a perfect way to commute, being environmentally friendly and also a mode of exercising. While it is true that cruiser skateboard options are too many to exhaust, the challenge comes in when looking for outstanding ones. For this reason, we have a whole list of the 10 best cruiser skateboards for beginners that you won’t relent considering. Better still, categorized in order of preference for easy picking.

Our Top Pick

We always believe share our own experience will help the other to get the better product for beginners. So here we are sharing our own experience and after our own research we found out the 1 best cruiser skateboard in my point of view and also based on customer review in the market. We have chosen the best cruiser skateboards for beginners so that our skate lovers do not have any hesitation in buying the durable and best quality skateboard. The Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard can be a great choice for newcomers in our eyes. It’s not just the best in terms of design and quality. This skateboard can also be a different choice in terms of durability and carrying. You will get detailed ideas after reading our review. We’ve outlined in detail which skateboards are better for beginners. So keep reading to get the best one.

10 Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners

Find out the best 10 cruiser skateboards for beginners in a list before the detailed description

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What’s a good cruiser board for beginners? Read on!

1. [Best Choice] Kicktail Cruiser Board- Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Are you looking for a cruising skateboard that leans towards longboard sports, whose kicktail is functional and conspicuous? Here’s a Magneto 44-inch, whose rating is impressive. Let’s skip to the details;


Deck: The 44-inch deck is large and stable, accommodating up to 275 pounds. With functional kicktails, the cruiser board allows you to do more when not cruising, pulling out skateboard tricks with your crew.

Designed from a bamboo veneer that is sandwiched in a maple core, the board’s stiffness and strength are evident. The sand grit finish, which is engineered to provide grip, also comes in style for a trendy look.

Truck: With a 7-inch hanger and a kingpin angle that approximates 50 degrees, the trucks are obviously strong and functional. Their construction is gravity cast aluminum, which is smooth for a fast and load-distributing ride.

Wheels: While the wheels offer a smooth ride, an extra soft grip is evident to enhance stability. It works well with the high rebound bushings that have a medium stiffness for a functional ride.

They have a translucent outlook that gives the 78A wheels a larger size look.


  • Large for a stable cruising
  • Strong for durability
  • Suitable for cruising that borders longboarding


  • The wheel spread is too wide for younger kids

2. [Best Value] Retro Mini Skateboard- Meketec 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Certified by CE for safety assurance, the little Skateboard is the mini-cruiser Skateboard that every beginner will appreciate. The color blends, where the wheels differ from the deck, give the Skateboard a customized outlook that leaves your kid standing out.

Let’s see more of the specifications:


Deck: Fundamentally, the deck is sturdy enough to handle up to 200lbs. The starry sky color allows it to be unique among others, and you can easily spot your own or your skating kid from far.

The plastic material has a rough upper finish, ensuring that you get a good grip for your feet stability.

Truck: Coming in 3.25 inches each, the trucks have a different color that blends with the deck for an amazing combination. They are strong enough to ensure that your weight is properly distributed across the whole board.

Bearings and Wheels: When you come across ABEC-7 bearings, your mind must shoot to a high-speed skateboard. This is exactly what you get with the bearings in this Skateboard.


  • Outstanding outlook
  • Competitive performance
  • Lightweight for portability


  • Not a great choice for adults due to the small size

3. [Premium Pick] Pink Penny Board- Penny Australia, 27 Inch Cactus Wanderlust Board

For a comfortable medium size Penny Australia piece, this 27-inch cruiser skateboard emerges top. It is convenient for carrying around, which its 27-inch board allows even an adult to ride with stability. Is that already enough to take you to the store? Stick on for more;


Deck: Many skaters marvel at a plastic deck, yet the strength of the material is often disappointing. However, the Penny secret plastic formula is its strength, which keeps the deck sturdy and with an admirable minimal flex.

Secondarily, as a beginner, you definitely want a skateboard with sufficient grip to build your courage, which the deck already presents.

Trucks: The black-colored trucks enhance your ability to balance your body weight on the board, whether on a smooth road, a bump, or even when turning.

Wheels and Bearings: The high-quality bearings, ABEC 7, are of stainless steel. They ensure that you have a fast and smooth ride while ensuring that they have a long lifespan.

Finally, the 83A wheels, whose 59mm size allows you to maul on different types of roads.


  • High quality and durable
  • Allows portability
  • Sufficient feet grip


  • Not everyone will like the flex, even the minimal range

4. Mini Cruiser Skateboard- Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

For a mini-cruiser that appeases your girlish color taste, this lotus Cal 7 Mini Cruiser is just awesome. Besides, being a smaller mini-cruiser and lightweight allows you to pack it in your bag for later cruising. And there’s more;


Deck: The plastic deck, which is only 6 inches wide, allows you to stack it in your school or college bag with ease. Moreover, the rough plastic top allows perfect traction to prevent sliding off during a ride.

Trucks: The cruiser board uses trucks that are approximately 3.125 inches, which will basically distribute your weight on the deck. Other than that, the trucks are aluminum alloy in material, which is so strong that it adds to the sturdy nature and durability of your mini cruiser board.

Bearings and Wheels: Do you love the cool and serene outlook that people have while on a cruiser board? It is so cute that they don’t even seem to realize that they got to their destination. Competitive bearings such as the ABEC-7 in this mini Cruiser are the reason behind the smooth and attractive ride.

Then there are the wheels, which are smooth to increase the fast and smooth ride you want.


  • Facilitates a smooth and fast ride
  • Highly durable
  • Easily portable


  • A few flexes, as with most plastic boards

5. 7 Ply Maple Skateboard- Magneto SUV Skateboards

Here’s the best beginner skateboard that you want to use through your beginner period to your advanced levels when all you want is to commute on the cruiser board. It uses SUV (Skate Utility Vehicle) design, which allows it to be versatile for any street.


Deck: First off, we have the deck, whose construction is pure maple. Not strong enough? Try the seven layers that go into the board without compromising its lightweight.

More importantly, the deck is conspicuously large for a more stable and comfortable ride for adults.

Truck: On top of the large deck are even larger trucks, which come with sturdier aluminum truck construction. They are 140mm, assuring you of smooth and responsive cruising even on the rough tracks.

Wheels: The 78A wheels are also large yet soft enough to enhance a more comfortable ride. Being large gives them a benefit over traditional models; to venture into all terrains.


  • Large for comfort and stability
  • Durable material composition
  • Best for all-terrain cruising


  • Expensive

6. Surf Style Skateboard- Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

When looking for a mini-cruiser board that encourages the ‘go green’ campaigns, this Skateboard from Magneto seems like a fit. Since it is small, you can stack it in your stuff and cruise whenever you feel like it.


Deck: The deck, which is a composition of five plies of Canadian Maple and two plies of bamboo, ensures that it is very strong. It has a sand grit finish, which has unique graphics for a classy outlook. Other than that, the grit will grip your feet for stability and safety.

Additionally, the deck has double kick tails that are asymmetric for a surf design. The design allows you to pull tricks on the cruiser board, even if just a few for fun.

Trucks: Made from quality cast aluminum, the trucks are reliable. They feature a top-mounted Paris design with a 5-inch hanger for durability. And yes, the trucks also use the 55-degree kingpin angle, which only displays the high-quality piece.

Wheels: Finally, there’s the high-quality SHR polyurethane that brings a strong non-plastic finish to the wheels and bushings.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting structure
  • Suitable for added tricks to cruising
  • Posh outlook


  • Expensive

7. Plexiglass Longboard- Ghost Riptide Longboard

Are you looking for a ghost cruiser board whose crystal clear board keeps it invisible? We just sourced this Ghost Riptide Longboard, whose features will mesmerize you.


Deck: Outstanding on the longboard is the deck, plexiglass, and acrylic construction, allowing it to blend with the road. At 48 by 12 inches, it is among the largest and widest boards that you will appreciate. Therefore, your cruising stability and safety even as an adult are almost obvious.

Besides, it can accommodate up to 220 pounds, including most people in the using bracket.

Trucks: The strong white-colored 10-inch truck blends with the deck material and color, while its strong material increases the board’s durability. And regardless of where you place your feet, the weight distribution that the trucks facilitate keeps you comfortable.

Wheels and Bearings: The Skateboard uses ABEC-7 bearings, which encourage a smooth and enjoyable cruising moment. They are also highly durable, with their quality adding to the durability of the whole board.

Then there are the wheels, which are the only part of the longboard that display a tinge of color. The blue color, sandwiched in crystal color, brings out the best outlook, especially during cruising.


  • A cool outlook to behold
  • Durable construction
  • Large for stability and comfort


  • Not suitable for very high speed

8. Fishbone Longboard- Ghost Long Board

This Ghost longboard represents the best cruiser board to ride around town, which is kind of cool, especially during cruising. It comes in several sizes, from 19, 30, 40, and 48 inches, all of which allow you an opportunity to choose the most suitable. This will depend on the user’s age, preference, and convenience, such as storage options.


Deck: The fishbone outlook of this longboard is its strength, not to mention the sturdy material that withstands substantial weight depending on the board’s size.

Despite the smooth outlook, the longboard has a superb grip that facilitates stability and safety when cruising.

Trucks: Moreover, the longboard uses 10-inch trucks, which are sturdy enough to enhance the board’s durability. They also work with quality bearings to bring you a smooth distributed ride.

Wheels and Bearings: Finally, we have the wheels and bearings, both of which quality is competitive.

The bearings, which are ABEC 7, ensure that you absorb bumps to get the smoothest cruising time possible.

The well-cut wheels enhance the smooth ride, being smooth and strong themselves. At 70mm, they ensure that the longboard can withstand several grounds without getting caught up in bumps and rocks.


  • Amazing fishbone outlook
  • Strong and durable


  • Inappropriate sizing

9. Maui Longboards- Ghost Long Board, Light EM Up & Ride EM Long

Are you thrilled at the idea of getting a cruising longboard that will maui and tear any ground for a perfect adventure? This ghost longboard is a perfect idea, which is great for cruising and pulling a few longboard tricks.

More interestingly, even the longest of them, 48 inches, will perfectly fit into your car truck or hiking backpack. Let’s indulge in more juicy specs;


Deck: The deck, which is basically skeletal in outlook, has an outlook that will have you mauling on the air, with only the little blue wheel color insight.

Other than giving you the exuberant feeling, the deck has a rough texture that keeps you in check so that you don’t slip off or struggle for stability.

Truck: Over and above that, the drop-through truck enhances a stable and safe cruise while facilitating a long lifespan for the board.

Wheels and Bearings: With their tinge of ocean blue, the wheels are just what you need for an unforgettable cruising night. You can easily be confused for cruising on plain air in the low light, with two blue pieces enjoying the breeze with you.


  • Great for most cruising grounds
  • Comfortable size options for different ages and preferences
  • Easy to pack


  • Some wheels will need tightening

10. Kingpin Skateboard- Penny Australia, 36 Inch Blackout Longboard

And if you will only take the legendary Penny skateboards, we have this top-ranking Complete Skateboard. With its signature blackout color and high-quality combination, let’s see what more the cruiser board has to offer;


Deck: Essentially, the deck displays the obvious blackout color on its large 36-inch board. The large deck, coupled with a classic waffle upper that is non-slip, facilitates maximum stability on the board.

Trucks: The strong aluminum trucks facilitate a smooth cruising session. Now -you can go to the stalls, the market, get to school or campus on your board without fear of the trucks breaking your board structure.

Wheels and Bearings: Other than using ABEC 7 bearings, the board stands out with its bearings being color-coded stainless steel structures. Therefore, you will get a cool outlook on top of a guaranteed smooth cruising.

The 83A wheels are in a perfect 66mm size for cruising. They display a smooth tread that facilitates a fast ride, while the durometer hardness ensures stability in bumps and turns.


  • Cool Penny cruising board
  • Smooth and fast ride assured
  • Non-slip for comfort and stability


  • The trucks are not strong enough to pull tricks

Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners- Buyer’s Guide

Below are important tips that you should consider when purchasing a cruiser skateboard that is great for a beginner.

Best Beginner Skateboard For Cruising

Best Beginner Skateboard for Cruising

The best cruiser skateboards for beginners is the 28-inch Canadian Maple and Bamboo Complete Skateboard. The Skateboard is high-quality, which will keep you relaxed during your practice, assured of durability.

Moreover, we love it for its amazing performance. Despite being a cruiser skateboard, it has features that allow you to pull a few tricks that you must have loved in skateboards.

What Is The Best Cruiser Skateboard?

What is the Best Cruiser Skateboard

Magneto SUV Skateboard takes the lead on the best cruiser skateboard overall. While it is perfect for a beginner, you won’t stop using it when you are at your advanced cruising levels due to its impressive features.

Essentially, the deck has seven layers of Canadian Maple, yet the weight remains great for ease in portability.

It is also so large that even the adults will have unstrained stability cruising in it for work and school.

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good for Beginners

I would say that cruiser skateboards are the best for beginners. Primarily, cruising is the simplest form of skating, with minimal to no tricks required at all. Therefore, it is easy to learn and actually a prerequisite to advanced skating and longboard sports.

They are also a wonderful option for any sort of road, and not only tarmac and pavements.

So, yes, cruiser skateboards are good for beginners.

How To Choose a Cruiser Skateboard

How to Choose a Cruiser Skateboard

Are you lost on how you will choose the perfect cruiser board? Here are a few tricks to pull with your cruiser board search:

  • Quality: Even as a beginner, you will still need a quality piece of equipment. The cruiser skateboard quality is determined through its material and material combinations. You can check the reviews that the cruiser board has to see any flaws in the quality. They will help you identify which quality you can deal with, despite the flaws, and the one to avoid, regardless of how great it looks.
  • Material: There are cruiser skateboards from various materials. For instance, the cruiser board deck is either plastic or wooden. The trucks are metallic, mostly aluminum or stainless steel. Competitive bearings are ABEC 7, though there are a few others with impressive performance. While plastic tends to have flexes, it is lighter and amazing, especially for kids and people with lighter body mass. However, if you are heavier, wooden, such as bamboo and Canadian maple, will be great. Others have found success with metallic boards, such as aluminum, which is also sturdy enough for the heavyweight. You can also choose the material based on your trust and preference. Ensure that you don’t compromise your gut in this section because the cruiser skateboard you choose should make you happy and proud.
  • Weight: What is the age of the cruiser board user? What is the function of the board? These are the questions that you should consider when taking into account a cruiser skateboard. For instance, if you are buying it for a younger kid, the lightest possible will be best. Besides, even a smaller length will fit them, as long as they can use it anywhere they want to.
  • Size: Get an appropriate sizing based on convenience and portability. Large skateboards are more comfortable, but you also have to consider how convenient it is when carrying them. If you want to use a backpack, a 48-inch skateboard may not be a wise choice. On the other hand, if you have very large and wide feet and substantial weight, riding on a 22-inch skateboard is the last thing you want. Balance the two for your comfort and happiness.
  • Grip: When buying a cruiser skateboard for the first time, you want to think of stability and safety. I think you already did that, given that most people who have never been skating fans get stomach butterflies about falling. A skateboard with a substantial upper grip is an excellent idea to minimize the chances of falling or sliding off. It will help you boost your confidence in the sport as well as keep you safe whenever possible.
  • Cost: Since you are only beginning, you are not even sure that you will love the sport. Therefore, getting a value skateboard, performing well and cheaper, will be a nice idea. However, if this is all you want for a long time and has the money, invest in a long-lasting cruiser skateboard.

How to Ride a Cruiser Board

How to Ride a Cruiser Board

Riding on a cruiser is quite simple; it will take a day to learn. So, here’s what you need to know to get started;

First, learn where to put your feet on the board, which foot should go to the front, and the foot to take the kicktail. Then, implement this and just stand on the board, just for balance assurance.

Secondly, learn to push yourself on the board, starting with a slight downhill path. Balance yourself for stability, and push the cruiser board before it stops.

Once you master the above two, you can learn to stop, especially when at high speed. Luckily for you, the cruiser board is not that fast, making it easy to master stop.

Finally, ensure that you can turn and dodge comfortably before you get on a real road trial. This way, you will not keep bumping into people.

Easy Tricks To Do On A Cruiser Board

Easy Tricks to Do on a Cruiser Board

Sadly, cruiser boards have heavier wheels that also tend to be sticky. Hence, they are not great for tricks in comparison to skateboards and longboards.

The good news, though, is that there are easy tricks that you can still pull on a cruiser board. The tricks will help you even when you want to advance your mastery on the Skateboard or longboard. These tricks include:

  • Switching Your Feet: normally, you will ride with your feet slightly apart, the legs straight all through. When you switch your feet, you bring each foot where the other foot should be, twisting your legs at an angle. You can start on this right from the start of the cruise, and with time try switching feet mid-cruise. It will be more fun when you learn the latter.
  • Basic Ollie: Though ollie is an advanced skateboard trick, some cruiser boards are light enough to allow it. And since it’s only the basics, you don’t have to be that dramatic. What is an ollie? When doing an ollie, you jump without letting go of the cruiser board, then come down, either straight or in style, depending on skill and how high you jumped.
  • Kick Turns: With kick turns, you will rotate swiftly while on your board without lifting the whole board off the ground. You need to put one of your feet at the tail of the cruiser board, which will shift your body weight to the back. As a result, the front end will get off the ground, and you can balance and rotate on the kicktail. With a cruiser board, you can rotate once or a few times, depending on your expertise.
  • Gripping Feet: The last one involves you gripping your feet on the board, then jumping up as you leave it in the air, just close to the ground. Then, you can get back to your cruising faster than you can imagine since you can not stay much on the air when you did not jump much.

Cruise Tips For First-Timers

Cruise Tips for First Timers

  1. As a first-timer, you have to realize that cruising is different from skateboarding or longboarding. You use a cruiser for commuting and not for tricks, so don’t get disappointed when you can’t pull a trick you saw with a kid or a friend.
  2. Cruising is the easiest of skateboard sports, so it shouldn’t make you nervous. When you are perfect at cruising, skateboarding is much easier for you.
  3. Learn your stance. Though most people are comfortable with their right feet on the tail, a good number does the opposite. You have to learn what makes you comfortable for quick training.

How to Build A Cruiser Board

How to Build a Cruiser Board

You can use an old skateboard deck or plywood to make a completely functional cruiser board.

So, if you have an old skateboard deck, you only need to purchase cruiser board wheels and a truck set to get started.

Then, change the skateboard trucks and wheels for the new cruiser board set, and there you are. With cruiser board wheels and trucks, the skateboard deck automatically transforms into a cruiser board deck.

What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

What Size Skateboard Should I Get

The skateboard size will depend on your size. For younger kids aged nine and below, a 22-inch is a fit. However, for adults, you should go for 30 inches plus. Wider cruise boards are better.

However, shorter people may consider a 26 and 28 inches, which is still suitable.

Skateboard With Cruiser Wheels

Skateboard with Cruiser Wheels

Yes, you can transform your Skateboard into a cruiser board using the cruiser wheels. While this will minimize your trick ability on the Skateboard, you can finally maul any road with the large, resilient cruiser wheels. Yet, you did not have to buy a new cruiser board for the task.

Cruiser Skateboard Decks

Cruiser Skateboard Decks

If your cruiser skateboard is already old, damaged or you want to change it for a new model, you have the liberty. There are deck options suitable for different cruiser skateboard sizes, so you don’t even need to compromise. It is also cheaper than purchasing a new cruiser board.

Cruiser Skateboard Vs. Longboard

Cruiser Skateboard VS Longboard

If you are torn between a longboard and a cruiser board, here’s what you should know;

  • Cruiser boards are usually suitable over short commuting distances, while longboards can take you for miles.
  • It is easier to carry a cruiser board, which is lightweight and smaller than to carry a longboard.
  • A longboard will help you with outstanding tricks that no cruiser board will pull even when ridden by an expert.

Mini Cruiser Vs. Penny Board

Mini Cruiser VS Penny Board

Are you already wondering whether a penny board and a mini-cruiser even have a difference? Of course, they do.

A mini-cruiser comes in a wide range of sizes, while a Penny board is only available in four sizes so far.

A mini-cruiser is also lighter than a penny board, hence easier to carry.

In essence, the Penny board is considered a longboard, hence suitable over long distances. On the contrary, the mini Cruiser is for short-distance cruising.

Finally, the Penny board allows some longboard tricks, while you can only consider a minimal number of tricks for the mini cruiser board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good For Beginners?

Yes, they are. Their wheels are heavier and sturdier, which helps learn stability and balance that are crucial for cruising.

Which Type of Skateboard Is Good For Beginners?

Penny skateboards and Magneto SUV are among the top best skateboards for cruising. The best size will depend on you as the user; the kids can use smaller 22 to 30-inch skateboards, with adults using over 30-inch boards.

How Should I Choose A Cruiser Skateboard?

Choose a cruiser skateboard based on the quality, size, material, weight, and convenience. Above all, choose the most suitable Skateboard for you in terms of taste and preference.

What Are Good Cruiser Board Brands?

RUNYI, Penny, DUNBIN, Cal, and SKOCHO are among the best brands that make cruiser boards worldwide, for both beginners and experts.

Are Cruiser Skateboards Good For Tricks?

No, they are not. They are heavier and with a kicktail that is designed for cruising and probably flat-ground tricks.

How Long Do Cruiser Boards Last?

Each cruiser board has a different lifespan depending on its specific quality, material, and design. More importantly, the board's lifespan will depend on the care and maintenance you give it, other than the user.

Are 83A Wheels Good For Cruising?

Yes, they are. 83A wheels can easily maul different grounds during cruising while maintaining a smooth tread for speed.

Is It Harder To Ollie On A Cruiser?

Yes, it is. Ollies are advanced for skateboards and not cruiser boards. However, you can pull a basic Ollie on several cruisers.

Bottom Line

Best Cruiser Skateboards for beginners? With a spectrum of cruiser skateboards that range from mini cruiser boards, cruiser longboards to penny boards, at least you finally know where to start. Do you feel spoiled for choice with the various cruiser skateboards? That is also considered with a buying guide, complete with all you need to start the exhilarating cruising journey. If you are newbies then you are advised to check out our article on how to get comfortable on a skateboard?

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