Top 6 Hover-1 Electric Scooter Reviews [Best Budget Options]

Thinking of comfort for riders, many brands build electric scooters to use a long way. Out of all, the Hover-1 brand ranks on top for its nice design and quality electric scooters. Hover-1 is a well-known brand that holds a good status and name for its electric scooters, hoverboards, and other devices. This brand is one of the best budget options for ideal electric scooters right now. We have made a shortlist of oury liked top 6 hover-1 electric scooter reviews.

Not only the Hover-1 electric scooters are made with strong brushless motors but also have a rechargeable UL battery. It has many series and models that run at 12-18 miles per hour. To be frank, locating the right electric scooter from Hover-1 is a tough nut to crack. Don’t be troubled. The given products are cat’s meow based on every user who wants a practical and quality electric scooter. Let’s check them out!


Top 6 Best Hover 1 Electric Scooter Reviews

Have you found struggle finding the right hover-1 electric scooter as a newbie? Then, check out my most favorite 6 hover-1 electric scooter reviews in detail. Luckily, all of them are safe and certified for outside use.

  1. [Best Choice] Electric Scooter With LED LightsNo products found.
  2. [Best Value] Best Scooter For AdultsHover-1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter
  3. [Premium Pick] Best Travel ScooterHover 1 Journey Electric Scooter
  4. Best Mileage Electric ScooterHover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter
  5. Most Excellent Chrome Electric ScooterHover-1 Renegade Electric Scooter
  6. The Finest Folding Electric ScooterHover-1 Pro Series Boss Foldable Electric Scooter

Let’s get started:

1. [Best Choice] Electric Scooter With LED Lights- Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

Are you looking for a speedy kick scooter? Look no further than this HOVER-1 Alpha E-scooter. With its 451W brushless motor, it runs faster than its competitor, 17.4 mph. Its maximum loading capacity is also quite remarkable, 264 lbs., making it an ideal electric scooter for adults 250 lbs.

No products found.


  • LED Headlight & Display:
    It consists of an LED headlight, making sure that you will not face any problem driving it under low light conditions. Also, the LED display indicates the remaining battery status. Whenever it lacks charge, use the included charger to charge it.
  • Foldable Design:
    The foldable design is the most satisfying feature of this e-scooter. Simply fold the handlebar for storing it in a safe place.
  • Pneumatic Wheels:
    The 10” pneumatic wheels make the ride more comfortable. Similarly, the significant enough wheels surpass any bumps with ease.

Reasons To Buy

  • Nice foldable design
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Highest speed is up to 17.4 mph, for easier commutes

Reason Not To Buy

  • Need to improve effective customers support

2. [Best Value] Best Scooter For Adults- Hover-1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter

The Hover-1 Rally is one of the most enjoyable scooters to cruise around. It is also nice in quality and performance to ride outside with no hassle. And, this scooter is super handy and light to carry anywhere at ease. Let’s get into its real features and spec table down below:


  • Nice Wheel Reflector:
    This scooter has a cool reflector on the wheel. It as well gives a nice look on the wheels by shining at night. On the face of it, the wheels are very supportive on different terrains to ride comfortably. It is also good for use in the day or evening with no struggle.
  • Great Braking Grip:
    With a beautiful look and quality, this scooter has a nice braking grip. It has electric hand brakes that most users find easy to access. I also love its simple braking system that doesn’t need much pressure to stop the ride. This scooter brake as well protects users from accidents.
  • Strong Motor Power:
    The Hover-1 Rally scooter has fine electronic throttle and 300 watts of brushless motor. Most users find the motor strong to ride on the road with no acceleration issue. It as well gives nice speed and mileage to enjoy the long ride. The motor of this scooter also improves handling.

Reasons To Buy

  • This scooter has good battery life.
  • It is easy to store on a small space.
  • This scooter is simple to handle and use.
  • Good for commuting and cruising.
  • This scooter is fine for a longer distance.

Reason Not To Buy

  • Not a good option for the uneven road.

3. [Premium Pick] Best Travel Scooter- Hover 1 Journey Electric Scooter

The Hover-1 Journey has a unique design and foldable frame to use well. It is a safe and functional alternative for long-term riding. This scooter as well has a brake system, big wheels, and fine quality to use well. Now, read down below to find its good features in the spec table:


  • Safe To Use:
    This Hover-1 electric scooter has UL 2272 certification to use the battery safely. It as well let you ride on a long way with no issue of charging. Most people find it very stable and powerful that won’t need 4.5 to 6.5 hours to charge. Besides, this electric scooter lasts a good time.
  • Light & Foldable Outline:
    To ride well, this electric scooter is light in weight with a stylish design. It as well helps users to carry with no struggle of heaviness. On the face of it, this electric scooter has a foldable outline so that you can store it in a small room. It also ensures good convenience.
  • Fine Foot Braking System:
    It comes with an effective and handy foot brake option that helps to stop the ride faster. The foot brake is located on the center of the rear wheel guard. This feature helps users to pause the ride by pressing on the foot brake at ease. It also ensures good protection against mishaps.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is protected with 90 days of guarantee.
  • This scooter is tough and solid to ride on bumpy roads.
  • It has a rear disk braking system.
  • This scooter is light in weight and portable.
  • It is practical and efficient to perform well.

Reason Not To Buy

  • This scooter doesn’t come with a manual.

4. Best Mileage Electric Scooter- Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter

The Hover-1 Blackhawk is a mixture of speed and quality for riders to ride on long mileage. It has a nice outline with cool features to run a good while. This electric scooter also has a removable battery and a digital LCD display. Now, let’s check its nice features down below:


  • Portable & Light:
    This electric scooter has a quick folding frame that takes a few seconds to set up. Most users as well find it light to carry or move anywhere anytime. It also takes less effort to move outside for commuting. This electric scooter as well feels quite simple to carry or store in a place.
  • Watertight Outline:
    It has an IP54 rating to ensure rainproof coverage. This electric scooter as well allows you to use in outside on any weather with no rust. With a watertight frame, you are able to ride this electric scooter easily. It as well allows you to ride on rainy, sunny, and wintery weather.
  • Big Pneumatic Tires:
    This electric scooter has pneumatic 10-inch tires that allow you to ride without sacrificing comfort. It as well let you ride on uneven and rough paths at ease. Also, you are able to ride at 18 MPH speed for up to 26 miles. It as well allows you to ride snugly on bumpy paths.

Reasons To Buy

  • This electric scooter has bright light.
  • It is easy to bend and use.
  • This electric scooter is durable.
  • It has good battery life that lasts longer.
  • This electric scooter is light in weight.

Reason Not To Buy

  • It is expensive.

5. Most Excellent Chrome Electric Scooter- Hover-1 Renegade Electric Scooter

Another legendary scooter from the Hover-1 brand is the Renegade. This scooter is known to be the coolest in Iridescent look and color for cruising. It has handy functions along with a rear braking system. Let’s hop into all the features of this scooter to learn about its goodness:


  • Strong Suspension:
    This electric scooter has a fine system of spring that absorbs shock or shakes to ride on rough terrains. Most users find it very handy to ride on unpaved or uneven roads with no hassle. This scooter also gives an even riding feel on bumps and cracks. It is a nice pick for tough roads.
  • Fine Load Capacity:
    The Hover-1 electric scooter is able to carry up to 264 lbs weight. It as well helps users to ride stably with no hassle of weight issues. Even if your weight is light or heavy, this scooter will work well. Besides, it allows you to carry some stuff with no fear of uneven speed.
  • Good LED Headlight:
    With a powerful 900 watts motor, this electric scooter has a bright and vivid LED headlight. It not only allows you to see in the night period but also supports dark places. Most users as well find it very cool with a modern outline to cross at the dark areas.

Reasons To Buy

  • It is good for short-distance riding.
  • This scooter has a nice look and quality to use outside.
  • It is reliable and light to use at ease.
  • This scooter battery lasts a long time.
  • It has 2-speed modes to control the ride.

Reason Not To Buy

  • Not a good option for bumpy roads.

6. The Finest Folding Electric Scooter- Hover-1 Pro Series Boss Foldable Electric Scooter

Made for adults and kids, the Hover-1 Pro Series Boss is a foldable electric scooter with a gas pedal. This electric scooter is a versatile and effective option for even terrains. Besides, it has a good motor, weight, brake and so on to try out. let’s check its features to judge better:


  • Effective Bell Support:
    With a cool outline, this electric scooter has a nice bell option. This feature lets you ring the bell when people are in front of you. It as well helps to reduce the chances of mishaps or accidents on the road. This bell also sounds loud enough to let people notify well.
  • Solid Kickstand:
    The Hover-1 Engine is a multipurpose scooter that offers a tough kickstand. Most people find the kickstand good enough to use while taking a break. It as well helps the electric scooter to stand in a good position without falling.
  • Bright Light Option:
    This electric scooter has a front and rear brake option with vivid brake light. It as well has a nice LED light indicator that shines to show battery capacity in 4 marks. In fact, this feature helps you to learn about battery status at ease.

Reasons To Buy

  • This electric scooter is simple to assemble.
  • It has good mileage and speed benefits.
  • This electric scooter has cool brake light.
  • It is light in weight and carries load well
  • This scooter is nice for riders.

Reason Not To Buy

  • Not a good pick for hilly areas.

The Hover-1 Electric Scooter Reviews: Buying Guide With Best Features

In the store, you probably like to get anything that looks cool and light. But wait, you cannot miss the features that will help you ride the Hover-1 electric scooter a bit easier on different situations.


The best electric scooters you can buy today from Hover-1 are easy. Just take a notepad and list down the following features that you’ll need on yours:

Check The Wheels of Hover 1 Electric Scooter

All Hover-1 electric scooters have two big wheels to handle terrain friction and resistance. But, what so special about Hover-1 electric scooter wheels? If your scooter wheels are not in right the geometry and size, it will give unbalance riding on bumpy roads.


You in fact need an electric scooter that has good wheels that can be used in even and uneven paths. Also, the wheels of the Hover-1 electric scooter should have good tread to go through bolts or cracks easily.

FYI, Hover-1 electric scooter wheels improve acceleration and strength to go faster in any terrain. They add good grip and traction when turning or riding straight.

Consider The Price of Hover-1 Electric Scooter

Like everything, the price is also a vital aspect. A good-quality Hover-1 electric scooter that has a reasonable rate is okay. For instance, Hover-1 Aviator is a great product for the price and quality.


As long as you are not neglecting the quality, go for any hover-1 electric scooter. Just do some random research on electric scooter pricing before picking one. Most Hover-1 electric scooters are priced between $230 to $350 on average.

In short, the more quality you want in an electric scooter will cost a higher price. There is some Hover-1 electric scooter that cost more than $400 to $450 as the quality is top-notch.

Go For A Powerful Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have a different standard of speed that is counted with MPH aka Miles Per Hour. The best 50 MPH electric scooters will give a more stable and powerful ride on any terrain. Let’s be honest, Hover-1 electric scooters don’t have much power benefit.


Most of them have up to 14 to 19 MPH to ride stably on even terrain. However, the speed of Hover-1 electric scooters is good for most commuters and cruisers.

Besides, they have nice modes of speed to ride in slow to fast MPH. Just be sure the speed of the Hover-1 electric scooter is good enough for your desired range.

Look Into Weight Capacity of Hover-1 Scooter 

The weight capacity of any electric scooter is essential. If a scooter cannot overcome the weight of people standing on the board, it will give an uneven riding experience. So, the weight capacity of the Hover-1 electric scooter is needed.


You need to check your body weight along with stuff to ensure the right load capacity. Most Hover-1 electric scooters have up to 220 lbs weight in average. It would be enough for both slim and fat folks.

Plus, some Hover-1 electric scooters have over 280 lbs of weight capacity for riding in ultimate stability. So, pick one based on your preference.

Don’t Neglect The Durability of E Scooter

A strongly made electric scooter will stand for a good while. You want to test out the durability of Hover-1 scooters to ensure better functionality and resistance. Since an electric scooter has to face outside obstacles on road, it needed to be durable.


Most Hover-1 electric scooters are built out of solid metal and rubber to ensure better strength. Also, they are highly supportive of the outside environment even under light rain.

Apart from these, the electric scooters from Hover-1 are good against rust and peel. On top of that, they are perfect for use under direct sunlight.

The E-Scooter Display Is Important

The small screen in the center of the Hover-1 electric scooter is handy while using. So, if you are planning to pick one, this feature is highly essential. The screen will be sited on the middle of the handlebar.


Just be sure the display shows battery status and other functions in clean light. As you will use the Hover-1 electric scooter under sunlight, it should have a clear display with no glare.

Besides, the display should show the milage and other data in good contrast. Also, ensure the screen of the Hover-1 electric scooter is good against scratch and scuffs.

Choose One That Has Extra Features

Hover-1 electric scooter should have special features that support users. Added features of electric scooters will support while using. Most electric scooters from Hover-1 have kickstands to stand for parking. Also, they should have a good bell system to make noise when in need.


Apart from these, there are some Hover-1 electric scooter parts such as LED light, handlebar, brake system, and so on. The Hover-1 electric scooters have long but sleek light for night use.

Plus, they have a comfy to hold handlebar and footpad. Also, consider the brake system and motor power for safe usage. Don’t avoid the foldable option of the Hover-1 electric scooters.

Test The Battery Life and Charging Time of Hover-1 E-Scooter

The battery life and charging time is essential for user comfort. The Hover 1 electric scooter charger usually takes 4 to 5 hours to fully recharge. And, it won’t recharge if you turn on the electric scooter.


For example, the Hype Hover-1 electric scooter wont turn on only when charged just like other devices. And, you will see battery life of the Hover-1 electric scooter will last a short period.

The electric scooter from Hover-1 will last for up to 1 hour to ride on 7-26 miles based on its capacity. Most Hover-1 electric scooters have lithium-ion battery support for long-term use. So, choose wisely.

Why You Should Buy Hover-1 Electric Scooters?

Since you have asked this question, the reason is very clear. Hover-1 electric scooters are right now the hottest topic for adults to kids use. They have a unique outline with nice functions such as a kickstand, charging port, foldability, and so on.


Not only you will see excellent riding swiftness but also handles very well. They are also very supportive thanks to the large wheels for handling any terrain. The Hover-1 electric scooter can drag into cracks and bumpy roads at ease.

Want to know the best part? They have amazing control and handling due to the speed modes. Plus, the Hover-1 electric scooters contain LED light for vision with a cool display to learn about the battery life.

On the face of it, most users find them a perfect choice for beginners. They let you go in a stable speed with full protection just like a hoverboard. And, the price and quality of the Hover-1 electric scooter are on the next level.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Ride Hover-1 Electric Scooter?

Similar to hoverboards, you at least have to be 6-7 years or above to ride a Hover-1 electric scooter. The age limit is very strict based on most experts to avoid mishaps or injury. Riding the Hover-1 electric scooter should be fine for adults if anyone knows the basic rules.


Also, using the Hover-1 electric scooter will be tough for kids as they need to move or switch the speed based on terrain. So, it is suggested not to give e-scooter kids who are 3 or 4 years old. Riding the Hover-1 electric scooter needs knee and body parts to stay in the right position.

And, a simple fall or slip can cause serious damage to kids. So, it would be better if the kids who have weak balance to avoid using the Hover-1 electric scooter.

How Does The Hover-1 Electric Scooter Work

The Hover-1 electric scooter actually works in battery support. Before starting the Hover-1 electric scooter, you need to charge it for up to 4-5 hours. After fully recharge, you want to activate the motor by starting the scooter.


If you are using a foldable Hover-1 electric scooter, then bend it down for easy use. To move forward, you only need to push the throttle down. For slowing down the speed, press the brake gently. The brake will also support stopping the ride faster.

Who Sells Hover-1 XLS Electric Scooter Batteries?

If you are wondering who sells Hover-1 XLS batteries, the answer is its brand. Even though there are many third-person sellers who sell the battery of Hover-1 XLS, but ultimately it is done by the Hover-1 brand.


For that, you need to go to their website and move to the Parts and Accessories bar to find the batteries. Then, there you will see all the chargers and batteries for Hover-1 XLS. Just select a suitable battery to get one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Are Hover-1 Scooters Good?

A) Based on most user’s experience, the Hover-1 scooters are an ideal alternative. They are not only giving a stable riding but also feel easy to handle. With a great speed benefit, the Hover-1 scooters go well with most terrains.

There are a few negative comments behind Hover-1 scooters due to packaging. But, most of the users of the Hover-1 scooters recommend trying them on a daily basis.

And, they are very skilled and long-term usable for commuting. And, the battery life of the Hover-1 scooters is a plus point.

Q2. How Fast Does A Hover-1 Electric Scooter Go?

A) The Hover-1 electric scooter can run at a great MPH if the motor power is stable. For example, if your electric scooter has 350 watts of motor power, then it will run at 18 MPH with no hassle. On the flip side, the lower motor power of Hover-1 will result in weak MPH.

Coming to the point of Hover-1 electric scooter swiftness, it can run faster or slower based on mileage. Most users find it very handy and powerful to ride at a good speed.

Q3. Which Hover-1 Electric Scooter Is The Best?

A) In the store, you will meet many models of Hover-1 electric scooters. Based on MPH, motor power, battery life, wheels, outline, and other factors, I find the given 5 products best in both worlds.

1) Hover-1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter.
2) Hover-1 Aviator.
3) Hover 1 Journey Electric Scooter.
4) Hover-1 Pro Series Boss Foldable Electric Scooter.
5) Hover-1 Blackhawk Electric Kick Scooter.

Q4. How Long Does A Hover-1 Battery Last?

A) As Hover-1 scooters have different functions with battery support, all of them will last for a certain period. Most of the time, Hover-1 scooters can last for up to 45 minutes or more. Some electric scooters from this brand can be used for 1 hour.

For sure, the charging of Hover-1 scooters needs to be full to use afterward. The electric scooters have a lithium-ion battery that would last long after full recharge. Based on different models of Hover-1, you can see ups and downs in battery life.

Q5. How Do I Reset My Hover 1 Scooter?

A) The resting process of the Hover-1 scooter is quite easy. You only need to put the Hover-1 electric scooter in an even ground. Be sure to avoid placing it on hilly areas. After placing it fully even, press the power button for up to a few seconds.

Just count from 5 to 10 seconds when pressing the power button. Then, wait for 5 minutes to ensure calibration. Afterward, press the reset button for a few seconds. Next, restart your Hover-1 electric scooter when you see the power switch illuminated.

Q6. How Do I Connect My Phone To Hover 1?

A) To pair the Hover-1 electric scooter, you need to have a compatible app on your phone. Start by moving to the settings bar, then hop into Bluetooth to turn it on. Be sure to click on the available device on your app.

You can confirm the connection success once it says pressing the power button. Then, push the power button on your Hover-1 electric scooter. Follow the direction for easy connection.

Hover-1 electric scooters are designed to connect that way. This process is described for pairing first-time electric scooters to your phone.

Q7. Is The Hover-1 Electric Scooter Waterproof?

A) Not all Hover-1 electric scooters are watertight. To make it clear, the Hover-1 electric scooters have IP54 water resistance rating which means it is protected from dust and water splashes. If a Hover-1 electric scooter has an IP46 rating, it means a rainproof outline.

Most electric scooters have an IP54 rating to use outside under low rain. Yet, it is not suggested to use the Hover-1 electric scooter on heavy or light rain. Just try to keep the electric scooter far away from the water.

Q8. How To Charge The Hover-1 Electric Scooter?

A) Charging the Hover-1 electric scooter is an easy job. You only need to plug in the cable using the power supply to charge rightly. But, be sure the plug you are using is aligned well based on the pin of your electric scooter.

Just insert the charger into the charging port and connect the cable on your Hover-1 scooter for easy access.

Final Words

By and large, the Hover-1 electric scooter is a fun choice for riders to use. Despite being an excellent option, it may have some bad sides too. Yet, for the price and quality, the Hover-1 stands on the peak for electric scooters. You need to think about all the features that are important based on your preference. Never sacrifice quality even if the price is low. It will give pain in future use. Go for a foldable, powerful, and handy electric scooter from Hover-1 that matches your desire. To make decisions faster, you can also check some YouTube videos or ask your expert friends. For lazy folks, you guys can check my given Top 6 hover-1 electric scooter reviews. The features of the given products are cherry in the cake. Have A Great day!

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