Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews

Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Cover Reviews

Think about it; what makes up the majority of the protection of your truck? It’s the truck covers, of course! Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are definitely a plethora of other factors to count on. However, a robust truck bed cover can genuinely lead you to a goodnight’s sleep. Now, if you haven’t had any of that from all the worrying for your beloved truck, let us help you. In these Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews, we will see how Toyota has blended functionality, safety, and style into their best-selling truck covers. But not only will we see some of their best-sellers, we will also look into a few guidelines, pros, cons, and features that are a must-have for these products.

So, are you ready to see what Toyota has in stores for your hunky vehicle? We bet you are!


Best Tonneau Cover for Chevy Silverado

The Gator Recoil Retractable truck bed cover is seemingly the best in the market for various reasons but most significantly for its special protection.

Safeguarding your precious vehicle while remaining versatile and an easy installation process makes it stand out in the crowd. As you cruise around regularly, the added security in this piece indeed overshadows its contemporaries. Users also love its long-lasting and retractable features.

Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Cover Reviews: Top 10 Choices

It might not seem like a huge deal. However, you will feel the real pressure once you start looking for the best hard covers. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and you might as well end up with the wrong product ultimately if you don’t have proper prior knowledge on the matter.

Moreover, it’s pretty generic for both amateurs and professionals to get quite overwhelmed since there are many options and choosing the best investment is nerve-wracking. So, what to do?

Worry not; we have put enormous hours of research into this review. So, you can put all your trust in it and skim through it to find your perfect match. Honestly, choosing the best hard cover needs extensive knowledge; good thing we’re filled with it and want to share.

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So, let’s take a deeper dive and see what these Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews have for you.


1. Best Choice: Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover

If we had to describe this tonneau cover in a word, we’d say it’s beautiful. The classic yet modern style on this is built with grade-A aluminum material and has an exquisite black exterior. It has a matte finish with flush mounts adorning the cover and truck, which enhances the overall look and appeal of the truck.

Moreover, most of the premium products used in making this tonneau cover go into making it highly safe and protected. The ultra-flex comes with an LED rail light which optimizes visibility for the entire perimeter for drivers and ensures 100% protection of the tailgate and cargo.

Last but not the least, the driver can secure the truck in three positions, fully opened, partially closed, and closed. Simply fold and prop them on the rods to your needs.


  • It fits a 5’7” or 6’4” bed
  • Comes with heavy-duty aluminum panels
  • The carpeted under-panel provide top-notch cargo security
  • You can cover the trunk in three positions


  • Made with extremely sturdy materials
  • Users love the versatility of switching it between three positions as needed
  • Gives enhanced mileage
  • Relatively easier to install


  • Even though the installation is easy, the instructions need to be clearer
  • Directions for the specific make and model should be better

So, the deal this UnderCover Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews is that it’s for users who crave versatility. Not many tonneau covers will provide three positions on the market. Moreover, it’s our best choice due to its overall top-tier functionality and flexible features.


2. Best Value: Tyger Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Most of the magnificence of this Tyger T5 model comes from its construction. Did you know that this product is made with aircraft-grade alloy aluminum? Yes – wow!

To think that this piece wouldn’t be durable, and sturdy is a mistake. Thanks to the PC polymers, it features a honeycomb design, providing absolute protection. It’s a heavy-duty piece with tough glass-filled nylons, stainless steel, and aluminum structures.

The critical element in this piece, besides its high value, is its straightforward, no-hassle installation. The cover comes pre-installed. Thus, you don’t need a drill. All you have to do is use the quick-release clamp to stick it in place to secure the cargo.


  • Comes in 5.5ft with a folding style
  • The exterior is powder coated
  • Made with aluminum material and is US design patented
  • Fit the truck with a deck rail system only


  • Comes pre-assembled and only require quick-release clamp installation
  • Provides high value compared to price point
  • It’s weather resistant
  • The mix of fiberglass, aluminum and stainless-steel construction makes it highly durable


  • The bed cover’s edge might not cover the truck adequately sometimes
  • Some users think that the outlook is too shiny

Looking for the best value deal? The Tyger Auto T5 will not disappoint. It has a solid build and has no hassle with the installation. So, why look elsewhere?


3. Premium Pick: BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Throughout our Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews, you will gradually realize why this BAK product is a superhero. If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, you can get this model with a hard folding cover. And as if that wasn’t enough, the hardcover is also tested for high flexibility and protection.

It comes with a tailgate fit that enables your cargo to be safe and resistant to water and guards against theft. Most of the durability of this product also comes from the aluminum panels, which are scratch and UV resistant.

So, the extreme weather condition is the last thing you need to worry about now. Users also love the no-fuss prop rods, which enable the cover to sit upright.


  • Comes in a premium matte finish with polished, painted and chrome exterior
  • Locks in the tailgate
  • Cover can be fully or partially closed


  • Can be secured in the upright position with prop rods
  • Aluminum panels can withstand extreme weather or external conditions
  • Due to the buckles and folds, it has a relatively convenient design
  • Aluminum panels are scratch and UV resistant


  • It’s not budget friendly
  • Poor quality control

You can trust this piece blindly if you’re one for the premium picks. This tested product is an all-rounder and delivers according to its high price point.


4. Worth the Money: Undercover Flex Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover | FX21019

There’s no other way around the fact that this Undercover tonneau cover is exceptionally tailored and manufactured. From the sturdy and rigid aluminum side railings, folding panels, and gaskets to the easy-to-use latches and mechanisms, the top-class features in this model are never ending.

And here’s the kicker, even if you put your truck through rigorous, high pressure automatic car washes, the waterproof shield will provide complete protection to your bed and cargo.

To be honest, this masterpiece is almost nearly perfect. And if you match its worth with the price point, you’ll understand that it’s all worth it.


  • Comes in sizes 5’7”, 6’7” and 8’1” bed
  • Folding style cover
  • Has a glossy finish and smooth exterior
  • Made with aluminum and tailgate lock type


  • Has high weatherproof capacities
  • The construction is top-tier and extremely sturdy
  • Easy to install in under 20 minutes
  • Exceptional rigid mechanism and quality


  • The side bed rails don’t fully extend leaving a 1-inch gap
  • Weather strip might need replacement

It may not be cheap, but it surely ranks top on our chart. Get this if you require high protection, top-notch quality materials, and an ever-lasting protector for your car.

Moreover, if the high price point isn’t an issue for you, you’ll be delighted to realize that this product delivers beyond basic expectations.


5. Best Quality Tonneau Cover: oEdRo Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Looking for the best quality tonneau cover? Well, your search is finally over. Let’s see why that is.

Now, the Oedro tri-fold comes with high compatibility that can seamlessly assist cars from 2014-18. And the main focal point and attraction of this piece have to be the unique light bar that can switch between various modes so you can experience increased safety during rides.

Moreover, the rigid plate is snow, UV, and water-resistant, which goes hand in hand with the robust aluminum clamps and frames that provide unshakable stability.

Another reason why we’ve named it the best quality tonneau cover is because you don’t have to be an integral part of the installation. You don’t need to drill or cut into the material as it comes with a 7-way harness and factory socket, making installation easy.


  • Comes in 5.8ft and 6.6ft sizes
  • Comes in 6 different folding types
  • The exterior is painted
  • Has a hard tri-fold with lights and lock type tailgate
  • Made with aluminum


  • The honeycombs aluminum plates provides a robust and tough exterior
  • Comes with a super easy installation process
  • Compatible with five 7-way trailers
  • The lights have four modes


  • None

The best quality tonneau cover is right here. It has gained such fame because of its absolute protection in the tailgate locks, 100% snow, water, and dustproof technology, and unmatchable construction. If you need a heavy-duty cover, there is no need to look further.


6. Low Profile Tonneau Cover: Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

We get it; you’ve been dying to look into some good quality low profile tonneau covers. Don’t worry; we’ve got you!

Now, this Gator cover doesn’t just have an exemplary low profile design; it’s also one of the most rigid truck beds we’ve ever seen. The EFX comes with heavy-duty aluminum panels, which can lock automatically if closed to emphasize high protection. Moreover, the panels have a sleek black powder coat finish with UV, water, and scratch-resistant properties.

The cover is straightforward to install in under 30 minutes without drilling or cutting. The EFX has also gained most of its charm due to its stylish outlook and flushed design.


  • It can fit 2015 – 2020 fords with a 5’7” bed
  • It’s made with aluminum materials
  • Comes with a lock in the tailgate
  • Low profile tonneau cover and design


  • Quick and easy installation process without any need to cut or drill
  • Easy to remove, fold and access
  • Improves mileage of truck
  • Can withstand carwashes and even thunderstorms


  • Rubber material around the edges can’t withstand hot temperatures
  • Can’t be secured vertically

One user and fan of this low profile tonneau cover said that ‘it’s overall a great product with great price and no regrets’. So, if you require a protective cover with straightforward installation, low profile design and prolonged warranty – this is it!


7. Best Tonneau Cover for Snow: Kikito Professional Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Whether it’s heavy snowfall or impacts from heavy objects – trust us when we say that this Kikito best tonneau cover for snow can endure it all.

The professional-grade cover comes in an exquisite honeycomb structure, and FRP panels that can resist and absorb even the heaviest blows to the cargo. So, never again will you have to worry about theft or unsafe and prying eyes on your truck or cargo.

Most of the remarkable qualities in this bad boy come from its efficient control and protection against dust, dirt, snow, and to be fair, harsh weather.

Last but not the least, it’s a charmer because it’s lightweight, thus permitting users to reinstall or remove it whenever necessary with ease. The installation is super simple and requires no drilling either.


  • Comes in three colors/styles
  • Fits 2016-2021 and 2005-2015
  • Has a waterdrop black exterior
  • Made with plastic materials, honeycomb structure and FRP panels


  • Best tonneau cover for snow and harsh weather conditions
  • The construction is heavily durable and sturdy
  • Improves mileage of the vehicle
  • Provides high value for money


  • The instruction for installation isn’t clear
  • Latching system could be better to stop leakage

Kikito seems to be the best tonneau cover for snow in our entire review. Now, if you’re someone who resides in a chilly region and can’t seem to find the correct fit, you can put all your trust in this masterpiece!


8. Hard Truck Bed Covers: Mostplus Tonneau Cover

Frustrated with your quest to find the best hard truck bed covers? Don’t fret. Here’s a game-changer for you.

The Mostplus truck hardcover some with all-inclusive harnesses and easy installation procedures. To make things even easier for first and expert users, it requires no drilling or modification on your part. The built-in LED lights will grab your attention firsthand as it’s very eye-catchy yet, useful while driving.

Moreover, the tri-fold cover comes with a 14mm heavy-duty sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame, ensuring stability, protection, and unparalleled security. You will notice that the design has two horizontal crossbars added for even further safety.

Here’s another kicker with this deal; you can simply clean this piece with a standard water and soap mix. But, don’t worry, there’s no aftermath to this as it’s wholly UV and water-resistant.


  • Comes in sizes 5.5ft and 6.5ft
  • Has three styles of folds
  • Made with grade-A aluminum materials
  • Compatible with 2004 to 2008 fords


  • Best hard truck bed covers for heavy-duty cargo protection
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Very easy to install, doesn’t require extra hands or equipment
  • Increase truck’s mileage


  • Cover won’t stay down on all the corners thus; it isn’t 100% weatherproof
  • Width is a bit narrow

Your search for the best hard truck bed covers has come to an end with this Mostplus edition, especially, if you require high quality material construction, easy modification and a tonneau that can complement over 5 ford models.


9. Best Tonneau Cover For Fuel Economy: DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-042 Truck Bed Top Hard Solid Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The DNA hard trifold’s upgraded fit can complement a wide array of models starting from 2004 to 2012. But wait, is that all that makes this the best tonneau cover for fuel economy? Nope, there’s more.

First off, the best feature has to be its capacity to save gas and increase speed. It does so through improved truck aerodynamics, which enhances the speed, and the covered bed benefits users by saving gas too.

Moreover, the design comes with a lock strap which keeps cargo safe even while driving or in the folded-up position. Another benefit of this DNA cover is its durable aluminum coating, which gives the overall frame and clamps immense strength.

Additionally, the UV protection and double PVC layers provide the cover with an unshakable strength.


  • Comes with a folding style
  • The exterior has a bullfrog bump design and texture
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum
  • Compatible with 04-12 Tacomas


  • Best tonneau cover for fuel economy, saving gas and increased speed
  • Easy installation with clamps
  • Comes with adjustable tension so you get the best fit
  • The aluminum structure and frames are extremely durable and stable


  • Difficult to find replacement parts
  • Hardware isn’t best quality

If you’re a conscious user of fuel and gas, don’t overlook this best tonneau cover for fuel economy which poses lower emission thus, conserving more with an added bonus of increased speed!


10. Soft Tri Fold Tonneau Cover: Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover

Our final product will hit the bull’s eye if you’re craving the best soft tri fold tonneau cover with solid construction and high protection.

Such extensive abilities in this cover come from the grade-A stainless steel, aluminum frames with aircraft-grade, and vinyl with marine-grade durability. But, don’t worry, even with such unmatchable properties in the materials, the installations are quick due to the stainless steel clamps.

The design also has pre-assembled crossbars set horizontally to support and fold conveniently as required. Lastly, since you don’t need any mechanical support or extra hands, the installation occurs in a blink and without stress.


  • Comes in three different sizes of bed
  • Users can get it in three varying folding styles
  • The exterior has a dual coat of vinyl
  • Built with stainless steel, aluminum and vinyl


  • The quality of materials and overall construction is exemplary
  • Improves mileage of vehicle
  • Best soft tri fold tonneau cover for easy installation
  • Weatherproof and has a sharp exterior


  • The latching system could’ve been better
  • Flaps during heavy winds

Safe to say that this soft tri fold tonneau cover has one of the most rigid and toughest construction. If you want surety in the construction and built, this creation will win you over in no time.


Buyers Guide of Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Cover

These Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews will benefit you limitlessly if you look into our buying guide and know how to attain the best quality tonneau covers.

Moreover, this knowledge that can give you a thorough insight about the manufacturer, appeal of the product, quality of the materials, functionality, and more. There’s simply no other alternative that can give you such intricate benefits.

Thus, this could be your one shot at protecting your beloved car. So, let’s see how you can save this investment.

Why Do You Need a Truck Bed Cover?

Why Do You Need a Truck Bed Cover;

The benefits of a hard tonneau cover are abundant. But some of the stand-out features that hard tonneau covers hold is how they can save users from damaged or lost cargo, theft, and lower gas mileage.

Additionally, tonneau covers work diligently to protect the bed of the users’ trucks and prohibit severe damages that could lead to more repairs and basically higher costs. It’s better to keep your vehicle protected rather than endure frequent repairs and resells, right?

How to Choose a Hard Bed Cover for Your Toyota Tacoma?

There’s no doubt that you must look into a few specific factors before purchasing a bed cover for your Toyota Tacoma. But, the question remains of how you can identify these. It all boils down to compatibility, quality, and features. Let’s dive in to get the complete picture.

  • Compatibility

    Tonneau covers have specific designs that can tailor to the critical needs of your truck. With that being said, it’s clear that the first component you need to look into is the fit of the truck with the bed cover.

  • Material

    Tonneau hard covers come in various materials. But, most importantly, some of these have disadvantages too. An ideal tonneau cover can be suitable for security and driving too. If you want to go for a full-fledged stunning look and appeal, it would be less hassle to clean and install them. On the contrary, if you go for aluminum covers, you will get higher sturdiness, but they’re also prone to dents easily.

  • Brand

    Some brands are superior to others due to higher consistency and trustworthiness. These go-to brands make the highest quality products in various price ranges; thus, always look for renowned ones.

  • Installation

    It goes without saying that some of these tonneau covers are pretty difficult to install while others aren’t. Did you know that certain tonneau covers won’t just require a few extra hands but also a forklift? Well, retractable and roll-up tonneau covers might require such extensive labor. Thus, before purchasing a cover, you must look into how much effort goes into the installation.

What to Know Before Purchasing a Tonneau Cover for Your Toyota Tacoma

What to Know Before Purchasing a Tonneau Cover for Your Toyota Tacoma;

Now, you can’t purchase the first tonneau hardcover that you see right off the bat, can you? So, here are a few factors that you must not avoid knowing before the purchase.

  • Climate

So, it’s true that tonneau hardcovers will protect your truck through thick and thin. However, these incredible pieces have a few limitations of their own. Some hardcovers perform exemplarily even in the harshest weather while others don’t.

Your job would now be to look to your region’s climate and match it with the hardcover you’re eyeing. If your region is dry, a compatible option may be aluminum. At the same time, you might want to get ahold of a plastic or fiberglass hardcover for wetter areas.

  • Budget

Last but not least, we have to clarify elements about the price point. It’s unnecessary to think that an expensive hard cover will serve you best.
As we’ve seen already, many more factors go into this decision. However, this doesn’t mean you should grab the cheapest alternative either.

Simply get yourself the right fit and match the features with your requirements and budget limits.

What Should I Avoid When Shopping for a Tonneau Cover?

The first and significant mistake you could make before shopping for a tonneau is not to research appropriately and acquire proper knowledge of the product’s types, quality, material, and compatibility. Many questions like do you need a soft or hard cover can be answered through this research. Here are a few more tips for hitting the bullseye.

  • Don’t purchase the most expensive or cheapest option without understanding their features.
  • Look into their compatibility and match it with your vehicle.
  • Don’t purchase a hard cover without considering the weather condition of your state.

Types of Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Bed Covers

Types of Toyota Tacoma Hard Tonneau Bed Covers

If you didn’t know it already, there are several kinds of tonneau hard covers. And to learn more about the products, you must take a gander at the types first.

  • Toyota Tacoma Trifold Tonneau Covers

    Tri-fold tonneau hard covers have a design that enables the product to cover only the front third of the truck. They need to be removed entirely to access the bed.

  • Toyota Tacoma Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

    Fiberglass tonneau hard covers come with a hinged design and require installation via a forklift or a few people. Some of these are easy to remove, while others aren’t.

  • Toyota Tacoma Factory Hard Tonneau Cover

    Factory hard tonneau covers such as polypropylene, aluminum, or fiberglass have the most rigid construction; thus, they can diligently protect your cargo; however, they cost more.

  • Toyota Tacoma Bed Cover with Lock

    Bed covers with a cover lock are the most protected piece on the market. These anti-theft designs can lock the tailgate in place and open it when it’s in an upright position.

  • Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover

    The hard tri-fold tonneau is made with the toughest and most durable materials, enhancing its rigidity and framing, unlike the soft tri-folds. These types of tonneaus weigh and cost more. However, they gain the highest praise for their rugged features.

  • Toyota Tacoma Weathertech Alloy Cover

    As the name suggests, weathertech tonneaus provide the highest shield against the harshest weather. Additionally, these are lightweight with a low foldable profile.

How Do Tonneau Covers Work

The primary function of any tonneau cover is to shield your truck’s bed and its cargo, keeping them secure and out of public eyes. Once the installation is complete, you can take them out or roll them up according to the type of tonneau you own.

How Waterproof Are Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers keep water out of the integral parts of the truck 98 to 99% of the time. Tonneaus can keep trucks dry most of the time with decent coverage and sealant; however, the water could seep through the edges with most tonneaus.

Toyota Tacoma Hard tonneau Cover Parts & OEM

The parts of these Tacoma tonneaus differ from one model to another. However, the best part of it all is that some of these spare parts are readily available. The parts a top the cover also differ based on if it’s a one or foldable piece.

Moreover, the OEM might vary based on the color and features of the replacements. The color of the substitutes could fade a bit, and there could be leaks from the corners.

How To Install a Hard Bed Cover on a Toyota Tacoma

How To Install a Hard Bed Cover on a Toyota Tacoma

Here’s how you can replace or install your brand new tonneau.

  1. Install the gaskets on the driver and passenger sides of the truck.
  2. Take out the plastic covers from the rails and slide them into the mounting slots.
  3. Bolt in the rail and align it with the bolts and tighten them.
  4. Now slide in the carriage bolt on the tonneau cover.
  5. Lastly, set the cover atop the truck, clamp the four clamps and keep unfolding and click it in place until the entire truck is covered.
  6. Close the tailgate, and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What Are Some Well Known Tonneau Cover Brands?/does Toyota Make Tonneau Covers?

A) Some of the best Toyota tonneau covers are the ultra-flex, tyger tri-fold, undercover flex tri-fold, and bakflip mx4 for their unique features and best value. Toyota’s go-to editions of Tacomas have been on the run since 1995.

Q2. Is a Hard Tonneau Cover Worth It?

A) Tonneau covers are worth the investment as they can shield the truck during snow, rainfall, dust, and debris.

Q3. How Do You Remove the Tonneau Cover on a Toyota Tundra?

A) To remove the tonneau cover, set the loose endings of the strut and raise the rear of the cover at an approximation of 30 degrees angle. Pull the tonneau cover, release it and gently take it off the truck.

Q4. Does a Hard Tonneau Cover Improve Gas Mileage?

A) Tonneau covers have an aerodynamic design which generates lower air drag thus, your vehicle's gas mileage increases by around 5%.

Q5. How Much Does a Hard Tonneau Cover Cost and Repair Cost?

A) The tonneau covers cost around $200 to $1000, whereas prices to fix these may vary significantly.

Q6. What Is a Hard Bed Cover for Toyota Tacoma?

A) The Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau covers are one-piece and foldable tough covers that fit on Toyota Tacoma hard beds and have specialized features for protection.

Q7. How Long Does A Tonneau Cover Last?

A) Tonneau covers can last around 10 years but it also depends on quality, maintenance and installation.

Q8. Will a Tonneau Cover Keep Water Out of My Truck Bed?/can I Go Through a Car Wash with a Tonneau Cover?

A) The covers are weather resistant. However, they can't provide complete protection against moisture. Some moisture is definite to seep through and damage the trucks a bit. Moreover, softer tonneau covers can't withstand automatic car washes either. Whereas, some of the hard covers can withstand well against automatic car washes.

Word On The Trail

Phew, now that’s a wrap on our satisfying Toyota Tacoma hard tonneau cover reviews. See, there are so many factors to consider when you look into truck bed covers. Heck, there’s so much to look into before purchasing the truck itself, so why lag on the aftercare, right?

However, two factors that you must never compromise on are the quality of the construction and safety benefits. Other than that, you must obviously, comprehend and keep in mind your budget limitations for these products.

Luckily the Toyota Tacoma range has a wide array of extended lines and products which can serve multiple needs and various budgets. All you have to do now is match it with your needs, rock the new addition and drive safe!

About the author

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So you can get the best experience! Happy reading.

About The Author

Michael H. Smith

Michael H. Smith

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So that our reader, can focus solely on buying best gadgets for their automobile and get the best products reviews and guide experience!

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