How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Cost

How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Cost [Pricing and Other Related Informations]

Skateboarding is one of the coolest sports to utilize your creative mind. Even if you are a learner skateboarder, the practice session is an enjoyable one if you do it by heart. But do you know how much does a complete skateboard cost? Well, today we are going to talk about the pricing and other related information as well.

When planning on skateboarding for the first time, you should know how to pick your first skateboard. While you shouldn’t spend much on your practice board as it will wear down sooner or later, any cheap wooden skateboard wouldn’t be ideal for you as well. Hence, knowing your purpose and budget is equally important. 

How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Cost?

The cost of a skateboard depends on many different factors. If you explore and find some good deals, you can easily save a decent amount of money. Generally, based on the quality and specifications, a conventional skateboard can cost you $70-$150. If you want a branded skateboard set without minding the money, the market is filled with them. 


Generally, based on the quality and specifications, a conventional skateboard can cost you $70-$150.


Is Skateboarding Expensive?

Is Skateboarding Expensive

Apparently, the highest skateboard price is around $20,000! If you choose smartly, you can find a suitable one that agrees with your budget. For example, you can purchase a blank board instead of a printed one as the quality of both is the same. Or you can build a skateboard yourself using a minimal amount.

How To Build Your Own Skateboard?

You already have gotten the pricing idea about a pre-assembled skateboard with all the necessary parts. You can set a budget for yourself and find one following the skateboard setup guide. But if you are to build one on your own, you might be thinking about how much it costs to make a skateboard?

How to Build Your Own Skateboard

Building a skateboard yourself may sound a bit difficult for you, but you can customize the board however you want. It means you can make the board according to your ideas, comfort, and designs. You need to pick the parts separately and put them together to give it a final form.

For a customized one, you can always choose the best quality parts for the best performance. However, purchasing all the parts separately can cost you more than a pre-assembled skateboard. But if you want quality and durability, a custom-built board will serve you for a long time. As for the budget, you can build one for less than $70.

  • Skateboard Deck

    Deck price of a skateboard can be more or less $50 in most cases. You can also get a cheap one for $25-$30. While you will find numerous skateboard brands these days, a handful of them sells the decks separately. You can choose from plain ones to designed ones. The material, dimension, design, building technology, etc., play a significant role in fixing the price.

    Skateboard deck

    If you want to know how to build a skateboard deck yourself, sanding the board is the main step. The rest of the process is pretty easy to follow. After finishing the product, you can keep it blank or design it yourself.

  • Skateboard Trucks

    Trucks of your skateboard are crucial and should be chosen with care. Trucks are pretty expensive due to their best-quality standard. If you want to buy cheaper ones, you can get them for around $25. But they will break sooner rather than later for sure. Hence, it is better for you to opt-out for a reliable brand for the best trucks.

    Skateboard Trucks

    This shall cost you about $30-$35, which is not much considering the quality performance you will get. Because once the trucks of your board start wearing out, the skateboard will lose its efficiency as well. Knowing how to set up a skateboard trucks will make the making process easier and shorter.

  • Skateboard Wheels

    The wheels of a skateboard determine how speedy and balanced your ride will be. For quality yet affordable wheels, you have to spend at least $20. However, the price can be different due to the polyurethane quality of the wheels. If you want the best quality wheels for your custom board, spending around $50 would be sufficient.

    best quality wheels Skateboard Wheels
    Cheaper wheels are better for a beginner’s practice as they can be used for six months easily. You can use them for street boarding, cruising, transitions, as well. But if you are planning to make a skateboard for different tricks and techniques, try to purchase the best quality wheels.

  • Skateboard Bearings

    The cost of the skateboard bearings can be from $15 to $200. As for the quality, you can buy the low-cost ones without any worry. These bearings are durable and may last longer with proper maintenance. It means you are actually getting a decent quality part for a considerably cheap value. Make sure to clean and lube them to get the best result.

    Skateboard Bearings
    Always keep them in a dry place and away from damp. Thus, you can use the bearings for up to five years.

  • Others

    To give your skateboard a complete form, you will need extra hardware like bolts, grip tape, spacers, etc. It would be best if you had bolts to attach the trucks to the deck, which will take around $3. Spacers will protect the bearings from friction and dirt and will cost you probably $2. 

Factors Concerning Skateboard Costs

The price of a skateboard is affected mainly by its type, but some other factors are also included.

  • Brand

    The reputation of a brand plays a significant role in deciding the price tag. The Skateboard price of the most famous skateboard brand is going to be higher than the lesser-known ones. Most of these expensive boards also are of better quality. However, it would be best if you didn’t blindly rely on the brand name. Check the material quality and other features before choosing your pick.

  • Type

    Skateboards can be of different types, with each of these types having individual characteristics. These features affect the functionality of the board, which is pretty standard. Hence, you have to choose your skateboard depending on your skillset and purpose.

    If you are to compete in a tournament, you would need a professional skateboard. It means you have to increase your budget more than the regular ones.

  • Quality

    Buying a pricey skateboard doesn’t mean it will be the best. In fact, you can spend a few bucks on cheaper ones yet with standard features, enough to serve your purpose. However, if you want a good quality skateboard with a brand value, there are plenty of them available in the market worth every penny. So, you have to think wisely about your investment potential.

  • Buying Location

    While it may sound unexpected to you, the place of your purchase also can affect the price of the skateboard. You can buy a skateboard protective gear set at a moderate price at your local store, and at the same time, you can get the same product in a posh shop at a higher price. 

Hidden Expenses Of Skateboarding

One thing you have to keep in mind, it’s not only the skateboard that costs you money. Several other expenses will be added later following your purchase. The skate shoes can wear off quickly on the new grip tape.

For indoor skating, you have to pay an entry fee every time. Then you have to buy or replace protective gear, skating clothes, etc. However, skateboarding is definitely cheaper than most sports out there.

  • Skatepark Fees

    While most outdoor skateparks don’t cost any charge, some of them may require you to pay an entrance fee. The indoor parks may cost you 5-10 bucks for a visit. In summer, it might not matter. But in winter, you would want to visit an indoor park for a better environment. The objects of such skateparks are usually wooden to make your skateboarding convenient.

  • Skateboarding Shoes

    Well, now let’s talk about the shoes, which have to be bought carefully. You can purchase inexpensive ones, but make sure they are classic suede shoes. Suede can last longer than the canvas ones. Besides, they can endure wear and tear from the grip tape. You can buy canvas shoes if you intend to only cruise with your board.

    Skateboarding Shoes
    You can wear skating shoes for six months based on your using frequency and skateboarding level. If you skate on a daily basis, you have to buy new shoes every few months. They will last for a year. If you only skate bowl, transition, or mini ramp. The more you perform kickflip, ollie, or another trick, the faster your shoes will wear down.

  • Protective Gear

    In skateboarding, protective gears are essential when you come to think about safety. While it may be skating protective equipment for adults or skating protective gear for a child, all of them include the same things of different sizes and fittings. You can at least get the best electric skateboard helmet to make sure your head is harm-free from any fall.

    Skateboard Protective Gear
    Wearing a helmet can prevent any severe skull injuries. A helmet may cost you around $40-$50. Knee pads are the next safety equipment you should invest in. Standard knee pads will require 100 bucks if you are looking for the best quality. You can use it for a long time hence the amount is worthwhile.

    Moreover, it will save you the doctor’s bill that can cost you much more than this one-time investment. You can buy elbow pads for $30 and wrist guards for $25. These are not mandatory but definitely ensures better safety for you. 

How Long Do Skateboards Last?

Like everything else, skateboards are disposable as well. A skateboard deck can last from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on many factors like the board quality, places of rides, usage frequency, etc. Some users may use a skateboard for many years, whereas some users may break their skateboards within a few days.

Parts of skateboards can be expensive based on their functions and availability. Hence, you have to maintain your board for better durability. But you can not control everything. You may be performing a simple ollie and unfortunate events that damage your board. There is no way to determine how long your skateboard will serve you.

The chances of breaking the skateboard heighten if you are using it on down drops or downstairs. The decks of skateboards are made in a way so they can withstand this type of incident. But it all depends on how frequently you are skating, your level, or how often you are cleaning the parts.


Usually, the bearings, wheels, and trucks can last years without any replacement.


But once they are used up, you have to change them immediately. A lot of grinding on ledges or rugged curbs can decrease the truck’s efficiency. Riding your skateboard in the wet area can cause rust on bearings. Skating on the rough ground or doing power slides can quickly exhaust the wheels. 

Is it Okay to Purchase A Used Skateboard?

Buying a used skateboard should be decided by comparing some facts and scenarios. If you are just starting on skateboarding and want to learn the basics, you shouldn’t spend a lot on your first skateboard. In reality, your practice skateboard is going to break sooner than later. But a cheap skateboard may not be of acceptable quality and endure the pressure.

Is it Okay to Purchase A Used Skateboard

Hence, you can always get a used skateboard at the beginning. Many skateboarders put their quality boards on sale after some months of usage, and those boards can be an excellent option for a beginner skateboarder. You get to have a good skateboard without spending extra cash! A decent used board can cost you around $80.

This is a pretty decent investment as you need to know if you are cut out for skateboarding or not. The secondhand skateboard will save you money and help you to learn the basic moves. Once you get accustomed to it, you can try different tricks and techniques on the board. Later you can purchase a new one to start your skateboarding career officially.

However, you should test the skateboard before purchasing it. You might have to change parts like wheels, bearings, or tinker here and there to make the board fresh. 

How to Maintain Your Skateboard?

Your skateboard can start declining if you don’t maintain it properly. To make sure your skateboard can perform the best, you can follow some simple tips to take good care of it.

How to Maintain Your Skateboard

  • Keep your skateboard in a particular place. Most riders do not keep their skateboard in a specific storage place, which is vital to maintain the board quality. A skateboard is better kept away from cold, heat, and moisture. Putting it anywhere can cause someone to trample or damage the board by accident. Hence, always keep it in a dry spot.
  • Try not to go skateboarding in rainy weather or a watery area. Water can damage the wooden part of the board and cause rust on the bearings as well. The deck gets soggy by absorbing water, which ultimately results in the board losing its bounciness. Not to mention the possible risk you will be exposed to.
  • It would be best if you inspected the hardware of the board every now and then. The bolts and nuts are supposed to keep the truck and deck attached. The nuts on the wheels and kingpins should be tight enough to keep the board glued together.
  • Pro Tips:

    Avoid riding on glass. If you skateboard on broken glass, it can damage the PU wheels. This will make your riding uncomfortable.

  • Try to choose warm weather to skateboard. Snow or rain should be avoided as water damages the board in many ways. Sunny weather, on the other hand, will keep your body and mind fresh as well.
  • Remember to clean the bard every now and then. No matter how perfect or sturdy your skateboard is, cleaning is mandatory for each one. Keeping the trucks, bearings, and wheels clean from dirt will significantly enhance the lifespan of the tool.
  • Often parts of a skateboard tend to deteriorate or wear down due to pressure or dirt. This can affect the stability and performance of the board while riding. However, you don’t have to change your board every time it gives you trouble. Instead of buying a brand-new skateboard, you can always replace the skateboard’s specific part whenever you need them. 

Final Words

Riding your skateboard on a busy street or sidewalk is a fun and thrilling time. Just grab your regular or electric skateboard and use it to exhibit your moves! This means you will need the best skateboard for tricks and cruising. However, it would be best if you also had an idea of how much does a complete skateboard costs.

Thus, you will be updated about the market rate and won’t pay extra when someone tries to overcharge you. And if you are confident enough, you can also build a skateboard yourself if necessary. Just make sure you have the proper protective gear and follow the skateboarding laws, and you are good to go!

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