Best Steering Wheel Knob

Best Steering Wheel Knob: Our Favorite Top 10

The rumors are true; there are laws regarding the usage of steering wheel knobs. But, hear me out first. These rules don’t apply to all individuals and all states. So, before you get ahead of yourself and avert from this handy tool, let me tell you why owning the best steering wheel knob can enhance your quality of life.

I’ve drowned painstaking hours and a number of days in researching spinners with the highest safety, maneuverability, and control features. Luckily, I found a hit-list of my favorite top-10.

But here’s the best part, once you skim through this article and each of the items’ pros and cons, you will get the complete picture of why steering wheel knobs are a must-have. But, before jumping on the bandwagon, don’t miss out on our buying guide to comprehend who needs these tools, what benefits they have, and more!

Best Vehicle Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Meet the Top Life Steering Wheel Spinner Knob, which answers all your prayers. This knob has set new standards for its competitors with its versatile usability, enhanced control, and heightened safety measures. Furthermore, these are the best steering wheel knob for those who drive regularly. Its driving aid brings pleasure to all users in need, so slacking on this model would be a huge mistake!

Best Steering Wheel Knob: Our Favorite Top 10

If you’re still skeptical about our review, let’s clear the fluff. I haven’t spent days researching this brilliant tool for nothing. So, keep reading to understand what makes these ten spinners stand out.

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Let’s go for the detailed reviews…

1. Best Choice: Top Life Steering Wheel Spinner Knob


  • The knob weighs 5.9-ounces with dimensions of 2.91 x 2.87 x 2.68-inches
  • Its compatible with all kinds of steering wheels
  • Comes with a circumference between 3.46 and 4.53 inches

Key Features:

  • Come with fluid bearings for high comfort and pleasurable drives
  • Enhanced security due to zero mechanical slack
  • The screw attachments are expandable; thus, long-lasting
  • The large pommel ensure brilliant grip

Summary Review:

If your driving experience has been significantly painful, you’ll love our best choice. This suicide knob lets you maneuver and park safely no matter where you’re cruising. It’s ideal for regular drivers. This best steering wheel knob lets you switch between different car models and steering wheels.

Besides being highly compatible and versatile, these knobs are incredibly safe, too, with high control, precision, and zero mechanical slacks. So, good that you won’t believe it until you hold it!

Reasons To Buy

  • Clamps perfectly without any shims
  • Provides high value for money paid
  • Extremely stylish design that fits all interiors
  • Compatible with any kind of vehicle and steering wheel
  • Ergonomic shape, easy maneuvers, safe and controlled precision

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Might not fit well if you have a wheel cover protection
  • Some users think the size is a bit too large


2. Best Value: Deluxe Steering Knob


  • It comes in an exquisite, all-black color
  • The vehicle service types consists of personal watercraft, street bike, UTV and ATV
  • It has a dimension of 2.7×1.4×5-inches and weighs 11.3-ounces

Key Features:

  • Extremely sturdy and durable construction
  • Provides the best value for the buck
  • Easy to install and under 2 minutes
  • Smooth operation and strong grip

Summary Review:

The name says it all. This piece is truly a deluxe item to get ahold of. This power spinner is another great fit if you’re looking for diversity.

It can serve around four vehicle types and provides effortless spinning for all. The best part is installing this knob in under 2 minutes maximum. Afterward, whether it’s a coat, tractor, mower, forklift, or car – it’s only smooth sailing!

The finish is exceptionally durable and sturdy, so rest assured, this is a long-term investment.

Reasons To Buy

  • Several sets of bolts to fit various wheel sizes
  • Comfortable rubber grip surrounding the knob
  • Robust clamp and smoothest operation
  • Affordable price

Reason Not To Buy

  • The rubber might not be long enough for all models, thus might need to be cut in half


3. Premium Pick: XL Driving Knob for Thick Steering Wheels


  • XL Driving Knob spinners come in three sizes and colors
  • This one’s in the style – classic
  • Has a black vinyl finish
  • The knob weighs 1-pound.

Key Features:

  • Can fit the width of all steering wheels
  • Extremely sturdy construction
  • Best recommended for heavy equipment and tractor trailer rigs

Summary Review:

These days, nice support for left-handed people is rarely found for car wheels. But, not anymore. The frame of this knob is made from pure steel; therefore, there’s no chance of breakage or flimsy grips. This spinner is exceptionally smooth, with its two concentric bearings and excellent design.

Even though it comes in a super affordable price range, the tightened grip, sturdy structure, and smooth handling make up for it. So, if you own a heavy equipment or vehicle that needs additional oomph – don’t delay with this purchase.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very easy to install on heavy equipment
  • Unbreakable, durable and sturdy construction
  • Smooth turning and mounts easily without damaging the wheel
  • Ergonomic shape relieves arm stress

Reason Not To Buy

  • Not recommended for all car models


4. Best Purchase: Hypersonic Car Power Handle Spinner Knob


  • It arrives in two color
  • Holds 2.17×2.2×2.17-inches dimensions, and weight 5.1-inches
  • It’s made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is compatible with all cars.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional grip especially for handicapped users
  • Installation under 2 minutes
  • Easy to install and steer during drives
  • Universal usage, fit for all cars

Summary Review:

For people who’re driving through their back, arm, and shoulder aches – you might finally have a solution to it. The hypersonic knob is well-known for relieving fatigue and pain.

The handle is made with plastic gaskets; thus, they’re very lightweight. However, the construction is highly durable and sturdy too. Moreover, the knob fits most cars and does so adequately. There are almost no gaps between the power handle and palm; therefore, average effort force is needed.

With its simple assembly, you’ll also get resistance reduction and easy handling while parking and crowded areas.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes rubber protection to increase friction and protection
  • Assembling is quick, and mounts tightly
  • Construction is pretty solid yet lightweight
  • Can be used in any car model and type

Reason Not To Buy

  • The padding might not be big enough for all car models to cover


5. Best for Single Hand Use: AutoMuko Silicone Power Steering Wheel Spinner Knob


  • Comes in a greyish black color
  • Its constructed with silicone material
  • The dimensions are 6.5x 3.86×2.36-inches and weighs 3.52-ounces

Key Features:

  • Best known for its adhesion
  • Extremely comfortable due to high ergonomics
  • Incredibly easy to install and use

Summary Review:

Universal compatibility in spinners is tough to get right. But, this best steering wheel knob will change your mind. The dynamic design of this sporty edition allows unparalleled support to users so they can safely and conveniently control the car. Its durability and long-lasting effects speak for themselves as the silicone and ABS material are here to stay and perfect for their unique sturdiness.

The three-step installation requires no tools; thus, it is super quick to accomplish. Simply, find the correct spot, pop it in, and it’s ready to use!

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes turns super slick with just the touch of the palm
  • Pops right in without any trouble while installing
  • The design allows the touch of the palm constantly and comfortably to enhance safety
  • Especially great for disabled people driving in tight spots

Reason Not To Buy

  • The silicone corner tends to break exposing the metal inside.


6. Best for Quality: Bl Silicon Black Platinum Knob


  • Constructed with metal, ABS and silicon
  • Comes in the color red
  • The diameter is 50mmxL150mm, weighs 7.7-ounces and has a dimension of 6.69×3.94×2.76-inches

Key Features:

  • The quality of the materials are top-notch, thus long-lasting
  • Comfortable to grip and turn
  • Quick to install

Summary Review:

Let’s get real; one-size-fits-all is a God-send, even if it’s about steering wheel knobs. This Bl silicone spinner is no different from that game. A user wrote that they ‘couldn’t recommend highly enough’ in its reviews.

Yes, it’s that good.

These standard spinners come on a budget and are easy to install, but their bearings make them even easier to maneuver. Furthermore, the red and black exterior makes the appeal oh-so-elegant and upgrades the overall car’s fashion. All you have to do is focus on the road; the knob will take care of the rest.

Reasons To Buy

  • Nice bearings that make turns easiest
  • The surface is textured and rubberized thus, provides precise friction, security and comfort
  • The red and black outlook is quite appealing
  • Comes with accompanying graphics to make installation quick and secured

Reasons Not To Buy

  • The directions for installations is written in Japanese solely
  • Some users had to add a rubber filler to make the fit snug


7. Best Fit: United Pacific Steering Wheel Spinner


  • This knob’s made from aluminum
  • It accompanies trucks with its specific fit
  • The dimension is 6.9×4.8×2.55-inches and weighs 9-ounces.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting build
  • Heightened precision control due to tall shaft design
  • Effectively reduces fatigue and effort with the ergonomic design
  • Tested and proven best for heavy equipment

Summary Review:

The best part about this tool is that its universal design comes with adjustable brackets that make every fit as easy as 1-2-3. Moreover, the effort put into building and testing this model is praise-worthy on its own.

Another noteworthy point about this handy device is its devotion towards minimizing arm fatigue and effort while driving. This heavy-duty metal-constructed knob is a dream come true for commercial truck and heavy equipment drivers. The ease they feel during turns, and general cruises are unmatched.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with 2 metal brackets for the perfect fit
  • Strong bolts and made with grade-A materials
  • Ball bearings make turns exceptionally smooth
  • Dedicated to decreasing fatigue and effort

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Needs longer bolts
  • Tends to cause permanent damage to some steering wheels


8. Best for Built Material: RoadPro RP-70100 Steering Wheel Knob


  • The RP-70100 comes with a 3/8-inch post, and 2 brackets
  • The dimension is 6.2×4.3×1.5-inches
  • It only weighs 7-ounces

Key Features:

  • Quite easy to mount on the wheels
  • Delivers enhanced comfort for all users
  • The build is solid and durable

Summary Review:

Are you looking for brilliant craftsmanship, solid design, and the toughest suicide knob the market has to offer? Look no further.

Whether you’re driving a bike, boat, dump truck, 10-wheeler, or even a semi tractor-trailer – you don’t need to invest in multiple pieces because this one can serve all. The knob itself is pretty indestructible and long-lasting because of the chunky, grade-A metal material. Here’s the best part though, these can survive extreme weather conditions and still perform consistently in all of them.

So, if you think you’ll need a replacement often – think again.

Reasons To Buy

  • Performs exceptionally with disabled and post-injury users
  • The material is heavy-duty and will serve users for a long period
  • Comfortable on the hand thus, spins smoothly
  • Perfect for RV and truck driving

Reason Not To Buy

  • The clamp is a bit too small


9. Best for Design: Fouring BL Power Steering Wheel Knob


  • This model has an all-black, shiny exterior
  • It has 3.54×2.56×3.15-inches dimensions
  • Very lightweight as its only 0.35-pounds

Key Features:

  • The exterior has an elegant style and appeal
  • Comfortable hold, turns noiselessly and easily
  • Exceptional performance during turns

Summary Review:

Usually, with many knobs, the fit is a mess. But count on this Fouring handle to be the opposite. With its built quality being a state-of-art itself, the clamp and bearing are crafted with high delicacy, outperforming the rest.

There are intricate humps and services on the model, which allows you to tighten the device effortlessly without destroying the wheel. The rubber shims are made with top-tier silicon, and the overall material construction is impeccable as well. Safe to say that the build of this piece elevates it amongst the rest.

But, that doesn’t mean that it’s turns and handling are any less charming either.

Reasons To Buy

  • The black and silver décor blends seamlessly with car’s design
  • Construction is seamless and top-notch
  • Makes turns feel like a breeze
  • Has spaces cut out so that the clamp fits perfectly

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Comes without instruction manuals
  • The low profile doesn’t give enough leverage for all users


10. Best for Easy Use: Type S Steering Wheel Spinner Knob


  • Type S comes in a universal fit
  • Has a black and silver finish
  • It weighs around 4-ounces and has a dimension of 7.4×4.2×2.5-inches

Key Features:

  • Free knob enable effortless steering
  • The clamp is heavy-duty but with a cushion fit for excellent comfort
  • Universal fit for most vehicles

Summary Review:

With steering knobs, you can’t compromise on safety, comfort, or the build. Luckily this Type S knob has hit all the right spots. The spinner allows effortless turns and maneuvers no matter which vehicle you’re driving.

Moreover, this best steering wheel knob can also sustain heavy usage without any signs of breakage. The mounting is neat and robust, thus delivering comfort while holding and turning the vehicles.

Moreover, the cushion insert hits the jackpot in comfort fit and hold. Lastly, it also comes with a detailed instruction manual, so installation effort and time are cut in half. So, what are you waiting for?

Reasons To Buy

  • Very easy to install and comes with installation instructions
  • High comfort due to the cushion inserts
  • Good investment because of the universal fit and durability
  • Enables easy turns and maneuvers

Reason Not To Buy

  • Slightly overpriced

The Buying Guide of Best Steering Wheel Knob

The market is filled with steering wheel knobs. So, it’s genuine to get confused and identify the best steering wheel knob among them all. Don’t fret; get excited because, in our guide, we will finally reveal to you how you can identify the best knobs.

Moreover, we will also give you detailed, preliminary post-purchase know-hows, so you know which basket to put your eggs in. Let’s get into it.

What Is a Steering Wheel Spinner For?

What is a steering wheel spinner

Steering wheel spinners are essential to modify the steering wheels by mounting a device to turn the wheels. This tool is attached directly to the steering wheel as a piece that can be grabbed by the driver’s hand to manipulate and spin wheels.

Why Buy a Steering Wheel Knob?

Other than the apparent benefits of steering wheel knobs, these can also improvise the drivers’ hand control; thus, enriching their quality of life by making each drive super smooth and easy. Since steering wheel knobs allow users to have quicker, easier access to turns, they require lower effort and strength but also provide maximum safety.

Why Buy a Steering Wheel Knob;

  • For Drivers with Disability –
    Even though some states don’t enable steering wheel knobs, these are a big hit for disabled users. Other health issues such as nerve damage, tendonitis, arthritis, and sclerosis may make driving challenging for individuals. Steering wheel knobs are a God-send for those who can’t provide much control and strength on the wheel.
  • One Arm Handling –
    It can get very challenging to drive a car single-handedly. Steering wheel knobs enables drivers to keep specific control and hold of the wheel even if they’re on tricky terrains. Larger knobs offer a greater surface to work with.
  • Confined Space Maneuvering –
    Let’s get real; it can be highly troublesome to fit through smaller lanes and spaces. However, steering wheel knobs outperform in these limited space drives. Since it acts as an extra assist, you face lower difficulty and feel confident while turning single-handed.
  • Backing Up –
    Sticking your arm through the wheel’s vacuum can be uncomfortable and might lead to slips. These can get trickier if you’re handling larger trucks. Knobs on wheels can guide you in these trying times.

Traditional Steering Wheel Knobs

Traditional Steering Wheel Knobs

Traditionally, steering wheel knobs come in oval or round shapes for better ergonomics. They’re meant to be held or gripped by the users’ hands; thus, the ball shape is preferable. However, some knobs also come in rectangular shapes, and those are easy to grip and pose similar features such as a joystick.

Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Spinners come in an array of material construction, starting from glass, plastic, and even stainless steel. These are all heavy-duty, high-quality materials. However, you must opt for the piece that you’re comfortable with.

For example, metal knobs could get hot if your car is parked out in the sun. Plastic material can be a tad bit uncomfortable, unlike others. Therefore, it’s a choice of mix and match. But, a few features that you shouldn’t compromise on are sturdiness, durability, and long-lasting capacities.

Best Position for a Steering Wheel Knob

Best position for a steering wheel knob

The best-known position to keep your steering wheel spinner at is off the center at the topmost part of the steering wheel. It must also be kept at an angle that’s more inclined towards your driving arm’s side. To be even more specific, you can rest the knob at the 10 o’clock position if you’re a left-handed driver but at the 2 o’clock resting state if you’re a right-handed driver.

Tips & Advice for Steering Wheel Knobs

Steering wheel knob users must be kept in tip-top shape. There are specific ways to maintain them. However, this section could also tell you how you can use them to acquire the highest benefits of wheel spinners.

Tips & Advice for Steering Wheel Knobs;

  1. You need to adjust your seat to a reasonable length so that you can reach your steering wheel appropriately. To be even more specific, both the seating adjustment and distance in between must allow you to take a complete 360-degree turn so that you don’t elbow yourself.
  2. Before jumping in on the main driver, practice utilizing these knobs in a secluded area or parking lot so that you can get some much-needed break-in time and get comfortable.
  3. After mounting the knob, give your car a test drive to ensure that the installation is tight enough and that it doesn’t fall off the wheel.
  4. Be extra careful while you select a spot while mounting the knob. If you place it too high at the top, you might bump your wrist while turning the car. Thus, putting them a bit on the side has a higher advantage. On the other hand, placing it at the bottom works best for handicapped users.

Dos and Don’ts of Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Just like any other mechanical item, there are a few do’s and don’ts of using the steering wheel knobs. Let’s check them out at a glance.

The Dos –

  • Allow yourself to get enough break-in time with the knobs to have a safer, long-term use.
  • Go for durable options so that the knob’s outer layers don’t start chipping.
  • Look into the construction and material before purchase as some could get too hot in the sun.
  • Place them at an appropriate length and placement so that it’s the easiest for you to reach and turn.
  • Keep in mind your dominant hand, and place the knob at that side.
  • Ensure that the mounting is sturdy and resilient to avoid accidents.

The Don’ts –

  • Don’t park the car without some practice in a secluded area with the knobs.
  • You must be aware of the power switch. You don’t have to exert the pressure and power as you did previously without the knob.
  • Don’t force in the knob if it seems too tricky. Get professional help.
  • Avoid switching between the natural grip and knobs often. This could confuse you while driving and cause accidents.

Steering Wheel Knob Laws

Spinner knobs come with a few set regulations. Few states prohibit their uses entirely; however, others maintain strict regulations on the device’s use. Take a look at these laws.

Steering wheel knob laws

  • Federal Regulations –
    OSHA permits the use of wheel knobs on off-road trucks, bulldozers, and other earth-moving vehicles, but only if the knobs don’t adversely react to the terrain conditions.
  • Commercial Settings –
    OSHA regulations also restrict the use of spinners on mechanical and construction equipment. Trucks can’t attach an extra knob unless the vehicle comes with them.
  • State Regulations –
    Some states prohibit the use of defective knobs. If the knob is improperly installed or broken, it will violate the law. Few other states restrict their services altogether.
  • Disabled People –
    Due to physical impairments, some users can’t go around without using a knob. This is why some states allow the use of knobs but particularly for disabled users who otherwise wouldn’t be able to drive ultimately.

Best Brands in Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

The best steering wheel knobs will not come easily unless you purchase from a trusted brand like the Polar Snow Deluxe Knob or the Top Life Knob. These are labeled the best for their unattainable comfort, durable lifetime, and safety. Versatility and multi-functionality are vital components too. Luckily models such as this expertise in all these elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why Do People Use Steering Wheel Knob?

A) When users combine their steering wheel with a knob, they can make quick turns. These are especially needed when the driver is cruising through a restrictive or tight-bound area. The main goal of the knobs on steering wheels is to make turns quicker and easier.

Q2. Are Steering Wheel Knobs Safe?

A) The best steering wheel knobs are entirely safe. These are the safest when used during bumper to bumper speed and parking. During higher speed limits, you disconnect with the steering wheel, leading to lost control; thus, knobs are a form of security.

Q3. How Do You Buy the Best Tractor Steering Wheel Knob?

A) To grab the best steering wheel, you can rely on many online websites. Furthermore, you can also choose to hop around in a few stores to get a clear picture. However, you should read a few reviews and guides like ours before choosing one.

Moreover, if the budget and features look like your calling, simply choose any of our best steering wheel knobs.

Q4. Can I Use a Knob on a Leather Steering Wheel?

A) You can use knobs with any wheel. Some knobs work better for leather wheels than others. They can also come with protective paddings to avoid the wheels from getting scratched or dented

Q5. Is It Illegal to Have a Knob on Your Steering Wheel?

A) Steering wheel knob spinners are illegal in many states except for handicap riders. Similarly, these are also legal in many commercial cars such as dump and semi-trucks. Furthermore, there is no specific law related to the size of the steering wheel.

However, if the steering wheel is mounted correctly, the users are good to go. When the mounting is done poorly, the steering wheel remains insecure, which leads to the 'unsafe equipment' violation

Our Top Pick: Top Life Steering Wheel Spinner Knob

Even with our top-10 lists of the best steering wheel knobs, one model that truly stands out in the clan is the Top Life Steering Wheel Spinner Knob. The best part of this edition is its compatibility with all steering wheels. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a versatile device that can mesh with any material and all structure?

Moreover, this durable piece is also the perfect knob if you drive various vehicles. Boats, mowers, tractors, and cars – you name it, and this Top Life knob will be there to save the day.

You will experience first-hand ease-on installation and quickest maneuvering, which makes it worth your time and money. Last but not least, these knobs promote safe driving through enhanced control given to the user, high precision, and responsiveness. Top Life implemented grade-A bearings, so each ride remains safe and smooth. No wonder why it’s our top pick!

Final Words

Do you feel relieved yet? With the list that we’ve presented of our best steering wheel knob, you must! Each of these spinners is hand-picked; therefore, these don’t lack the necessary features and quality.

Moreover, it’s no child’s play to be handing over most of your control and safety on a mere knob for a steering wheel. And you shouldn’t compromise on that either. When choosing the best spinner for your car, you need to be meticulous regarding how much control, maneuverability, and safety it provides.

Only when these criteria hit home-run can you go ahead with the purchase. But, before that, ensure to check out the laws regarding steering wheel knobs to see if you fit the criteria in your state. When all these pieces come together, don’t delay and make this valuable investment!

About the author

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So you can get the best experience! Happy reading.

About The Author

Michael H. Smith

Michael H. Smith

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So that our reader, can focus solely on buying best gadgets for their automobile and get the best products reviews and guide experience!

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