What to Do About Car Seats When Traveling

What to Do About Car Seats When Traveling [10 Things to Know]

Traveling with your kids is complicated sometimes. Most parents need clarification about whether they should carry a car seat for their kids. Well, the answer depends on several factors. Your destination, trip duration, and your kid’s age determine the necessity of a car seat. If you are going on a trip in your vehicle, you can do whatever you want.

But if you are traveling from country to country, you need to know and follow specific rules and regulations about car seats.

In this article, we will discuss what to do about car seats when traveling. So, stick around for the rest of the article, as things will get interesting. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Do I Need to Bring a Car Seat When Traveling

You never want your child to crawl here and there throughout the trip. So, bringing a car seat will make a solution for this hassle. The Federal Aviation Administration suggested bringing an FAA-certified car seat while traveling. Also, most airlines in the US urge to carry a car seat for kids’ safety and sanity.

Travel with Car Seat (10 Things You Need To Know)

Carrying around a car seat while traveling is pretty frustrating. But, for the sake of your kid’s safety, you need to use a car seat. There are particular things that you should be aware of. Like local vehicle standards, car seat use guidelines, and the size and shape of the car seat. Except those, couple of more things you need to know before you use a car seat. Now, we will point out ten things you might consider before traveling with a car seat for your kid.

So, keep skimming, as we are about to start.

some tips for making travel with a car seat easier

01. Have a Precise Idea About the Car Seat Standards of the Country

Car seat standards vary from country to country and state to state. So, whenever you are planning a family trip, try to do a little research about the standards. Especially in the US, there is no restriction about using a car seat. But, you must use a car seat approved by the Federal Aviation Administration or the American Academy of Pediatrics. Moreover, the FAA and AAP encourage parents to use a car seat while traveling for ultimate safety and sagacity.

A WHO report in 2018 states that only 84 countries have a law to restrain the child. The total number of countries with federal or national laws has reached 96. So, what about other countries? Most don’t even know about the importance and requirement of a car seat. So, have an idea about the standards when traveling to another country with a car seat.

02. Try to Carry Your Own Car Seat

There are lots of benefits when you are traveling with your own car seat. You can use it any time you want. Whether you take a taxi or rental car, you will have your car seat. Also, kids are comfortable with homely things. Moreover, your kid will be more contained if you have foldable car seats.

Carrying your own seat will help you to have a relaxed trip experience. You don’t have to hold your baby all the way. Also, there will be no need to return the car seat to the rental company.

Try to Carry Your Own Car Seat

03. For Kids Under 2 Years, Purchase Car Seat

Most parents think their baby is too young to sit in a car seat. Hence, they carry or hold the babies throughout the whole journey. But it’s a terrible idea. It not only ruins your comfort but also can cause a dangerous accident. Notably, the landing and takeoff process of a plane sometimes causes turmoil. Also, your baby should not be on your lap during a significant collision.

So, the best alternative is to buy the best quality car seat. It will help you to get better sleep and experience out of your baby. In addition, the car seat will prevent a higher risk of mishaps during the turmoil.

04. Rules and Regulations for Car Seats in an Airline

If you are willing to travel on a flight, you better know the rules and regulations regarding the car seat of that flight. As we mentioned before, different country has different standards. Just like that, other airlines have different rules and regulations for carrying a car seat.

The FAA recommends using a car seat for kids under 40 pounds in America. For a kid over 40 pounds, you can use a seat belt. But, there are many airlines with different size and weight requirements for a car seat. So, you better know the ethical requirements.

05. Get the Proper Car Seat

After researching the airline guidelines, local vehicle standards, and country standards, purchase the proper car seat. Remember, more comprehensive than 16 inches car seats will not fit most airlines. So, carry a proper-sized seat.

Also, if you are wondering, what is the best car seat for your child? Check out this review article. Make sure to have a lightweight, well-padded car seat according to the requirements.

06. Avoid Renting a Car Seat

Renting a car seat might look like a hassle-free process. But believe it or not, it is one of the most disturbing things to do. Most car seat rental companies or agencies have specific policies. Also, you will have no idea about the rental cost, quality, crash history, and car seat availability.

Most rental companies require you to return the seat to the same spot you have rented from. But, you might not need to return to the same place during a long trip. So, it becomes a matter of stress.

07. Take Safety Measures if You Check Your Car Seat

How can we forget about the videos of the dreadful treatment of the luggage? So, when you have selected the proper car seat, make sure to add more foam or padding during packaging to prevent damnation. Also, losing luggage is a typical scene in airports.

Car Seat safety measures

Keep proof of your car seat condition. To do that, you can simply click a photo of it. This activity will help you to appeal to the authorities if you get a damaged car seat. Also, for better damage prevention, you can put the car seat in its own packaging with more pad addition.

08. Consider the Time of Staying in a Vehicle

If you are going on a short trip, the necessity for a car seat reduces. Most of the time, you will spend chilling. So, there will be fewer requirements for the seat. Also, carrying a car seat is pretty disappointing. So, you might not take your own car seat.

As an alternative way, rent a car seat from rental agencies to avoid the hassle of carrying your own one. Remember, it is only suggested for a short trip.

09. Consider the Car Seat Carriage Option

Your car seat might be heavy or light. Whatever the weight is, you need some carriage option to carry it throughout the airports and other places. There are several carriage choices like a car seat belt, car seat bag, car seat cart, etc.

You can use these options to keep your hand free. Also, you will be out of the hassle of carrying heavy car seats. The car seat bag is used for lightweight car seats; for heavier ones, you can use a car seat cart. With a cart, your car seat will temporarily feel like wheeled luggage.

10. Scheme for In-flight Entertainment

Kids feel bored when they are kept in a confined place. Though most car seats provide enough comfort for the babies, try to arrange some sort of entertainment. In this case, you can bring toys or cookies to play with and feed your baby. Also, ensure a proper stable stand to put these things. Otherwise, you will be wasting your whole trip while searching for things around the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Rules and Regulations for Car Seats in an Airline

Q1. What Type of Car Seat Should I Use When Traveling?

A) You should purchase a car seat, keeping the future plan in mind. A convertible car seat might suit every situation. Moreover, it is suitable for long-lasting uses and purposes. A convertible one will function adequately for infants and babies below two years old. Additionally, these types of sets are more versatile.

Q2. How Can I Ensure My Child Is Properly Secured in the Car Seat While Traveling?

A) The proper placement and tightening of the car seat and harness straps ensure the security of the car seat. Ensure the harness straps are over the shoulder of your kids. Also, use the chest clip to tighten up the car seat. The proper fit will secure your child and the car seat's stability.

Q3. Are There Any Special Considerations for Using a Car Seat on an Airplane?

A) The car seat has to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. There are many car seats on the market. But all of them don't have FAA approval. So, to fly with a car seat, you must purchase and carry a preapproved car seat. Otherwise, the airline might not accept it.

Q4. Is It Safe to Use a Second-Hand or Borrowed Car Seat While Traveling?

A) To use a second-hand car seat, you must consider several things. First, learn about the crash history of the car seat. Secondly, ensure it has an FAA-approved label. Thirdly, check out the manufacture and expiration date of the car seat. If all three of these are good, then you can borrow them.

Q5. Are There Any Restrictions on the Age or Size of Children Who Can Use a Car Seat While Traveling?

A) Children below eight years old with a weight of up to 65 lbs must use a car seat while traveling. FAA recommends using a car seat for the children, which is appropriate according to their age, size, and weight. Also, those seats have to have FAA-approved labels.

Q6. Are There Any Additional Safety Precautions I Should Take When Using a Car Seat While Traveling?

A) Always try to take your own car seat. Avoid renting car seats because you never know what you will get. Have a more precise idea about the vehicle car seat standards. Additionally, before checking the car seat, add lots of padding around it to prevent damage. Last but not least, try to use a lightweight car seat to reduce your hassle.

Q7. What Are Some Tips for Making Travel with a Car Seat More Accessible and More Comfortable for My Child?

A) Bring your own car seat. The reason behind this is your children are familiar with it. Also, try to buy a car seat with more padding and less weight. Eventually, it will be more comfortable for your child and less stressful for you. The convertible vehicle seat is the most versatile one.

Q8. Are There Any Resources Available to Help Me Learn More About the Safety of Using a Car Seat While Traveling?

A) Several websites and blog posts help you with information about the safety of using a car seat. Car seat safety is an essential thing to consider. Do a little bit of searching while browsing the website. You will have a lot of tips about the safety of a car seat while traveling.


That’s a wrap for today. Hopefully, our discussion has provided some great information about what to do about car seats when traveling.

Being a parent is never easy. Moreover, carrying your children throughout the country and places becomes very difficult. Especially when you are not using a well-built car seat, it can hamper your children’s safety and stability. So, for a better and more relaxed trip experience, carry a car seat following the proper guideline. Also, try to buy fluffy car seats with better materials and built quality to avoid an accident. Now that you know the safety precautions and considerations about a car seat, make a proper decision.

Till next time! Happy traveling.

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