When Did Hoverboards Become Popular

When Did Hoverboards Become Popular [Facts Of Hoverboards Fame]

If talking about what is the most exciting activity for spending time, most people will say riding with hoverboards. The grand status of hoverboards is due to young, kids, and adults love them a lot. In fact, some celebrities and athletes are using them. Hoverboard popularity is no joke. Now, you must’ve thought when did hoverboards become popular, right?

When Did Hoverboards Become Popular?

Well, I have come with shocking details of their vast popularity around the globe after spending long hours of study. Let’s read along to know how hoverboard gets popular and when!

When Were Hoverboards A Trend?

When Were Hoverboards A Trend

In late 2015, many people in Las Vegas began to try out the hoverboard. At that time, it grabbed many people’s attention.

After some years, the hoverboards seem to have more popularity on Facebook and Twitter. Due to its special operating function and design, it catches many attentions.

Not only by common people but also by some famous singers and hipsters used it as a term to show off their balance and control.

I gotta mention Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, JR Smith, and other artists used hoverboard on different occasions.

And, gradually it becomes one of the well-known among kids and adults. As time goes fast, many people started to get themselves hoverboard to use on New York City or other streets. After that, many brands started to supply it all around the world.

Also, its popularity is still alive as many people nowadays use hoverboard to travel in one to other places.

History of Hoverboards

Based on different people, the hoverboard is originated in the 60s to 80s. And, it’s created as the science fiction novel “The Hole In The Zero” by M.K Joseph. In the novel, there is a part where it shows in the future human beings are using a hoverboard.

The name “Hoverboard” actually came in Monthly Magazine at Texas in the 80s. In the 1980 year, there was a movie published called Back To The Future that shows similar stuff like a hoverboard. In 2014, a Canadian inventor developed a hoverboard.

Depending on the science fiction books and movies, many inventors made hoverboards in dissimilar tech. In 2015, China’s inventor named Shane Chen made hoverboards in excellent tech.

Yet, after some time, many brands made their own hoverboards in diverse functions. In the same year of May, Omni’s hoverboard becomes the first one to fly over 164 feet in the air. At that time, hoverboards gain great attention in social media.

Why Are Hoverboards So Popular?

Why Are Hoverboards So Popular

Hoverboards are truly famous for many reasons. You will be surprised by their great facilities and activeness in daily life. Even if they can’t be used for many hours, but hoverboards are worthy and praised. Read down below to know in details:

  • Exclusive Skill

    The first thing that makes hoverboards special is their special skill for rider’s daily usage. They have a handless and even legless operating system that ensures you simply run and stop easily. The hoverboards are also fine for travel usage. Apart from other sports, they offer 2 special wheels that can run to each side smoothly. And, they have a pressure pad on the platform to control the rides well.

  • Environmental Benefits

    Another benefit that makes hoverboard super popular is its environment helps. Unlike any other device for transport, they ensure no harm to the world and planet. Hoverboards are also designed to operate on a rechargeable battery which is similar to your laptop.

  • Transport Tricks

    Hoverboards are superbly eminent for their tricks of usage. You can simply spin or circle for doing some action on road. Not only that you can rotate in 180 degrees but also perform One-Foot Roundabout easily. Also, try out other tricks such as Turnstyle or jump on the road easily.

Workout User-Friendly

Best Hoverboard Brands

Do you know a hoverboard rider will able to lose weight and improve health? You are in shock, right? But it’s true. Hoverboards are amazingly great for improving your body posture. Not only that they help increasing focus but also ensure balancing body pose well. They are also great for body movement and motion exercise. And, hoverboards are fine for relaxing muscles.

Some of The Best Hoverboard Brands

  • Segway

    Segway Logo
    One of the best hoverboard brands in the recent market, Segway offers reliable devices and gadgets. This brand also offers 2 wheels self-balancing hoverboard for most rider’s comfort usage.

  • Razor

    Razor Logo
    Razor is another brilliant brand that has a huge name in the marketplace. This brand offers usual scooters and high-rated hoverboards. It also offers upgraded models of hoverboards with great safety checks. This brand focuses on making hoverboards for long commutes.


    epikgo logo
    EPIKGO offers high-quality hoverboards for off-road use. This brand also offers 4 models based on performance and riding. And, EPIKGO brand designed hoverboard in upgraded models.

  • Swagtron

    Swagtron Logo
    Among all, Swagtron was one of the famed brands before 2015. Sadly, the incident of hoverboard issues gives a negative feel over hoverboards. Yet, this band offers high-quality hoverboard models to use at a low price range. And, Swagtron hoverboards are fine for riders.

Final Words

For many reasons, the hoverboards at one point become highly famed in all areas. You see, the hoverboard is shockingly fine for many reasons which make people trust it, even more, to use in daily life.

Also, it has great health benefits to make your body and mind refresh over one ride. After bicycle and roller blades, it becomes highly appreciated in the fitness lifestyle. Also, the hoverboard is super fine for reducing air and sound pollution compared to others.

On the whole, I hope this guide about when did hoverboards become popular with the finest facts helped you know every point. Now, get a hoverboard and know about its specialty. Good Luck!


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