Electric Skateboard

Best Longboards For Carving And Cruising

Best Longboards For Carving And Cruising [Top 20 Models]

If you are a skater and love showing off moves and tricks, you must be familiar with carving and cruising. But, if you don’t know what they are, we will explain along the way. Besides being fun, longboard carving and cruising get you glances from onlookers. But showing off isn’t the only purpose behind the...
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Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners

10 Best Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners [Updated]

Are you thinking of the perfect commuting gift for your kid that will keep them both fit and happy? Or are you toying with the idea of reliving the fantastic moments of your childhood, only this time with minimal drama? Either way, cruising has never been among the sports that disappoint. With fewer tricks and...
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How To Ride A Skateboard For The First Time

How To Ride A Skateboard For The First Time [Pro Tips]

Skateboarding is probably one of the most fun street sports played all around the world. If you are also thinking about giving it a go, then you must be curious about how to ride a skateboard for the first time. While skateboarding may look easy to learn, you have to apply many techniques and arts...
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How To Get Comfortable On A Skateboard

How To Get Comfortable On A Skateboard [Basic Tricks and Techniques]

Do you find skateboarding fun but afraid to control it? If yes, then it’s high time for you to overcome that fear! Besides sport, skateboarding is a fun exercise form as well! You can grab a regular or electric skateboard and start with the basic tricks and techniques. However, before doing it regularly, you have...
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Best Skateboard Protective Gear

Best Skateboard Protective Gear For Adults & Children

Skateboarding is an incredibly creative and fun sport to utilize your free time. You can spend long hours skateboarding as a refreshment activity or as a form of exercise, depending on what you want. However, it can be extremely dangerous if you are not being extra careful. Hence, you should always use the best skateboard...
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What Is The Difference Between A Longboard And A Skateboard

What Is The Difference Between A Longboard And A Skateboard

While longboarding and skateboarding provide a similar type of fun and enjoyable experience, they are not entirely alike. But what is the difference between a longboard and a skateboard? Which one would be better for you? The answer to this longboard vs skateboard debate has been going on for a long time. While the main point...
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How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Cost

How Much Does A Complete Skateboard Cost [Pricing and Other Related Informations]

Skateboarding is one of the coolest sports to utilize your creative mind. Even if you are a learner skateboarder, the practice session is an enjoyable one if you do it by heart. But do you know how much does a complete skateboard cost? Well, today we are going to talk about the pricing and other...
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best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks

Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising And Tricks

Are you new to skateboarding? If yes, then you must be thinking about which skateboard will be right for you as a rookie. Later you will need the best skateboard for tricks and cruising to better your skill. While you can buy a traditional or electric board as your first one, you need to check...
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How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go

How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go [The Key Factors]

As a skateboarder, the most thrilling feeling you get to enjoy is the sense of freedom! While controlling both the body weight and board speed, you can maneuver your skateboard in any way you want to. But how fast can you go? Or, more specifically, how fast does an electric skateboard go? Well, the answer is not...
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Skateboarding On Public Property Is Against The Law

Skateboarding On Public Property Is Against The Law [Some Simple Rule]

If you are a skateboard lover who likes to spend hours riding the board, you would know how much of a fun sport this can be. Besides, it is a great way to burn some calories as well! But skateboarding doesn’t just require you to grab a skateboard and start cruising and performing tricks, as...
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Is Skateboarding Good For Losing Weight

Is Skateboarding Good For Losing Weight [Unique Tricks and Movements]

If you ask a skateboarder about their skating experience, they will tell you it is the best experience of their lives! While you can’t argue with that, is skateboarding good for losing weight? This is a question most people from skateboarding culture often wonder. To keep it short, the answer is yes. Skateboarding, in fact,...
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Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard: Solid Reasons To Buy

It’s undeniable that technology has become an inseparable part of our regular life, be it our typical indoor works or outdoor ones. While walking is an excellent form of exercise, commuting via skateboard is also an efficient workout. Not to mention the feel of freedom you get to experience while on your board, just like...
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Best Affordable Longboards

Best Affordable Longboards With Excellent Reviews

If you are new to the skating world, then you are probably staring between our headline and photos of this article and thinking, “why are they calling the skateboards ‘longboards’?” Well, we don’t blame you as the difference between a skateboard and a longboard is difficult to be spotted by newbies. The truth is, both of...
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