Best Batteries for Electric Cars

Best Batteries for Electric Cars [Secrets You Never Knew]

Let me tell you an obvious thing – humans need food to live and a vehicle needs fuel to run, there’s no rocket science! And when it comes to electric cars, they get all the energy from just a single piece of battery! So this should be powerful, much durable, long-lasting, and of course, capable of holding as much charge as possible. This is the reason why EV users spend hours and hours online/offline to find out the best batteries for electric cars. But as you’ve landed in my area, I’ll make the whole task as easy as falling off a log!

You get it; I’ll show you the top 5 choices on electric car batteries, including their types, unique features, and why they stand out. Furthermore, I’ve made a comprehensive buyer’s guide section where you can get every single piece of information that you’re looking for.

So put on your safety jacket and let’s dive in the ocean!

Best Batteries For Electric Cars: Editors’ Top Picks

The Odyssey PC925 Automotive And LTV Battery earns a gold standard due to its non-spillable design, fast-charging ability, flexible mounting option, and optimal longevity.

Top 5 Batteries for Electric Cars

Believe it or not, it isn’t a typical review you may find online. Here I’ve spent nearly 17 hours or so loading this post with plenty of information. Check out the reviews of our 5 handpicked electric car batteries.

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But in case you find yourself confused about which one suits you most, give the comprehensive buyer’s guide section a look where you may get to know about what to consider before making an ultimate buying decision.

So let’s move forward without wasting any time!

1. Best Value: Odyssey PC925 Automotive And LTV Battery


  • The type of battery is lead acid
  • Comes in 12V
  • The rate of amperage is 30 Amps
  • It weighs around 26lbs

If you ask me to show you a single electric car battery that can do it all, I’d show you this one from Odyssey without thinking twice. Quick recharging ability, impressive life cycle, and other unique features make it stand out from the crowd!

Starting from the fast recharging ability, the son of a gun is by far the topper of almost each and every sealed battery out there in the current marketplace. It requires only about 4-6 hours to get full energy and is also able to give you enough service on just a single charge.

When it comes to the lifespan, they stand for up to 10 years, and interestingly, the life cycle it shows off is up to 70 percent longer than the traditional choices out there. It saves money, consumers’ time, and aggravation.

Tolerating extreme temperature is another noticeable feature of this battery; it’s able to stand against -40 degrees C to 45 degrees C, making it friendly with all weather conditions.

The non-spillable design makes it easy to mount, and it also can keep your battery protected against mechanical vibration, high-impact shock, and such issues.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 400 cycles
  • Non-spillable design
  • CCC (cold crank Amp): 330
  • 52 minutes of reserve capacity
  • Takes 4-6 hours to get 100% charge
  • Comes in the service life of about 3-10 years
  • Able to tolerate between – 40 degrees C to 45 degrees C

Reasons To Buy

  • Extremely powerful and long-lasting
  • Has flexibility in mounting
  • Able to protect against mechanical vibration and high-impact shock
  • Longer lifespan and quick-charging ability
  • Pretty safe to use and environment-friendly

Reason Not To Buy

  • Might be a bit costly!


2. Best Choice: Optima Yellow Top Prius Battery


  • Comes in a lead acid type
  • Features 12V
  • Amperage rate is 38 Amps
  • Overall weight appears about 26lbs

Let it be competition, truck driving, off-road adventure, car audio, or performance; the Optima Yellow Prius Battery is what you can get yourself to meet your requirements.

With a deep cycle power, this battery comes is absolutely vibration-resistant, allowing you to keep it anywhere without dealing with any major problems. I really like the spillproof design it comes with, enabling users to place it almost in every single position with ease.

What about longevity? It has got you covered because you’re going to get 3x longer life than the traditional choices out there.

On top of that, the fast-charging feature is what many users want, especially when they’re in a hurry. In this case, Optima Yellow won’t disappoint you at all. So, overall, I personally loved it!

Highlighted Features:

  • CCC (cold crank Amp): 450 Amp
  • 300+ recharge cycles
  • 15x more resistant against vibration
  • Deep cycle power along with premium start-up
  • Spillproof design for hassle-free installation

Reasons To Buy

  • Free from excessive maintenance
  • Comes in 3x longer life
  • Offers quick recharging ability
  • Can be mounted in any positions

Reason Not To Buy

  • Not friendly with Toyota Prius!


3. Premium Pick: 100AH 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery


  • Its battery type is lithium-phosphate
  • The rate of voltage is 12V
  • It’s around 1280W
  • This battery weighs around 24.2lbs

Are you a fan of Lithium-phosphate? If so, then I can guarantee that the JITA LiFePO4 won’t let you down! The multi-functional capability with a better combination of lightweight structure is something you’ll find here for your electric car.

Here, you’re getting a maximum of 5000 cycles that’s 10x more energetic than the typical lead acid battery. Besides, anyone can recycle it with ease and that too without producing any kind of toxic elements.

Speaking of the lifetime, you can use it up to 10 years pretty easily. So if you get your hands on the JITA, I think you won’t have to replace your battery before purchasing a new electric car, impressive!

Thanks to its built-in battery management system (BMS); it helps users to maintain voltage way effectively. Also, it keeps the battery protected against overloading, overcharging, overheating, and such issues.

Furthermore, its effective “cut off system” assists in preventing the overall charging temperature of more than 75 degrees C.

Weighing around 24.2 pounds, the battery ensures portability and helps users to transfer it with ease from place to place. And due to the IP65 waterproof design, installing the battery is going to be a cinch on both outdoors and indoors surfaces!

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 5000 recycle cycles
  • IP65 waterproof design
  • Tolerates up to 75 degrees C (167 degrees C)
  • 10 years of huge lifetime
  • Built-in battery management system
  • Suitable for electric cars, household appliances, and long-distance travel

Reasons To Buy

  • Free from overloading, overheating, and overcharging issues
  • Comparatively lightweight for easy transportation
  • Ideal for multiple applications
  • Releases zero harmful elements

Reason Not To Buy

  • Unable to hold the charge for long!


4. AGM Car Battery: LiTime 12V 200Ah PLUS Lithium LiFePO4 Battery


  • The type of battery is Lithium-Phosphate
  • It gets a voltage of 12
  • Suitable for passenger car, RV
  • Overall weight is nearly 48.28 lbs

Do you need something for your electric car that gives excellent resistance against vibration? Why don’t you take a look at this one from LiTime! Unlike the mainstreams, it offers up to 20x resistance against vibration, ensuring optimal protection against mechanical issues, high-impact shock, and stuff like that.

The unique part of this battery is that it features a glass mat (absorbed) technology, offering quick-recharging ability, and at the same time, excellent cycle life. It’s easy to install and anyone can get this job done following maker’s guidelines.

As for the housing, it’s completely sealed and provides resistance against corrosion, for which you can use the LiTime battery for a long time.

Can you guess why it’s easy to install? The maker of this model has offered extra welds and straps, which will come in handy when it comes to ensuring a tighter and stronger adjustment with your electric car. But the product seems kind of bulky, making it a bit tough to transfer from one place to another!

Highlighted Features:

  • CCC (cold crank Amp): 450 Amp
  • 20x more resistance against vibration
  • Welds and straps for safe and easy installation
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Measuring 21 x 8.2 x 8.5 inches

Reasons To Buy

  • Improved CCA (cold cranking amps)
  • Ensures ultimate resistance against corrosion and vibration
  • Glass mat technology ensures fast-charging and ideal cycle life
  • Sealed housing keeps the battery safe

Reason Not To Buy

  • Sometimes it may take a long time to get fully charged!


5. Powerful Battery: XS Power D3400 Battery


  • The battery type is AGM, lead acid
  • It is 12V
  • The rate of amperage is 3300 Amp
  • This battery weighs about 52lbs

Powerful, compact design, long-lasting service, you name it; the XS Power D3400 has all the features you need to run your electric cars more effectively. With a total of 6 cells, it suits competition cars’ audio and stuff like that.

I liked the way the manufacturer of this model has made it; it can be mounted in every single position so that you won’t have to worry about installation. Moreover, the battery is 100% spillproof and capable of resisting vibration in the best way possible.

Thus, it won’t make any unnecessary movement while you drive your electric car at a maximum range of speed. Plus, it ensures ultimate protection from mechanical damages or short circuit issues.

For more protection, it gets sealed housing that’s far better than the traditional choices out there. And yes, the unique glass mat (absorbed) is icing on the cake, especially when you’re looking for a battery of ideal cycle life and quick-charging ability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gets a total of 6 cells
  • Comes in a glass mat (absorbed) technology
  • 100% spillproof and sealed housing
  • Internal resistance is ultra-low
  • Mountable in almost every position

Reasons To Buy

  • Quite powerful and able to resist vibration
  • Ensures excellent protection or safety
  • Battery lasts pretty longer
  • Suitable for household appliances and electric cars

Reason Not To Buy

  • Only a few users ended up with leakage issues!


All About Electric Car Batteries: What You Need to Know

From knowing the types of batteries to the replacement cost, there are so many things you need to look for before getting the best batteries for electric cars.

Selected the Best Electric Car Battery

Unlike the traditional vehicles out there, the overall mechanism of electric cars’ will seem to be simpler. Check the following things to know more about it:

  • Compared to the gasoline-type engine, you’ll find less moving parts on electric motors
  • They’re well-equipped with the transmission of single-speed
  • The parts of conventional automobiles are prone to break at times and they need frequent maintenance. And guess what? Most of the electric cars are free from those problems, thankfully.

Got plenty of info, eh? I don’t think so because there are A LOT MORE things you need to know to get familiar with electric cars’ mechanisms, types, specs, etc. So check it out!

Types of Batteries Used in Electric Cars

Although Lithium-ion is by far the most common and popular choice as an electric car battery, there are choices as well that you need to know. So let’s get to know about all, but I’d like to start with my favorite type “lithium-ion battery,”

Types of Batteries Used in Electric Cars

Lithium-Ion Battery

As you already know, lithium-ion stands out when it comes to electric car batteries. Not only for electric cars, but they can be used for other portable electrics as well like computers, mobile phones, and so on.

Due to the higher ratio of power-to-weight, they’ll perform even better than the other choices.

Besides that, the parts they include are easily recyclable, making them an ideal choice for the environment.

Lead Acid Battery

Supplementing other loads of batteries is one of the main functionalities of lead acid batteries that can be found in electric vehicles. They’re relatively affordable, high-powered, reliable, and pretty safe to use.

But talking about the performance under cold temperatures, they aren’t currently the best choice, unfortunately!

Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

As the name suggests; this type of battery can be found in hybrid-electric cars more often. However, a couple of electric cars have been using nickel-metal hybrids these days.

Speaking of the life-cycle, they stand for pretty long, even than the lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. This is undoubtedly the best feature of it.

What about the drawback? Well, nickel-metal hybrids may cost you a small fortune. Also, they produce extreme heat under high temperatures.

Supercapacitors Battery

The supercapacitor, also known as ultracapacitor, isn’t actually a specific type of battery. Nevertheless, it aids in keeping the polarized liquid stored between electrolyte and electrode.

So how can they be useful? Well, they’re effective as additional storage devices in your electric car as they play a vital role in delivering additional power during regenerative braking as well as acceleration.

How We Selected the Best Electric Car Battery

Selecting the best batteries for electric cars wasn’t an issue task for me, can you guess why?

How We Selected the Best Electric Car Battery

Let me tell you – the current market has got over hundreds of different models. Besides, they all are included with different specs, features, pros, and cons.

Considering this fact, I started online research and market analysis to find out the best choices from the rest. Fortunately, I have a team of experts who helped me out to get the right choices.

The editor also helped to pick up the best choices considering their features and users’ needs. Once the hard work is done, I’ve made a decision on writing this comprehensive review. So you can rely on any one of my picks to fulfill your needs.

Electric Car Battery Manufacturers

Do you have any idea about who makes the best batteries for electric cars? Well, there’s no single name behind it because a couple of brands out there have earned a good reputation!


Panasonic is by far one of the most leading brands for manufacturing electric car batteries. The range of price highly depends on which model you want to get yourself.

Apart from the Panasonic, Nissan can be another reliable choice among the users of electric cars because of their high-powered and durable batteries.

Another name may come in front of you while you search for the best batteries for electric cars, guess what? Yep, it’s the Odyssey that’s actually made by a Japanese automaker.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Battery

This is where the level of confusion starts increasing! Because most people these days don’t actually know how to pick up and what to consider before purchasing electric car batteries.

What to Consider When Buying a Electric Car Battery

So sight tight and try to note down all the factors that I’m going to show you right now. After considering them, I hope nobody can stop you from getting the best batteries for electric cars.

So let’s get started:

Consider the Type

Hands down, considering the type should be your first and most important task while choosing a top-quality EV battery. As I’ve mentioned above, users can find 4 different types, including lithium-ion, lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and supercapacitors.

Lithium-ion and lead batteries are the two most popular choices due to their power, longevity, and charge holding capability. And luckily, most of my selected products are of these two types.

Life Cycle

In the fewest possible words, more life cycle means your battery is going to stand for long. So that’s why you need to look for the one that gets higher life cycles.

Try to find a battery that includes at least 300 cycles. If not, you won’t be able to use it for a long period of time. But if you’re able to spend a pretty penny, go for something a little higher in order to get the best result.

Hassle-Free Installation

Doesn’t matter whether you purchase a lithium-ion, lead acid, or anything else, make sure it’s easy to install and can be mounted in every single position. A few models feature spillproof design along with extra welds and straps, ensuring a perfect adjustment with your electric car during installation.

Charging Period and Battery Lifetime

Many powerful batteries may take a long to get fully charged. In this case, if you want to get something that features a glass mat technology. This will ensure maximum life cycle and at the same time quick-charging ability.

Feel free to ask the maker of your desired model to know the exact lifetime of your battery. Keep in mind that if you want to get a model of 7-8+ years of lifespan, spending extra more bucks will be needed.

How Do Electric Car Batteries Work?

The exact way of working an electric car battery seems to be simpler. Each and every battery has got 2 different electrodes, including a single anode (positive) and a single cathode (negative).

How Do Electric Car Batteries Work

From anode to the cathode, electrons usually move in order to produce a certain amount of current, which aids in powering electric motors that drive every single wheel while you’re driving along the road.

And it’s better to know that electrons tend to flow in the reverse direction.

The Truth About Battery Degradation

The point to be noted – the degradation of batteries won’t happen all at a go! In general, an electric battery tends to lose up to 2% of its actual range. But the case might be different if you’re using newly-designed modern batteries since they’re usually more durable and long-lasting.

Talking about lithium-ion batteries, you can recharge your tabs, laptops, mobiles, along with modern electric cars. They provide excellent feedback, especially when it comes down to holding the charge of the battery for so long.

However, even lithium-ion can be degraded too if you overcharge them. So needless to say, overcharging is the main reason behind battery degradation.

There’s another common reason behind degradation, which is keeping a battery open places in winter months. So make sure you’re going to store it in the garage or such places.

Electric Car Batteries Environmental Impact

You may ask – is an electric battery not friendly with the environment?

Electric Car Batteries Environmental Impact

Let’s talk about the benefits of using an electric car! A pure electric car generates zero carbon dioxide emissions while driving, minimizing the pollution of air as much as possible.

Just think positively; which offers cleaner streets between gasoline and an electric-powered car? Of course, it’s the one that takes power from electricity.

Let me tell you a wow factor, guess what? A single electric car is capable of saving approximately 1+ million grams of carbon dioxide, you heard it right.

But what about the batteries, are they environment-friendly, or do they provide any negative impact? Well, according to my research, they are by far the safest choice in recent days even if they require a lot of energy to get charged up!

Electric batteries last longer, and more importantly, they give users the chance to enjoy a safe and healthy ride since you won’t have to deal with toxic gas emissions or air pollution.

Best EV Battery Technology

According to a recent survey, the lithium-ion battery is by far the highly used technology that can be found in electric vehicles. Along with the quick-charging feature and charge-holding capacity, it’s pretty known for its high energy and optimal sustainability.

EV Battery Technology

And guess what? They’re gaining popularity day by day due to their reduced weight at competitive ranges of price.

Electric Vehicle Battery Specifications and Capacity Comparison:

Electric Vehicle Battery Specifications

Comparison by Feature Lithium-ion Lead Acid Nickel-Metal Hydride Supercapacitors
Energy efficient
Ideal Life Cycle X
Affordable/Easy Access X X
Temperature Performance

How Do You Recharge an Electric Car Battery?

Knowing the correct rules and techniques is a must as you’re going to deal with some technical parts. So let’s see how to perform:
Make sure you’ve owned a specific charging cable.

How Do You Recharge an Electric Car Battery

Getting familiar with your location is crucial. Depending on where you’re staying, feel free to start recharging by simply plugging in or using other available sources, including an app, RFID card, or even a contactless card.

Expert’s Advice:

Although a typical plug of 3-pin can be picked to plug in, this can take some extra time to charge. Plus, most of these sockets aren’t included with a safety feature needed. That’s why it’s best to avoid such power sources, if possible!


Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

There is a common thing you should keep in your mind; the rate of replacement decreases when the overall rate of batteries decreases. Speaking of the cost, the range is about $100 – $300 per kWh, although it depends on every manufacturer.

Electric Car Battery Replacement Cost

As for the installation, it covers up the other essential equipment and labor cost needed to replace a new battery. The whole process can take up to 5 hours or so, and the range of cost can be about $1000 – $4500.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What Are the Best Batteries for Electric Cars?

A) If you’re talking about the type, then lithium-ion and lead acids are the best choices. But, if you’re talking about the brands or manufacturers, there are so many choices, including Odyssey, Panasonic, Tesla, Nisan, etc.

Q2. Why Are Electric Car Batteries So Expensive?

A) Inside of an electric car, you’ll find the battery that we use on our mobile phones or laptop. Yes, I’m talking about the lithium-ion battery that’s so powerful and able to hold a charge for long.

When it comes to the life cycle, the Nickel-Metal Hydride stands for a longer period, which makes them so expensive too.

However, the led acid battery will appear to be less expensive for you, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Q3. How Safe is An Electric Car Battery?

A) Although electric vehicle batteries are considered pretty safe to use, they may release hazardous gases, catch extreme fire, or even end up with serious explosions under harsh conditions.

So, make sure you’re using them as safely as possible following the manufacturer’s guides and tips.

Q4. How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last?

A) It depends on which model of battery you’re going to pick up. But in general, it may last around 7-10 years. But if you maintain it properly, it can last for 20 years normally. So before purchasing a new car, replacing the battery shouldn’t be your concern!

Q5. How Far Can One Charge Go?

A) Once again, it depends on the model and the type of battery you’ve selected for your electric car. But it’s okay to expect up to 300 miles on a single full charge.

Q6. Which EV Has the Best Battery?

A) Hands down, the Mercedes EQS electric car has got the best battery as you can drive up to 485 miles on just a single charge. The list may stay incomplete without the Tesla S, BMW iX, and Ford Mustang because they also can run a long way within one charge only.

Q7. What Kind of Batteries Do Tesla Cars Use?

A) Tesla cars mostly use lithium-ion batteries. The custom-designed packs are what they usually get, which are manufactured with cylindrical cells (rechargeable). Nevertheless, you may find lead acids or nickel-metal hydrides from time to time.

Q8. What is the Next Big Renewable Energy Source?

A) When we talk about a sustainable source, you should believe that solar energy and wind are the greatest options. Without a doubt, these renewable sources are growing rapidly.

Besides that, they’re the cheapest choices yet prone to minimal damage to the environment and nature.

Final Verdict!

Batteries are the must-have equipment for every EV. But not all are suitable and acceptable for your personal electric car. In that case, knowing everything about the types, features, and specs was crucial. Considering this fact, I tried my level best to show you the best batteries for electric cars, including a lot more information through this single article. And if you’ve gone through the entire post, you can make your own purchase easier and even better, hopefully!

About the author

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So you can get the best experience! Happy reading.

About The Author

Michael H. Smith

Michael H. Smith

Michael is the lead content creator for As a car enthusiast and based on his real life experiences he is sharing his opinion about various automotive vehicles and parts. So that our reader, can focus solely on buying best gadgets for their automobile and get the best products reviews and guide experience!

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